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As Flu Season Approaches You Might Want To Get Immunized This Fall

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REDWOOD CITY, CA With the 2019-2020 flu season just around the corner, now is the time to know where flu shots are available in Redwood City.

National pharmacy chains such as Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid are popular places to receive a shot, but many communities have local clinics that also offer the service for free.

Here are some of the places you can get a flu shot in Palo Alto:

Schedule Your Free* Flu Shot

The CDC recommends a yearly flu vaccine as the first and most important step in protecting against flu viruses. Schedule your appointment for individuals 3+ today!

* No cost with insurance after satisfaction of any applicable deductible.Flu shots available while supplies last. Ask your pharmacist for details. Age restrictions apply in some states.

Can I Still Get The Flu If I’ve Been Vaccinated

Yes. Those who have been vaccinated may still get the flu.

This can be caused by one or more of the following:

  • Exposure to the virus before vaccination
  • Exposure to the virus during the two-week period after receiving vaccination, or before immunity develops.
  • Exposure to flu strains that may be circulating and are not included in the flu vaccine.

In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration reviews the flu data and determines the combination of viruses most likely to prevent the flu each year. Despite the amount of research that goes into the flu vaccine composition, the virus is constantly changing. Therefore, the vaccine may not be a perfect match to the current circulating virus. The good news is, those who have been vaccinated generally have a milder case of flu than those who are unvaccinated.

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Intervention Preparation Training And Implementation

In the month before study initiation at each site, we met with the local clinic team to explain procedures, review staffing and computer requirements, and arrange for delivery of FIT kits and other study materials to each location. In a separate 1-hour session, we trained clinic staff to provide FIT kits to patients. Finally, we conducted a walkthrough of the clinic to help establish patient flow procedures.

During the study, the local clinic managers received weekly reminders about control and intervention dates, and a research associate visited each site at unannounced times to observe and assess fidelity to the research protocol and to answer implementation questions arising during these visits.

Multivariate Logistic Regression Of Test Completion Predictors

37,000 Kaiser workers in California vote to approve October strike

We created an unadjusted model for the target population of eligible patients completion of the FIT in the 90-day follow-up period, including variables from Table 1, excluding ethnicity because ethnicity data were unavailable for 1473 patients. Gender and language preference were not significant in the unadjusted model. In Table 3, we have presented an adjusted model with all significant variables. The adjusted odds ratio for completion of FIT in the FLU-FIT group was 2.75 and was similar to the AOR of 2.77 obtained in the unadjusted model, indicating little influence of possible confounding variables on the comparison of outcomes between these 2 groups.

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Does Cvs At Redwood City California Offer Flu Shots

Flu shots are available at CVS Pharmacy and MinuteClinic locations, including CVS Pharmacy and MinuteClinic locations found in Target, every day, including evenings and weekends. Schedule your flu shot ahead of time so you can get in and out faster. Provide your insurance information and answer questions online ahead of time. Find more flu shot FAQs and other flu vaccination resources.

*FOR FLU SHOTS: Flu shots available when immunizing pharmacist or MinuteClinic health care provider is on duty. Age restrictions apply. Eligible patients will not pay any copayments unless otherwise required by their plan, including Medicare Part B. Back

*FOR FLU SHOT RECOMMENDATION: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Frequently asked influenza questions: 2020-2021 season. Updated July 28, 2020. Available at: . Accessed August 3, 2020. Back

What Kind Of Protection Does The Flu Vaccine Offer

The flu vaccine, according to the CDC, can cut your chances of catching the flu by 40% to 60%. It goes on to add that there are two main factors that determine whether or not the flu vaccine will protect you from becoming ill with the flu. The person’s attributes, such as age and health, as well as how well the current season’s immunizations “match” the flu viruses circulating in the population, are all taken into account.

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Pediatrics At Mount Zion

2330 Post St., Third Floor, San Francisco

We offer flu shots for children, by appointment only. Self-schedule via MyChart or call 885-7478.

Weekday Flu Nurse Visits in Clinics*Weekdays, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

* Note: At weekday visits, we can accommodate two siblings. For more than two children, a second adult must be present so we can safely distance everyone in multiple exam rooms.

Where To Get A Flu Shot

Vaccine Eligibility Expands Creating Long Lines at Bay Area Hospital

During flu season you can get a free flu shot from:

  • your doctor or nurse practitioner
  • participating pharmacies

Children six moths to four years old can get their flu shot from a doctor, nurse practitioner or local public health unit. Children under five years old cannot get a flu shot at a pharmacy.

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Cancer Program Earns Full Accreditation

The Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons has granted three-year accreditation with commendation to the cancer programs at both our Sacramento and Roseville Medical Centers. Each has been designated a Comprehensive Community Cancer Program. The Commission on Cancer is dedicated to improving the survival and quality of life for cancer patients through standard-setting, prevention, research, education, and the monitoring of comprehensive quality care. We are proud that our cancer program meets or exceeds 12 Eligibility Requirements and 25 Standards for new programs, and maintains a level of excellence in the delivery of comprehensive, patient-centered care.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

What are people saying about flu shot in Redwood City, CA?

This is a review for flu shot in Redwood City, CA:

“An out of town guest came here for an assessment of a minor injury and she raved about Go Health. She said they were efficient, spotless, friendly and wished they had one in D.C. Today, I was frustrated with the length of timeIt took to get a weekday appointment with our pediatricians group for the kids flu shots. On a whim, I called Go Health. Not only could they see us right away to administer flu vaccines but they had the nasal spray version, so no shot needed. Yay! We saw Steve, a NP who was great with the kiddos. They also directly billed our insurance so there was no payment required. Easy Peasy! We were very pleased with our experience and would come here again in a heartbeat.”

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Flu Shot Clinics At Ucsf

Español | | |

Last reviewed 1/14/2022

UCSF offers flu shots for patients at clinics in San Francisco, San Mateo, Oakland, and Walnut Creek. Some clinics vaccinate adults, some vaccinate kids, and some do both. See below for clinic details, including locations, dates and times, and where to call for an appointment.

An appointment is required at all our flu shot clinics except the Oakland Outpatient Center . You can self-schedule via MyChart or call the clinic, as noted for each location.

What Are The Side Effects Of The Flu Vaccine

Kaiser Permanente urges people to get their flu shots this year ...

Common side effects of the flu vaccine include: soreness, redness or swelling at the injection site, fever, headache, nausea, and muscle aches.

Less common side effects may include: fainting, Guillain-Barre syndrome, and allergic reactions .

Egg Allergy: Since eggs are used in the production of some flu vaccines, those with a life-threatening egg allergy should only receive a flu shot in a medical facility that is prepared to handle a severe allergic reaction . Those who have experienced only hives from a flu shot may still receive the vaccine.

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Downtown Commons Medical Offices Now Open With Free Validated Parking On Site

Now you have more options to stay healthy close to where you live and work. Our new Downtown Commons Medical Offices offers free, validated parking in the on-site garge and combine top doctors and medical technology with a convenient location, so you can get quality care that fits your life. Learn more about how we expanded to better serve our members at

Why Do I Need To Get Vaccinated Every Year

According to the CDC, everyone six months and older should get a flu shot every year. Because flu viruses evolve over time, flu vaccines must be updated every year to offer protection against the most recent strain. According to the CDC, the flu vaccine’s immunity weakens over time, so a yearly dose can provide the most protection.

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Parameters For Local Adaptation

We designed the study to determine the effectiveness of the FLU-FIT intervention under circumstances representative of routine clinical care. For example, we permitted clinics to not offer the FLU-FIT Program at assigned times when they were understaffed or lacked resources or materials to provide FIT effectively. We asked each site to come up with its own procedures for clinic line management and gave them latitude in which messages to give patients and how much time to spend with each patient.

Sites that wanted to incorporate other activities besides the FLU-FIT Program into their influenza vaccination clinics were free to do so. Each site decided how many staff members to train in FLU-FIT procedures, how many computer stations to set up, and how to divide up the tasks of FLU-FIT implementation.

Who Is Most At Risk For Flu Complications

Redwood City: Labor and Delivery Center

Certain people are more at risk for developing complications when they have flu, including:

  • Children younger than 5 years old.
  • Adults 65 years old and older.
  • Pregnant women.
  • Residents of nursing home facilities and long-term care facilities.
  • People with other medical conditions, including asthma, chronic lung disease, heart disease, diabetes, kidney and liver disorders.

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With The Coronavirus Still Active In The Community Kp Docs Say Its Especially Important To Get A Flu Shot This Year

Get your flu shot.

With the Covid-19 pandemic on-going and the influenza season just around the corner, Kaiser Permanente doctors are urging people to get their flu shots.

“Flu vaccination is more important than ever, both for you and those around you,” said Ryan Knueppel, MD, Chief of Infectious Disease at Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara Medical Center.

Why Get A Flu Shot

For your own health and wellbeing

Influenza viruses are always changing, so it is important to get vaccinated each year. The flu vaccine is reviewed annually to ensure it protects against changing viruses.

To protect your friends and family

Getting the flu shot not only protects you, but also keeps you from potentially exposing your friends and family to the virus.

To keep resources for those who need them most

Getting your flu shot reduces your risk of getting sick or hospitalized and also helps keep health care resources available for COVID-19 patients.

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Why Should I Get A Flu Shot Every Year

  • Every year the influenza virus changes, making it different from the previous year.
  • Getting a flu shot every year may not totally prevent the disease, but it can lessen its effects and minimize your chances of getting seriously ill and being hospitalized.
  • Your immunity from a flu shot also diminishes over time, so a flu shot every year will help keep you protected.

If you have one of our accepted insurance plans, your flu shot will be covered. You can also pay $22 for a flu shot.

What Are The Different Types Of Flu Vaccines

First cases of flu hit Bay Area, marking start of a dangerous season ahead

There are several different types of flu vaccines available. Rite Aid offers the following flu vaccines:

Quadrivalent flu vaccine – this vaccine protects against two Influenza A strains and two Influenza B strains.

For those 65 years of age and older, there are two types of flu vaccines that are designed to provide a greater immune response.

  • High-dose flu vaccine – this vaccine contains four times more antigen than standard dose flu vaccines.
  • Adjuvanted flu vaccine – this vaccine contains an ingredient that provides a stronger immune response.

Ask your Rite Aid pharmacist which vaccine is right for you.

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Find Out What’s Happening In San Carloswith Free Real

Why get a flu shot?

The flu is more serious than the common cold, so do everything you can to prevent it. On average, 36,000 Americans die each year of the flu. Symptoms often include fever and chills, muscle or body aches, headaches, coughing, sore throat, exhaustion, and diarrhea.

Most flu-related deaths can be prevented by immunization however. A flu shot is your best defense. The vaccine is safe, won’t make you sick, and generally has few, if any, side effects. Kaiser Permanente members can call 1-800-KP-FLU-11 or visit for details on free flu clinics.

Do I need a shot every year?

YES! The flu virus changes often and the protection from the vaccine only lasts for about a year. If you’re not immunized against this year’s expected virus strains, you and those around you are at risk for getting the flu. That’s why you should get a flu shot every year, preferably in the fall. It takes about 2 weeks to develop immunity. That’s why you need to get your shot before the flu season begins.

If you have flu-like symptoms after receiving the flu shot, it can mean your body is mounting an immune response to the vaccine itself or you were infected with the flu or one of the many other respiratory viruses circulating in the community before the vaccine had a chance to work.

Who should get a flu shot?

Does my child need a flu shot?

What else can I do to prevent the flu?

What Are My Flu Vaccine Delivery Options

There are two types of flu vaccines: injection and nasal spray. According to the CDC, most flu vaccinations are administered with a needle inserted into the arm muscle, though a jet injector may be used in people aged 18 to 64. The nasal spray immunization is only available to people aged two to 49, with the exception of pregnant women and people with compromised immune systems, according to the CDC.

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Are You Planning International Travel

To prepare for your trip, you will have a personal telephone consult with a nurse, specifically trained in travel medicine, to assess your travel health needs. Your nurse will gather information, ask you questions, and make recommendations for your travel needs. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and participate in the decision-making. After the telephone consult, you may receive recommended immunizations and/ or have oral medications. You can typically come in the next day to receive your immunizations and pick up oral medication from our pharmacies. We serve adults over the age of 18.

Vaccine Clinic Times & Locations

Kaiser Permanente’s New Redwood City, Calif., Hospital ‘Tops Out’ Quickly

See below for clinics operated or supported by San Mateo County Health and scheduled through MyTurn.

San Mateo County Health strongly urges to everyone to get vaccinated immediately wherever the vaccine is available to you.

Vaccines for Children Under 5

Believing that the best place for young children to receive the vaccines is in the care of a pediatric provider, San Mateo County Health will not offer large-scale vaccine clinics to children under 5 or at its community clinics but will instead provide small-scale clinics at Early Head Start sites and staffing and administrative support to interested pediatric providers that serve publicly insured families.

Families seeking vaccines for children under 5 should contact their pediatric care provider to schedule an appointment. Other options include Walgreens and CVS . Information is also available on MyTurn.

Eligible for a Second Booster?

Your first option is your primary health care provider or a pharmacy. You can also book an appointment through the states MyTurn system.

County Healths community clinics will provide boosters for walk-ins now, but we recommend booking an appointment on MyTurn to avoid long waits.

In-Home COVID-19 Vaccinations and Boosters

In-home COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters are available to residents unable to leave home due to age, disability, or medical reason. Use MyTurn to schedule an in-home vaccination appointment .

Interested in Bringing a Vaccine Event at Your Site?

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Are There Medicines To Treat The Flu

Common flu symptoms may include fever or chills, muscle aches, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, headache and fatigue/tiredness. If you have flu symptoms get plenty of rest, drink fluids, and manage symptoms with over-the-counter OTC medications when appropriate. If symptoms continue to worsen, contact your healthcare provider.

Getting Your Flu Shot At Roseville Kaiser Permanente

Roseville, Calif.- It has never been easier for Kaiser Permanente members to protect themselves against the flu with flu shots offered at facilities in Roseville and across the the greater Sacramento region.

The flu is a serious illness, so do everything you can to prevent it. A flu shot is your best defense. The vaccine is safe it generally has few side effects and wont make you sick.

Everyone 6 months and older should get a flu vaccination each year. Flu vaccines are now available at no charge to Kaiser Permanente members when given at a Kaiser Permanente medical facility.

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