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Flu Like Symptoms After Flu Shot

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Does It Matter Where And When I Get The Shot

Is it normal for young people to experience flu-like symptoms after getting the vaccine?

Its fine to get a flu shot wherever they are offered, including at flu clinics, pharmacies, health departments or doctors offices, Dr. Palese said.

The C.D.C. usually recommends that everyone get vaccinated by the end of October at the latest. Given that population immunity against the flu is probably low, Dr. Gandhi said, its possible that the flu will peak earlier than usual . Also, it takes two weeks after vaccination for the body to develop full immunity, so if you havent yet gotten it, run out and get the flu vaccine immediately, she said.

Some kids specifically children between 6 months and 8 years old who have never received a flu vaccine, as well as those who have only ever received one dose should get two doses of the flu vaccine, at least four weeks apart, said Dr. Kelly Fradin, a pediatrician at Private Medical in New York City.

That said, even if its late in a flu season, it still is worthwhile to get a vaccine. The protection from the flu shot likely builds, even over years, said Dr. Fradin. If you get a vaccine after flu season has waned, it might anticipate the strains that will spread next season and provide some protection then, she said.

What Are The Long

The risk of paralysis isnt the only lifelong difficulty associated with polio.

There are several other long-term symptoms which can continue to impact the body beyond recovery from the infection.

If you’ve had polio before, you may develop symptoms again or your symptoms may get worse, sometimes decades later. This is called post-polio syndrome .

According to the British Polio Fellowship, a charity that has been supporting people living with the effects of polio and post-polio syndrome for over 80 years, signs of PPS include:

  • Persistent fatigue
  • Sleep apnoea

Why You May Still Need The Vaccineeven If You’ve Already Had The Virus This Season

If you skipped this years flu shot and then came down with the virus, you may think theres no point in getting the vaccine now.

But youd be wrong.

There are good reasons to get a flu shot, even if youve already been sick this season, says David Topham, Ph.D., a professor of microbiology and immunology at the University of Rochester and director of the New York Influenza Center of Excellence.

You can catch the flu more than once in a season, because having one type of flu doesnt provide immunity against the other types that may be circulating.

The way your immune system sees them is very different, Topham says.

Two types commonly make people ill: type A and type B. In the beginning of this flu season, most cases of flu in the U.S. were type B .

Now, it looks like type B flu may be beginning to wane while influenza A may be on the rise. And were probably far from done with flu season. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Preventions latest data, doctors visits due to flu-like illness are still on the rise, though the pace may be slowing. For the first week of February, flu illnesses jumped from 6.7 percent to 6.8 percent of all doctors visits, while in the last week of January, flu illnesses shot up from 5.7 percent to 6.7 percent of all doctors visits.

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Allergic Reactions To The Flu Shot

Though the side effects listed above are normal reactions to the flu vaccine, it’s important to monitor your response to the vaccine to make sure that you are not having an allergic reaction.

Though allergic reactions are rare they occur in an estimated 1.3 of every 1 million vaccinations they can be serious.

Symptoms of a serious allergic reaction to a flu vaccine include:

  • Trouble breathing
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Dizziness

According to McNeil, these symptoms usually occur “within a few minutes to a few hours after receiving the shot and they require immediate medical evaluation and treatment.”

The flu shot, like all vaccines, contains several components that can cause an allergic reaction. Most allergic reactions are caused by an allergy to egg protein, gelatin, or other additives in the vaccine. While the flu shot contains trace amounts of egg, research has shown that most people with mild egg allergies can receive influenza vaccines.

Flu Vaccine For People With Long

Top 10 Facts About the Flu Vaccine

The flu vaccine is offered free on the NHS to anyone with a serious long-term health condition, including:

Talk to your doctor if you have a long-term condition that is not in one of these groups. They should offer you the flu vaccine if they think you’re at risk of serious problems if you get flu.

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Worried About Getting The Flu Shot This Year

Although the annual flu epidemic has become as regular as the changing of the seasons, its not necessarily predictable.

In fact, because the timing, severity, and length of flu season varies from year to year, its impossible to guess what this one will be like.

That said, experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends an annual flu shot for everyone 6 months of age and older to reduce the risk of illness and to help avoid spreading the influenza virus to others.

The flu shot contains an inactive flu virus that consists of only half the virus the part needed to cause an immune response. After getting the flu shot, most people have some flu shot side effects, including redness and soreness at the injection site.

These normal symptoms usually last for only a day or two.

Can You Still Get Sick Even If You Have The Shot

“The flu vaccine protects against influenza virus, but there are a number of other viruses that can cause a flu-like disease, Pekosz said. “Viruses like human parainfluenza virus, respiratory syncytial virus and coronaviruses all circulate in fall and early winter, the time that flu vaccination programs are in full-swing.” These viruses and their symptoms usually last two to eight days.

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Should I Talk To My Doctor Before I Get A Flu Shot

Some people should make sure itâs OK to get vaccinated. Ask your doctor or pharmacist first if:

  • Youâve had a life-threatening allergic reaction to a flu shot in the past.
  • Youâve had Guillain-Barre syndrome that happened after you got the flu vaccine. Thatâs a disorder in which the body’s immune system attacks part of the nervous system.
  • Youâre very ill. If you have a mild illness, it’s OK to get vaccinated. Otherwise, talk to your doctor or pharmacist first.

Show Sources

CDC: “Estimating Seasonal Influenza-Associated Deaths in the United States: CDC Study Confirms Variability of Flu,” âKey Facts About Seasonal Flu Vaccine.â

Can A Flu Vaccine Give Me Flu

German aged care workers develop flu-like symptoms after vaccine overdose
  • No, a flu vaccine cannot cause flu illness. Flu vaccines that are administered with a needle are currently made in two ways: the vaccine is made either with a) flu vaccine viruses that have been killed and are therefore not infectious, or b) with proteins from a flu vaccine virus instead of flu vaccine viruses . Nasal spray vaccine is made with attenuated live flu viruses, and also cannot cause flu illness. The weakened viruses are cold-adapted, which means they are designed to only cause infection at the cooler temperatures found within the nose. The viruses cannot infect the lungs or other areas where warmer temperatures exist.

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Flu Vaccine For Frontline Health And Social Care Workers

If you’re a frontline health and social care worker, your employer should offer you a flu vaccine. They may give the vaccine at your workplace.

You can also have an NHS flu vaccine at a GP surgery or a pharmacy if:

  • you’re a health or social care worker employed by a registered residential care or nursing home, registered homecare organisation or a hospice
  • you work in NHS primary care and have direct contact with patients this includes contractors, non-clinical staff and locums
  • you provide health or social care through direct payments or personal health budgets, or both

How To Treat Flu Shot Side Effects

Usually, any side effects you might get from the flu vaccine go away on their own within a day or twobut you dont have to tough it out if you really feel run down. Try these self-care measures to feel better ASAP:

For muscle aches, headache, or flu-like symptoms, take a pain reliever, such as Tylenol or ibuprofen.

For arm pain after the flu shot, apply a cool compress.

The same goes for side effects of the nasal flu vaccine. Treatment is based on a persons symptoms, Dr. Kemmerly says. All in all, minor aches are a small price to pay for the vast protection the flu vaccine provides for both you and those around you.

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What’s New With The 2021

There are many types of flu virusesand each consistently changes. This means that the U.S. flu vaccines are reviewed every year to prevent against the currently circulating flu viruses. This year’s vaccines are all “quadrivalent,” according to the CDC, meaning they’re designed to protect against four different viruses that cause the flu.

What Can You Do If You Get The Flu

Does this year

If you get the flu, there are steps you can take to feel better. Act fast! First, talk with your health care provider. The flu and COVID-19 have similar symptoms, so you may need to get tested for an accurate diagnosis. This will also help determine which medications might make you feel better.

There are prescription drugs, called antivirals, that are used to treat people with the flu. If you take them within 48 hours after the flu begins, these drugs can make you feel better more quickly. Antivirals can also help reduce your risk of complications from flu. Antibiotics do not help you recover from the flu. Still, they are sometimes prescribed to help you recover from a secondary infection if it is caused by bacteria. Bacteria are a different type of germ than viruses.

If you are sick, rest and drink plenty of fluids like juice and water, but not alcohol. Medicine, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen, can bring down your fever and might help with the aches and pains. It is important not to smoke if you are sick with the flu. It is a respiratory illness that can infect your lungs as well as your nasal passages. These same areas are also affected by smoking. Take it easy as much as you can until you are well.

Monitor your symptoms and talk with your doctor if your symptoms worsen or become severe. For example, if you:

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Why Do You Get A Fever After The Flu Shot

It’s really important to note that a post-shot fever doesnt mean youve actually gotten the flu, or that the shot is unsafe. The flu vaccine can decrease your likelihood of contracting the flu by 40 to 60 percent, per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And even if you do get the flu, the vaccine can reduce the severity and long-term health risks of your illness, reports the CDC.

A fever is actually a sign that your immune system has kicked in, Dr. Whyte says. The vaccine introduces pieces of the virus into your body, and then your cells go to the site where the vaccine was given, causing an immune response, Dr. Whyte explains. All of this leads to inflammation in the body, which may manifest as a fever.

Many experts believe one of the reasons why you might get a fever is because viruses don’t like high temperatures, so raising your temperature is a way to fight the infection, he adds. It’s one of the body’s defenses.

And dont worry, just because you dont develop a strong bodily reaction from your shot doesnt mean that youre any less protected. TBH, its usually more common for kids to have fevers than adults, Dr. Whyte says.

Can People Have An Allergic Reaction To The Flu Shot

A flu immunization may produce an allergic reaction, but instances of this are very rare, and effective treatments can quickly resolve any trouble.

Most vaccines are developed from chicken eggs. The CDC cautions that people who have a history of a severe egg allergy should be vaccinated in a medical setting, supervised by a healthcare provider who is able to recognize and manage severe allergic reactions.

Two completely egg-free flu vaccine options are now widely available the quadrivalent recombinant vaccine and the quadrivalent cell-based vaccine.

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What To Do If You Think You Have Polio

NHS advice states that people who have travelled to a country where polio is found and are experiencing symptoms should:

  • Ask for an urgent GP appointment
  • Get help from NHS 111 over the phone or online

The CDC explained that the poliovirus can be detected in specimens from the throat, faeces and occasionally cerebrospinal fluid.

A blood test can also be done to detect poliovirus antigens to confirm a diagnosis.

How Much Does Getting A Flu Vaccine Cost

Flu-like symptoms after receiving second dose of COVID-19 vaccine reported by some people

Most people can get a flu vaccine for little to no out-of-pocket cost. Medicare and most private health insurance plans will cover the cost of your flu vaccine. However, some insurance plans require that you receive your vaccine at a specific location. Check with your insurance company. If you do not have health insurance, contact your local or state health department.

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Possible Side Effects Of The Flu Vaccine

The influenza vaccine can cause side effects. In children under 5 years, these reactions may be more obvious.

Common side effects of influenza vaccine include:

  • drowsiness or tiredness
  • localised pain, redness and swelling at the injection site
  • occasionally, an injection-site lump that may last many weeks but needs no treatment
  • low-grade temperature .

How Quickly Does The Covid

“The booster doesn’t work immediately,” Milstone stressed. While research is ongoing, early data suggests that immunity is boosted in one to two weeks. It’s very possible especially during the Thanksgiving and winter holiday season to get a booster and then get a COVID-19 infection or another seasonal illness quickly afterward.

So, if you feel feverish and achey for a day, that’s probably due to the booster. But if, two or three days after the vaccine, you still have those symptoms or you develop other signs of the infection such as a cough, “that would be a good reason to check in with your doctor and make sure that you don’t actually have COVID,” Milstone said.

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The Correct Strain Of Flu Isn’t In The Vaccine

The flu shot provides protection against three or four specific strains, or types, of influenza. These strains are selected by researchers who hope to protect as many people as possible. Because the flu virus mutates, or changes, new vaccines have to be made every flu season.

Despite their best educated guesses, researchers and public health officials may get it wrong. If that year’s illness-causing strains of influenza are not included in the vaccine, people who get the flu shot may still get the flu.

Who Can Have The Flu Vaccine


The flu vaccine is given free on the NHS to people who:

  • are 50 and over
  • have certain health conditions
  • are pregnant
  • are in long-stay residential care
  • receive a carer’s allowance, or are the main carer for an older or disabled person who may be at risk if you get sick
  • live with someone who is more likely to get infections
  • frontline health or social care workers

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Polio Virus Found In Samples From Sewage Works In London

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The virus which causes polio was thought to have been eradicated from the UK back in 2003, though the recent detection of several genetically-linked viruses” in London sewage has raised the alarm. While it is common for one to three vaccine-like polioviruses to be detected every year in UK sewage samples, knowing the key symptoms of this potentially life-threatening infection is crucial to seeking immediate treatment. Here are the most common signs to look out for if you think you are at risk of contracting polio.

When Should You Cancel A Flu Shot If Youre Sick

The key is paying close attention to your symptoms and determining whether youre on the upswing or downswing of that arc. If youre getting better and your flu shot is scheduled for the next day, youre probably fine, Dr. Ford says. If youre still feeling bad or getting worse, then that might be the time to at least check with your doctor about whether you should proceed.

Erring on the side of caution and postponing your appointment until you feel better is never a bad idea, however. Flu shots are widely available in doctors offices, Dr. Ford says. Theyre in all the pharmacies. If youre not sure if you should go ahead and get it, it really isnt a big deal if you delay it by a day or two.

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