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Does Cvs Accept Cigna For Flu Shots

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Improving Health Costs And Care Connectivity

Flu Shot FAQ with Dr. Sree

According to Ms. Paige, Cigna Health Works provides both the opportunity to improve health care quality, while reducing employer and individual health care costs as well as potential gaps in care.

Notably, the Cigna Health Works initiative offers the opportunity for significant health care cost savings by offering an effective and appropriate alternative to Urgent Care and Emergency Room visits. Cigna data show that roughly 45 percent of their customers’ Urgent Care facility visits could have been conducted at retail health care clinics, potentially reducing their health care costs by 81 percent per visit.1

“As the popularity of retail health care continues to rise, Cigna Health Works is designed to help improve health care quality and address potential gaps in care. In some markets, up to one-third of Cigna customers have used some form of retail health care within a year’s time,2” Ms. Paige said.

Cigna Health Works can help address important health concerns such as lack of a primary care physician or access to a pre-diabetic health screening. Through Cigna Health Works, CVS MinuteClinic nurse practitioners can offer Cigna-administered plan customers immediate access to acute episodic care at discounted rates, as well as low cost A1C blood sugar testing, while CVS pharmacists provide affordably priced medications.

1 Cigna Next Gen Access Opportunity Analysis Report, Greater South Florida, 1/2015 12/2015

We Have Vaccinations For Everyone

Grandma needs her flu shot, little Susie needs a tetanus booster for lacrosse camp, and you need hepatitis A and B before you take that cruise of the Amazon River. For all the shots your family requires come to our MinuteClinic®. Our medical team can give shots to children as young as 18 months through adults of all ages. You don’t need to make an appointment, but if you want to avoid a potential wait you may schedule your visit online. Our immunizations include:

  • Measles, mumps, rubella
  • Flu shots
  • Pneumonia

We can also give birth control injections and vitamin B12 injections to patients age 18 or older.

Preferred Network Retail Pharmacies

We want you to pay the lowest price possible for your medications. When you choose to get your medications at one of these preferred retail pharmacies, youll often pay much less. And with so many retail pharmacies with preferred cost-shares, finding one is easy.1

View our Medicare Advantage Preferred Network Retail Pharmacies

View our Medicare Part D Preferred Network Retail Pharmacies

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How Much Is A Minuteclinic Visit At 57 Rollstone Road Fitchburg Ma With And Without Insurance

MinuteClinic® prices in Fitchburg range anywhere from $35 to $250 depending on the service, which makes us 40% cheaper than urgent care centers. Please visit our service price list and insurance information page to see detailed pricing and insurance breakdowns. At CVS MinuteClinic®, most insurance plans are accepted. We recommend contacting your insurance company prior to your visit to be sure that the service you are seeking will be covered. How much you will have to pay out of pocket will depend on your insurance coverage. If you do not have insurance or prefer to pay out of pocket, you may pay with cash, card, or check. Prices may vary depending on the complexity of the case. Lab tests and additional services may result in additional charges.

Cant make it in for a visit? We also have Video Visits, which enable you to see one of our health care professionals from the comfort of your own home as an alternative for just $59 per visit. Currently, a Video Visit is not covered by insurance and is not required to get treatment.

If you need medical care on the south side of Fitchburg, stop by our MinuteClinic® inside the CVS Pharmacy® at Parkhill Plaza. Tucked between Parkhill Park and the Forest Hill Cemetery, we’re easy to reach from Electric Avenue. Come in whenever you’re feeling under the weather or in need of first aid care. Our physician assistants and nurse practitioners will take a look at you, no appointment necessary.

High Standards For Quality Care

Flu Clinic  5

At MinuteClinic®, we pride ourselves on the quality of care we offer you. Our team of certified medical professionals is dedicated to providing every member of your family with the preventative treatment, medication, and screenings they need to stay healthy. When you visit our clinic, we promise to treat you just like family.

We accept most insurance plans and have convenient operating hours to give you access to the best, most affordable care available. Whether you need medication to help with a minor illness, treatment to heal an injury, or a preventative service, trust our clinic to give you the care you need. Call us at to speak with a service provider for advice or to ask for directions.

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We’ll Put You Together Again

Sprains, strains, joint pain, minor cuts, blisters and wounds aren’t just painful or uncomfortable, they can cause lost days of work or school. Whenever you need some patching up, come to our MinuteClinic®. Our health care team can treat everything from minor injuries to poison ivy and bee stings. They’ll even do it faster and cheaper than your local ER. If you require x-rays or sutures, they will refer you to another health care provider who provides those services.

To find us, go to our website and search for a “walk-in clinic near me.” You can also give us a call at 1-866-389-2727. We’ll be happy to answer all your medical questions.

How To Get A Discount On Your Flu Shot

If you cant secure a free flu shot, make sure to compare prices at before choosing where to get your jab. You can find the least expensive location near youplus, youll see coupons to save on flu shots, flu medications, and other prescriptions you need to get you through cold and flu season.

If its your first time using your SingleCare card, you can use a coupon for an additional $5 off the price of the following brands.

Brand name

You can use our free flu shot coupons for the whole family. SingleCare is accepted at thousands of pharmacies including CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, and more. Find a pharmacy near you that accepts SingleCare coupons here.

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How Much Is A Flu Shot

Health insurers are required under the Affordable Care Act to cover all federally recommended vaccines for patients, meaning when patients with insurance get their flu shots, it’s free.

But the price a single insurer pays for the flu shot can vary significantly from provider to provider, according to Galewitz.

To better understand this variation, KHN looked at a sample of explanations of benefits for employees’ flu shots in different locations throughout the country and at different providers. All the employees were covered by Cigna.

The sample revealed “dramatic differences” in the cost of the shot among its employees, Galewitz writes.

For instance, the insurer paid $32 for a shot administered at a CVS in Washington, D.C., and $40 to a CVS that was less than 10 miles away in Maryland. However, on the other side of the country, Cigna paid $47.53 to a provider in Long Beach, California, and $85 to Sutter Health in Sacramento for the shot.

Further, according to KHN, $85 was more than three times the $25 Sutter’s website said it charged for the flu shot for people without insurance. In comparison, Medicaid pays providers significantly less for a flu shot, reimbursing $19 in Connecticut and $15 in Washington, D.C.

According to KHN, the variance in pricing echoes the findings of a separate analysis, which found insurers in 2017 paid anywhere between $28 and $80 for the same type of flu shot.

Treatments You Can Rely On

Get More Vaccines Than Just The Flu Shot with MinuteClinic® | CVS

If you are suffering from a minor illness and dont want to wait for hours at the doctors office, stop by CVS MinuteClinic®. Our clinic is staffed with qualified nurse practitioners and physician assistants so you feel confident when we prescribe medications or treatments health problems such as the ones listed below.

  • Gout
  • Sunburn

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Can You Get The Flu Shot At The Same Time As A Covid

Although data on receiving the COVID vaccine at the same time as the influenza vaccine is limited, the CDC advises that its safe to do so. Research is ongoing, but one study among healthcare workers found that the flu shot offered some protection against severe forms of COVID-19. But because they are two different viruses, you should be vaccinated against each one to be fully protected. Getting the flu shot will not interfere with the effects of the COVID-19 vaccine, and you dont have to disclose whether youve been vaccinated for COVID-19 if you dont want to.

In the instance that youre experiencing flu symptoms or youve tested positive for COVID-19, you should wait until recovering and completing your isolation period before getting a flu or COVID-19 shot. For mild symptoms and a negative COVID-19 test, its okay to go ahead and get vaccinated for the flu or COVID-19.

We’ll Keep A Close Eye On You

If you have a chronic medical condition that needs monitoring, let us help. Our services include screening, testing and monitoring of common conditions, such as asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol. We can also give basic and comprehensive health screenings to check your overall wellness. If you think you may have been exposed to tuberculosis or hepatitis C, we can test you for those as well.

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Do I Have To Make An Appointment

The COVID-19 vaccine requires making an appointment ahead of time at Most other vaccines are available on a walk-in basis. Same-day appointments are often available online. You can also answer the vaccine-specific questionnaire online instead of filling it out in person.

You may want to call ahead to your local CVS Pharmacy and make sure your desired vaccine is in stock. You can also check to see if theres a wait at the store or clinic.

Quick Treatment For Minor Health Concerns

Flu Clinic  5

When you need to get a diagnosis and treatment for non-serious injuries or illnesses, come to MinuteClinic®. Some of the conditions we can treat include the following:

  • Sprains
  • Pink eye
  • Minor wounds

Our practitioners can prescribe medication and make recommendations for specialists when necessary. Depending on your health insurance plan, your treatment may be covered.

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When Do Cigna Medicare Plans Pay For Flu Shots

Not only are flu shots covered by Cigna, but you should have the opportunity to receive your flu shot at no cost by visiting a participating Cigna provider and meeting certain other restrictions of your plan.

Flu shots are just one of the preventive care services that you can expect to be covered in full by a Cigna Medicare Advantage plan. Other examples of preventive care covered by Cigna include:

  • Additional vaccines like hepatitis, measles, pneumococcal, shingles and more
  • Annual check-ups
  • Colonoscopies
  • Various screenings

Medicare Advantage plans are required by federal law to include at least all Medicare Part A and Part B coverage. And any services or items covered in full by Medicare must also be covered in full by Medicare Advantage plans.

Medicare Part B provides full coverage of the flu vaccine when administered by a health care provider who accepts Medicare assignment. And that means Medicare Advantage plans must do the same.

For more information about the flu and flu vaccine, consult our Complete Guide to the Flu Vaccine.

Does Medicare Cover Vaccines

Medicare covers the flu and pneumococcal vaccines at 100% under Part B, along with the hepatitis B vaccine for those at higher risk. That means no out-of-pocket cost to the patient. A tetanus shot after experiencing a deep wound or burn also should be covered.

Medicare Part D plans should cover the shingles vaccine, but check with your plan. You may have to pay at least a portion out of pocket if you havent yet reached your deductible for the year . There may be a copay, depending on your plan.

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How To Get Low

Children can receive financial assistance through the federal Vaccines for Children program. This is for kids who are:

  • Uninsured

  • Medicaid-eligible

  • American Indian or Alaska Native

The shingles vaccines manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline, offers a patient assistance program for those without insurance who cant afford the vaccine. Your healthcare provider needs to apply for the program on your behalf.

Who Should Get A Flu Shot

CVS Now Accepting COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments

The CDC recommends an annual flu shot for most people 6 months of age and older, including pregnant people. If youve ever had a severe allergic reaction to the flu shot, you have an egg allergy, a history of Guillain-Barré Syndrome, or you are feeling unwell, talk to your provider before you get a flu shot.

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Convenient Hours Of Operation

Our clinic has convenient operating hours to give you better access to quality care. If you cannot make it in to see us during the week, stop by over the weekend to get to feeling better before returning to work the next week. You dont even need an appointment to see us, so come on in at the most convenient time for you.If you are dealing with a minor nuisance illness such as mild allergies, use our Virtual Care services to speak with a service provider about treatment options without leaving the comfort of your home. These two options are available 24/7 so you always have access to healthcare.

If you are dealing with a minor nuisance illness such as mild allergies, use our Virtual Care services to speak with a service provider about treatment options without leaving the comfort of your home. These two options are available 24/7 so you always have access to healthcare.

Cigna Medical Group Is Taking The Following Steps To Protect Your Safety And Help Stop The Spread Of Covid

  • Offering virtual care appointments by video or phone so you can talk to a physician or a member of the care team from the comfort and safety of your home or workplace.
  • Rescheduling preventive/wellness exams and routine care appointments.
  • If you have an upcoming preventive/wellness exam, our staff will call to discuss your current health and any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Rescheduling non-urgent surgeries and procedures.
  • Our staff will call you if you have a surgery or procedure scheduled in the upcoming weeks.
  • If you think you have been exposed to COVID-19 and have a fever with symptoms , please call us at . We will guide you where to go for care. Please keep in mind that our Cigna Medical Group physicians use the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines to determine if you need to be tested, and will only test you if you meet the CDC criteria.
  • As we work together to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, we thank you for your patience. We can all do our part by washing our hands often and practicing social distancing.

    Map of current Cigna Medical Group locations and available services during COVID-19, as of 11/20/2020.

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    Vaccine Coverage To Be Available Under The Pharmacy Benefit

    Effective in 2020, upon a clients next renewal, coverage of vaccines will be available under the pharmacy benefit. Previously, vaccines were typically available only through the medical benefit. In the past, only certain pharmacies, mostly chains, could administer vaccines under the medical benefit. Now, vaccine coverage, if administered by a certified pharmacist, will be available through our network of retail pharmacy providers. Customers can simply visit an in-network pharmacy, show their prescription ID card, and request a flu shot or other covered vaccine. The pharmacy will then be responsible to submit the vaccine for billing via the pharmacy benefit.

    Vaccines available for coverage include flu, tetanus/diphtheria/pertussis, hepatitis, human papillomavirus , meningitis, pneumonia, shingles/zoster, and childhood vaccines such as measles, mumps, rubella .

    Covering eligible vaccines through the pharmacy benefit is just one more way to make access to care a bit simpler. Customers and their covered dependents will have the convenience of using a local pharmacy to obtain needed vaccines.

    Coverage will include claim payment for the vaccine drug product and pharmacist administration of the vaccine. This coverage is only available through pharmacy providers as a service administered by duly certified pharmacists. The pharmacy coverage cannot extend to other types of medical providers or pharmacy-based health clinics.

    How Much Do Vaccines Cost At Cvs

    Flu Clinic  5

    Here are the retail costs for several in-demand vaccines at CVS Pharmacy:

    In-demand vaccines
    Tdap $77

    If you live in an area that has both CVS Pharmacy and MinuteClinic, compare prices and insurance coverage. You may be able to get a slightly better price by shopping around. You may also be able to ask one store to match the price of the other.

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    How Do I Get A Flu Shot Covered By Cigna

    You can use the flu shot finder tool from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to find a flu shot provider location near you.

    Once you find some flu shot locations near you, you can cross reference those with the pharmacies and health care providers in the Cigna provider search tool to see if they are part of the Cigna preferred network.

    In order to have your flu shot covered in full by some Medicare Advantage plans, you may need to receive it from a provider in the Cigna network. The provider search tool will let you know which nearby doctors, clinics and pharmacies will accept your Cigna plan for optimal coverage of your flu shot.

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