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Can You Take Shingrix And Flu Shot Together

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You Should Aim To Get Your Flu Shot In Early Fall

Can you get the flu shot and COVID vaccine at the same time?

Its not possible to plan your flu shot timing around when you might get a COVID booster yet. Thats because even though booster doses have been recommended by the Biden administration, they havent yet been authorized by the FDA. Still, they could start rolling out in a matter of weeks to people who are eight months out from their last dose.

In general, September and October are the ideal times to get a flu vaccine. Experts always emphasize that its absolutely still worth getting a shot later in the fall or winter, because flu season can peak in March and last until the spring.

I would say its always better to get the flu shot earlier, no matter the season, Minges said. He added that one byproduct of the minimal influenza activity around the world last year is that experts have less information than usual to decide which specific flu viruses to include in this years vaccine.

But thats not a reason to avoid getting the flu shot. And besides, theres no way to know how bad this years flu season will be.

The best defense against influenza and COVID-19 is vaccination, number one, Clark said. And safe social distance, wearing masks, frequent hand washing, not going to school or work when youre sick are all things we can continue to do to protect ourselves.

Coadministering Shingrix And Influenza Vaccines

Conveniently for pharmacists and their patients, both the flu shot and Shingrix can be administered during the same clinical visit.

Several important adult immunizations are currently recommended by the CDCs Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices , including influenza and herpes zoster to protect against shingles. Conveniently for pharmacists and their patients, both the flu shot and Shingrix can be administered during the same clinical visit.

CDCs general best practice guidelines for immunization advise that recombinant and adjuvanted vaccines, such as RZV, can be administered concomitantly, at different anatomic sites, with other adult vaccines, states the ACIPs recommendations for use of herpes zoster vaccines. Concomitant administration of RZV with Fluarix Quadrivalent has been studied, and there was no evidence for interference in the immune response to either vaccine or safety concerns.

The CDC stipulates that Shingrix should be administered in a different limb from other vaccines when possible. Pharmacists should also inform patients of potential side effects related to the vaccine, which is more reactogenic than some.


Since Shingrix is given in two doses administered two to six months apart to build full protection against shingles, patients should be reminded of the importance of receiving the second dose even if they experience side effects after the first.

Who Can Have The Shingles Vaccination

Shingles vaccination is available to everyone aged 70 to 79.

When you’re eligible, you can have the shingles vaccination at any time of year.

The shingles vaccine is not available on the NHS to anyone aged 80 or over because it seems to be less effective in this age group.

Read more about who can have the shingles vaccine.

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Fever And Feelings Of Malaise

Fever is one of the most common side effects of many vaccines, including Shingrix. This symptom often accompanies other feelings of malaise, such as muscle pains, chills, and headaches. A fever indicates that the bodys immune system is doing its job of responding to the vaccine.

Ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and other OTC fever reducers can help keep a fever and many accompanying symptoms at bay. However, if you develop a high-grade fever of 103°F or higher, reach out to your doctor immediately.

How Does Stelara Increase The Risk Of Infection

Ask A Pharmacist

Because Stelara blocks the effects of these cytokines, reducing our immune response, it can increase the risk of infection or precipitate symptoms of an infection that has been asymptomatic. Stelara should NOT be initiated in any person with a current or suspected infection. This includes:

  • Active tuberculosis. If a person has latent tuberculosis, treatment for tuberculosis should be initiated prior to Stelara in patients with a past history of latent or active tuberculosis in whom an adequate course of treatment cannot be confirmed. Anybody with a prior history of TB should be monitored closely for signs and symptoms of active tuberculosis during and after treatment.

Instruct patients to seek medical advice if signs or symptoms suggestive of an infection occur while on treatment with Stelara and consider discontinuing Stelara® for serious or clinically significant infections until the infection resolves or is adequately treated.

Serious infections, caused by bacteria, fungi, or viruses, have been reported in people taking Stelara, for example:

  • Appendicitis
  • Colds, flus and other respiratory viral infections
  • Diverticulitis
  • Urinary tract infections.

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What Is The Difference Between Egg

Traditional influenza vaccines are made by cultivating influenza viruses in chicken eggs. Cell-based influenza vaccines are made by growing influenza viruses in animal cells lines . By using a cell-based platform, influenza vaccines have the potential to provide protection against influenza strains that are more closely matched to the circulating influenza strains in the community.

Cell-based influenza vaccines have been used internationally since 2012 and in 2021 a cell-based influenza was registered for use within Australia for the first time. Flucelvax quad® is available for private purchase for immunisation of those aged 2 years.

Expected side effects from cell-based influenza vaccines are consistent to the side effects expected from traditional egg-based influenza vaccines. The most commonly reported symptoms are local injection site reactions, including pain and redness.

Is It Possible To Get Shingles Twice

Most people who get shingles only experience it one time in their lives. However, it is possible to get shingles more than once . This is known as recurrent shingles. Getting vaccinated can help minimize the chance that this will happen.

These are only a few of the many questions people may have about Shingrix. To learn more about the vaccine and shingles, individuals can consult a medical professional.

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Who’s Most At Risk Of Shingles

People tend to get shingles more often as they get older, especially over the age of 70. And the older you are, the worse it can be. The shingles rash can be extremely painful, such that sufferers cannot even bear the feeling of their clothes touching the affected skin.

The pain of shingles can also linger long after the rash has disappeared, even for many years. This lingering pain is called post-herpetic neuralgia .

How To Pay For Shingrix

Should you get a COVID-19 vaccine if you have a cold?

Commercial insurance covers about 96% of insured people for the Shingrix vaccine. Most people with private insurance will pay under $5 for each dose.

Programs like Medicaid cover Shingrix in certain states. Medicare Parts A and B do not cover the shingles vaccine. But individuals covered under Medicare prescription drug plans, or Part D, will have their vaccines covered.

For people who do not have access to insurance, there are a number of vaccine assistance programs and affordable health coverage options available. Many of these programs provide vaccines at little or no cost.

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How Does Stelara Work

Stelara is a monoclonal antibody. Monoclonal antibodies are man-made proteins that act like human antibodies in the immune system. They are a type of targeted treatment. Targeted treatments attach only to specific proteins in the body.

Stelara binds to the p40 protein subunit that is used by two cytokines, IL-12 and IL-23. Cytokines are signaling substances that help control immunity, inflammation, and the manufacture of blood cells. By binding to this protein, Stelara disrupts the interaction of these two cytokines which have been identified as being important contributors to chronic inflammation that is a hallmark of Crohns disease and ulcerative colitis. These cytokines are also present in skin lesions associated with psoriasis and in the joints of people with psoriatic arthritis.

What Is The Recommended Site For Injection When Giving Multiple Vaccines In The Same Visit

The preferred injection site for adults and children 12 months of age is the deltoid. For infants < 12 months of age the recommended injection site is the middle third of the vastus lateralis . More than 1 vaccine can be given into each site for injection ensuring a 2.5cm spacing between each vaccine. In some circumstances in children 12 months of age, the anterolateral aspect of the thigh may also be considered as an alternate site if required. For more information please refer to MVEC: Administration of injected vaccines-correct technique.

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When Should You Schedule Your Vaccines

Older adults should get their flu shots in September or October, ideally by the end of October, according to the CDC. That’s because people lose immunity over time, and the vaccine components are updated annually to reflect which strains will be seen in the upcoming year.

You can get pneumococcal, shingles, and Tdap vaccines year-round. If you want to get them in the fall when you get your flu shot, talk to your doctor. These vaccines can be given with most types of flu vaccines.

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How Do You Catch Shingles

Herpes Zoster Vaccine Contraindications Chart  Herpes Free Me

You do not “catch” shingles it comes on when there’s a reactivation of chickenpox virus that’s already in your body.

After you’ve recovered from chickenpox, the varicella-zoster virus lies dormant in your nerve cells and can reactivate at a later stage when your immune system is weakened.

Anyone who has had chickenpox can get shingles.

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Who Shouldnt Receive Shringrix

Although vaccines go through rigorous safety testing to ensure they are safe, they arent suitable for everyone. You shouldnt receive Shingrix if you:

  • have an active shingles infection
  • have a severe illness or a fever of 101.3°F or higher
  • have had a severe allergic reaction to Shingrix or any ingredient in the vaccine
  • have no immunity to varicella based on a blood test carried out for other reasons
  • are pregnant or breastfeeding

If you currently have shingles, another serious illness, or a fever of 101.3°F , wait until these issues have resolved to receive a Shingrix vaccination.

Is It Safe To Receive The Influenza Vaccine Whilst Breastfeeding

Annual influenza immunisation is safe and recommended for breastfeeding mothers. Babies less than 6 months of age are at greatest risk from disease yet cannot receive influenza vaccines until they are 6 months of age. Maternal immunisation will provide protection for mothers as well as providing some passive protection for babies through the secretion of antibodies until they are old enough to receive their own influenza vaccine.

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Three Shots At Once What About Four

The CDC doesn’t place limits on the number of vaccinations you can get at the same time as a COVID-19 vaccine dose. So you can get the flu shot and COVID-19 vaccine on the same day, or you can get a COVID-19 shot, a flu shot and any other vaccine such as measles, pneumonia or shingles during the same visit.

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If you’re due for a shot that’s not time-sensitive the way the COVID-19 and influenza shots are, Mishori says she sometimes recommends that patients space them out, especially if the other vaccine is known for its side effects, like the shingles vaccine is.

“I tell my patients, You don’t want to get the shingles and COVID vaccine at the same time because you’re going to feel really, really miserable, she says. Shingles vaccine side effects may include fatigue, headache, muscle pain and nausea.

However, Mishori says convenience is a big consideration. I’ll ask, How disruptive is it going to be for your life? Can you get time off if you work to come back in? If not, go ahead and get it today.’

Also of Interest

Live Shingles Vaccine Vs Non

Can you get the flu shot and the COVID booster at the same time?

A live vaccine is one that contains a weakened form of a germ. Shingrix is not a live vaccine. Its an inactive vaccine, which is a vaccine thats made from a germ thats been killed.

Because Shingrix is inactive, more people can receive it. This includes people with a weakened immune system .

Zostavax was a shingles vaccine that was live.

People with weakened immune systems are typically advised against receiving live vaccines. This is because on very rare occasions, live vaccines can mutate back to the full-strength germ that causes a disease. If this happens, people with weakened immune systems would have a much higher risk for developing the disease that the vaccine is meant to prevent.

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Breast Cancer And Vaccines

There is a common misconception that vaccines can be harmful if youre being treated for breast cancer. In reality, it is safe and beneficial to receive certain vaccines during breast cancer treatment.

Of note, you can safely get a flu shot, the pneumonia vaccine , and the COVID-19 vaccine during breast cancer treatment. These vaccines can help protect you against infection, which is especially important when your immune system may be weakened by treatments like chemotherapy. These vaccines are safe because they are made with dead germs or proteins that come from germs, which cant harm you but can program your immune system to respond to any threats from the live virus or bacteria.

Other vaccines that are safe during treatment include the Tdap, a booster shot that protects against tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis and Shingrix, a vaccine that is approved for the prevention of shingles in people with weakened immune systems.

You and your doctor can discuss your immunization history and breast cancer treatment plan to decide if it makes sense for you to get any necessary vaccines during cancer treatment.

Yes You Can Get A Flu Shot And A Covid Vaccine At The Same Time

If youre eligible for a COVID vaccine, you can absolutely get one at the same time that you get the flu vaccine, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Thats true whether youre getting your first or second shot of either of the mRNA vaccines , or the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine. And its very likely to hold true if and when booster shots roll out as well although the Food and Drug Administration has not yet approved them, and booster shots are not without controversy.

Theres no reason you cannot get both at once. They are not going to counteract each other in any way, Karl Minges, dean of the School of Health Sciences at the University of New Haven, told HuffPost. COVID vaccines are using a very different mechanism to vaccinate an individual than the influenza shot.

In fact, Moderna recently announced it is working to develop a joint flu shot and COVID-19 booster, combining its existing COVID vaccine with an experimental flu vaccine.

The two-for-one approach is really appealing, especially if that becomes available to people who are scared of needles or dont have the time to go to a doctors office or clinic or pharmacy to get two shots, Minges said.

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Do Immunosuppressed People Require 2 Doses Of Influenza Vaccines

People with certain immunocompromising conditions should receive 2 doses, a minimum of 4 weeks apart, of QIV formulation of influenza vaccine in the first year of being immunosuppressed. Only 1 dose is required annually thereafter. An exception to this is patients receiving high-immunogenicity vaccines where only 1 dose is recommended .

How Do I Get The Shingles Vaccination

Understanding Herpes Zoster and the Herpes Zoster Vaccine (Slides With ...

Once you become eligible for the shingles vaccination, a GP or practice nurse will offer you the vaccine when you attend the surgery for general reasons.

You can have a shingles vaccine at the same time as most other vaccines. But try to leave 7 days between the shingles vaccine and a coronavirus vaccine, so that if you have any side effects you’ll know which vaccine they were from.

If you are worried that you may miss out on the shingles vaccination, contact your GP surgery to arrange an appointment to have the vaccine.

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What Happens If You Get Your Flu Shot And Covid Booster At The Same Time

Last year, public health experts were deeply concerned about the prospect of a flu and a COVID-19 twindemic. But as it turned out, seasonal flu activity was unusually low. This was likely due to the combination of masking, stay-at-home orders, reduced travel and people paying close attention to things like indoor ventilation.

No one yet knows what the upcoming flu season will hold, especially with states differing approaches to masking and social distancing.

But one thing is clear: Health guidelines continue to state that anyone ages 6 months and older should get their annual flu vaccine. And that means millions of people will get their flu shot at or around the same time they get a COVID booster dose .

Is that safe? Is there anything people should know about getting two vaccines at or around the same time? Heres what we know.

Why Are Adjuvanted Formulations Of Influenza Vaccine The Preferred Vaccine For Older People

A gradual decline of the immune system occurs as people age , impacting how the immune system responds to immunisation. For older adults the higher-immunogenecity influenza vaccines are preferentially recommended over standard QIVs as the antibody response is increased in comparison to non-adjuvanted QIV influenza vaccines.

Whilst there is no preference between either of the higher-immunogenicity vaccines available in 2022, they are the preferred choice compared with standard formulations for individuals 65 years. Fluad® Quad is funded on the NIP for people aged 65 years of age. FluZone High-Dose Quad is available for private purchase for individuals from 60 years.

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