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Cvs Pharmacy Flu Shot Consent Form

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Mom Says Her Son Got Covid Vaccine Without Her Consent

CVS Plays Important Role In Distributing The COVID-19 Vaccine

âHeâs 16 years old. I completely understand that, but I, in no way, shape or form gave consent for him to get the vaccine and I was not present when it happened,â Amanda Arroyo of Yolo County told TV station KOVR. âI want the pharmacist to be held responsible for her actions and her negligence.â

KOVR said California state law allows parents or guardians to give vaccine consent for minors in three ways: By taking the children to get the shot, filling out and signing a consent form, or giving verbal consent over the phone or by video. Arroyo said she did none of those.

Fox News said CVS said in a statement, “As part of the online registration process, patients are asked to attest that all information provided during appointment set up is truthful and accurate. This includes acknowledgment that parental consent is needed if the patient is a minor. We’re committed to complying with all vaccination regulations.”

Arroyo said her son went online and made the appointment in July, showed up at the pharmacy in Davis, and got vaccinated. Now sheâs asking to see the forms her son filled out on the pharmacy website.

Arroyo said she didnât even know her son had been vaccinated until he complained about arm pain.

âHe was like, âMy arm hurts,â and I said, âWhat happened?â â Arroyo said. âAnd he was like, âI had my COVID shot,â and I was like âWait, what?â â

Arroyo said sheâs worried the same thing could happen to other teens.

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How Do I Find A Drive

If you have health insurance, the first place youll want to check for a drive-through flu shot clinic is on your plans website. Many health groups and insurance plans are offering their own drive-through clinics this year. Examples include:

You can also call your local pharmacy to ask if they are offering drive-through or curbside flu shots. Hy-Vee, for example, is offering drive-through flu shots this year on certain days through October 30.

Many county health departments are offering drive-through clinics, as well. These are often where you can find free or discounted flu shots if you dont have health insurance. Check your county health departments website for more information.

Lastly, some clinics are promoting their drive-throughs on the news, so watch for announcements on your local news station or in your local newspaper. You can also search for drive through flu shot near me online to find drive-throughs in your area.

What To Expect At A Drive

Most drive-through flu shot clinics will be set up with a similar series of stations. Heres what you can generally expect:

  • Many clinics will have signs posted across the clinic campus or parking lot, directing you to drive to the location where you need to line up.

  • While you stay in your car, a clinic team member will ask you a series of screening questions. Theyll also likely check your temperature.

  • A clinic team member will then verify your information and insurance, and take any paperwork youve filled out. If you dont have insurance, this will be when you pay for your flu shot. Then theyll direct you to the next station.

  • A healthcare professional like a pharmacist, nurse, or another healthcare professional will review your flu form and provide you your flu shot. They may ask you to open your car door for easier access, especially if you or someone else in your car has difficulty with vaccines.

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Five Things To Know: Getting Vaccinated At Cvs Pharmacy

Across the country, in nearly 10,000 communities nationwide, our customers turn to their local CVS Pharmacy to help lead them on a path to better health, not only through our prescription services, but our innovative assortment of health-focused products and services as well.

One of those services is vaccinations. Administered in all of our retail locations nationwide by a certified immunizer and by a nurse practitioner at our MinuteClinic locations, our vaccination offerings go well beyond the annual influenza shot. And since no appointment for vaccinations is required, CVS Pharmacy is a convenient and reliable place for customers to get CDC-recommended vaccines when and where they need them.

Here are some things to know before heading to a local CVS Pharmacy for a vaccination.

Take Action To Prevent The Flu Get The Flu Shot

Cvs Flu Shot Form
  • Help PREVENT the FLU. Flu season generally lasts October through May with a peak in January and February.

  • Get the FLU SHOT! It’s the best way to help protect against the flu.

  • KNOW the FACTS. Flu shots dont cause the flu. The flu is contagious 1 day before and 5 to 7 days after symptoms. It takes 2 weeks to build immunity

  • CLEAN household surfaces. AVOID sick people. WASH your hands.

  • ONE SNEEZE can spray 3,000 infectious droplets into the air!

  • COLD and FLU VIRUSES can live up to 24 hours on hard surfaces like desks and tables.

Get more facts about the flu at If you have any questions, call Member Services at the number on your health plan ID card.

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Can I Get Any Other Vaccines When I Get My Flu Shot

Yes, our pharmacists can administer many vaccinations such as Shingles, Pneumonia, Hepatitis, HPV, Meningitis, Tetanus, MMR, and more. If youre not sure what you need, ask our pharmacist for a free immunization screening. Available vaccinations vary by location and are subject to state law restrictions.

Customers Of Most Age Groups Can Receive Vaccinations In Our Stores

At CVS Pharmacy, vaccinations are available for adolescents, adults and seniors, while at MinuteClinic, children as young as 18 months can receive certain vaccinations. Call your nearest location to talk to the pharmacist about what vaccinations are right for your age group and whats available at that location.

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Should I Get A Flu Shot

Even healthy people can get and spread the flu. The flu can cause serious health problems, especially for those who already have a chronic illness or are too young to be vaccinated. If you catch and spread the flu to someone, it can cause a potentially life-threatening health problem, especially in those at high risk for complications. Recent studies show that flu vaccines significantly reduces the risk of flu when most circulating flu viruses are like the vaccine viruses.

Flu Shot Side Effects

Free flu vaccines offered

Millions of Americans receive the flu vaccine each year, either by choice or because they are compelled to do so by their employer. Side effects are usually minor. These include soreness at the site of the shot, headache, fever, nausea, and muscle aches, according to the Centers for Disease Control . Symptoms should resolve quickly but speak to your medical practitioner if you experience long-lasting side effects, or more serious issues like difficulty breathing, hoarseness, swelling, hives, dizziness, or a fast heartbeat, as these can be signs of an allergic reaction or other unusual complication.

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Help Withvaccine Side Effects

Side effects from vaccines are often mild and are a normal signthat your body is building protection. Our CVS Pharmacy® team can provide overâtheâcounterrecommendations forhow to manage side effects. Additionally, MinuteClinic offers a vaccine side effectservice available either in person or via telehealth.

Be Alert To These Signs Of The Flu And Learn The Difference Between Colds Flu And Covid

***This list does not include all possible symptoms. The CDC continues to update the list as they learn more about COVID-19.

If you have a life-threatening situation, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency room.

To learn more about the flu, visit If you have questions about your health plan, call Member Services at the toll-free number on the back of your health plan ID card.

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How Much Do Flu Shots Cost At Drive

The cost of a flu shot will often depend on your health insurance coverage. Most plans fully cover flu shots, meaning you wont have to pay a copay or co-insurance to get your flu vaccine. If youre not sure what your insurance covers, call the member services number on the back of your insurance card.

If you dont have insurance, some clinics may offer free flu shots. There are various resources for finding low- or no-cost vaccines be sure to click or tap here to learn more. You can also pay for flu shots in cash. If you choose to go to a pharmacy for your flu shot, check to find the lowest price of flu shots at pharmacies in your area. Youll need to know the name of the vaccine youre getting to search for prices and discounts. Check with your pharmacist to get the name of the vaccine thats right for you.

How To Get A Flu Shot

Cvs Pharmacy Flu Shot Records

As an Emory University employee, you have several options for getting a flu shot:

OPTION 1 : The best way to get a flu shot is through your local pharmacy. If you are on an Aetna Plan, visit any in-network retail pharmacy such as CVS, Walgreens, Target, Publix, or Kroger. You will need to present your Emory CVS/Caremark prescription drug card to get a free flu shot. If you are on the Kaiser Plan, attend one of the offered at their facilities .

OPTION 2: Get a flu shot as part of your preventive exam at your doctor’s office. Flu shots are free of charge for Aetna or Kaiser Plans, but for the Aetna Plans, you must use Tier 1 and Tier 2 doctors only. Note: if you’ve already had your annual preventive exam and make an appointment for a flu shot, you may be charged for the visit.

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How Long Does The Flu Shot Last

Standard practice is to get vaccinated yearly. This is not because the flu vaccination necessarily wears off, but rather because the dominant influenza strains change from year to year.

So every year, medical researchers take their best shot at picking which flu strains to target. Its quite likely that this years top strains will be different from last years, so it generally pays to get revaccinated.

Watch This Video To Learn About The Vaccine Experience

Throughout the pandemic, we have made COVID-19 testing accessible to thousands of communities nationwide and we are also helping you get vaccinated safely.

We have unmatched experience safely and effectively administering vaccinations. In 2020, we administered nearly 20 million non-COVID-19 vaccinations this includes more than double the number of flu shots given in 2019.

We also made significant investments in our cold chain distribution capabilities when preparing for the COVID-19 vaccines and ensured our CVS Pharmacy locations are equipped to safely store the vaccines.

Most importantly, our team of experienced health care professionals including pharmacists, trained pharmacy technicians, and nurses are skilled at administering vaccinations and are playing a key role in helping vaccinate our community.

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Is The Flu Shot A Vaccine

Yes, flu vaccinations, also known as flu shots, cause antibodies to develop in the body that provide protection against infection from the influenza viruses that are used to make the vaccine. Most seasonal flu vaccines protect against four different flu viruses: an influenza A virus, an influenza A virus, and two influenza B viruses.

Before You Go: Download And Fill Out Covid

How to schedule COVID 19 vaccine online with CVS

After you get an appointment and before you arrive at one of the state-run COVID-19 vaccination sites, the Florida Department of Health advises that you print and complete the Screening and Consent Form before your appointment, if possible.

The state is working through its allocation of vaccines produced by Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna both of which received emergency use authorization from the Food and Drug Administration in December.

When making the appointment, it should tell you what vaccine you will be receiving, either the Pfizer or the Moderna vaccine, then download the form for that particular vaccine.

Individuals must complete a vaccine screening and consent form to confirm eligibility.

If you are being inoculated by CVS, weve included that form below.

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Justice Department Secures Agreement With Cvs Pharmacy Inc To Make Online Covid

The Justice Department and the U.S. Attorneys Office for the District of Rhode Island today announced a settlement agreement with CVS Pharmacy Inc., under the Americans with Disabilities Act that will eliminate barriers preventing people with certain disabilities from getting information about COVID-19 vaccinations and booking vaccination appointments online. CVS is the countrys largest retail pharmacy, with nearly 10,000 locations. Todays resolution is the departments fifth agreement on the critical issue of COVID-19 vaccination website accessibility, following settlement announcements with Rite Aid Corporation, Hy-Vee Inc., The Kroger Co. and Meijer Inc.

The department found that CVSs COVID-19 vaccine registration portal, currently located at , was not accessible to people with certain disabilities, including those who use screen reader software or have trouble using a mouse. For instance, the types of vaccine appointments offered were not read audibly to screen reader users at the beginning of the scheduling process. Further, on the page where users pick a time for their appointment, screen reader users were told that all available times were checked, even though the user had not made any selection. Additionally, people who use the Tab key instead of a mouse to navigate websites were not able to navigate past a request for insurance information in the registration process.

How Do I Add My Minor Child To My Account And View Theirvaccination Records

  • Sign in to® or create anaccount if you do not have one.
  • Go to Pharmacy > Pharmacy Settings > Manage Family Members > Add a person.
  • To add your minor, we first need to locate their pharmacyrecords by using their patient information or a prescription number.

Quick tip: The prescription number can be found on any prescription bottle, as well as on the vaccinationconfirmation email referenced in the previous question with the subject line âFor yourrecords.â

  • Once the pharmacy records are found, you will be asked toconfirm that you are the parent or legal guardian.
  • Once you confirm: Success! Your minor childâs Rx recordsare now available for viewing at®

*for $5target coupon: Terms and conditions are applied to coupon. See coupon for details. Couponvalid for Target merchandise only. Offer available only at CVS Pharmacy®, LongsDrugs® and MinuteClinic® locations inTarget stores September 5, 2021 through December 31, 2021, while supplies last. Limit one percustomer per vaccine visit.For vaccines which require 2 doses, coupon will be given with vaccine series completion. Couponcannot be issued atpharmacy locations in AR, NJ and NY or at MinuteClinic locations in MA, NJ, NY, PA and RI.

*for shingles and more: Availability varies by state based onregulations. This is not an allâinclusive list of who should be vaccinated. Age restrictionsapply.Talk to your CVS Pharmacy® immunizing pharmacist to see if any ofthese vaccines are right for you.

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How To Prepare For A Drive

Drive-through flu shots might be a new experience for many people, and clinics, pharmacies, and insurance plans are quickly sending out information to people to help them prepare. Weve compiled some of these tips here and included additional advice from people weve interviewed who have already gone through the experience:

  • Bring your photo ID and insurance card . You will need these to register for your flu shot.

  • Make an appointment. Some clinics are asking people to sign up for drive-through appointments online. Find out if your clinic is offering this service by checking the clinics website or calling the clinic staff. This is useful if you want to avoid lines. Also, some clinics only give a certain number of flu shots each day.

  • Fill out paperwork ahead of time. Most clinics will require that you fill out a registration and consent form before you can get your flu shot, and many are asking people to fill these out before they arrive. Again, check the clinic or pharmacy website for information about forms. Some will have these available on site when you get to the drive-through, but it will be easier for you and the drive-through staff if you have this already prepared.

  • Bring exact change. If youre planning to pay in cash for your vaccine, bring exact change to make it easier for clinic staff to process your payment.

  • Your Vaccination Can Be Added To Your Medical Record

    Palm BeachâFlu Shots (Sept. 21) â NSU SharkFINS

    Following your vaccination, with your permission, CVS Pharmacy or the MinuteClinic practitioner can notify your primary care physician so that the shot is added to your medical record.

    For more information about vaccinations offered at CVS Pharmacy and MinuteClinic, as well as location-specific availability, visit or

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    Not Sure Which Vaccinations You Need

    Use the links below for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention vaccination recommendationsfor everyone age 18 months and up.

    • Anyone over the age of 60 who:

    • Has not received the Shingrix vaccine, even if theyhad shingles in the past

    • Were previously vaccinated with Zostavax

    • Are not sure if they had chickenpox. Learn more

  • tetanus/diptheria/whooping cough

    Tetanus Bacteria in soil enter through acut, creating an infection. Sufferers may be unable to open mouth and swallow.

    Diptheria A highly contagious infection ofthe respiratory tract. This leads to weakness, sore throat, swollen glands.Severe cases of Diptheria can affect the heart.

    Whooping Cough Highly contagiousinfection of the respiratory tract. It causes excessive coughing fits.

    Who should be vaccinated?*

    Patients 10 years of age and older should receive a one-timedose of Tdap. Adults require 1 booster of Tdap and then a Td booster every 10years. Learnmore

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