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Flu Vaccine And High Blood Pressure

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When To See A Doctor For High Blood Pressure When Youre Sick

Blood Pressure Facts: Cold & Flu Medicine

Higher-than-usual blood pressure when youre sick is no cause for alarm in most cases, Dr. Weinberg says. Just make sure it goes back to normal within an hour.But if its elevated for a sustained period and you get a headache or vision change, that makes me more concerned, she says. Get medical attention as soon as possible. If the top number is around 150 mm Hg, you might talk to your doctor over the phone. If its rising, you could consider heading to urgent care, she said. Always seek emergency care if your blood pressure reading is 180/120 mm Hg or higher and any of the following, advises Cleveland Clinic:

  • Difficulty speaking.

  • Severe headache.

Blood pressure is a great barometer of how your body is doing, Dr. Weinberg says. As a practitioner, what I care about is not immediate blood pressure change per se, but if it goes on for a longer period of time and stays up, then that makes you say, huh, maybe somethings not quite rightand you can figure out whats going on.

High Blood Pressure : U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. High Blood Pressure Causes and Symptoms. High Blood Pressure Symptoms and Causes |

How Stress Affects Blood Pressure: Mayo Clinic. Stress and High Blood Pressure: Whats the Connection?

How Does The Flu Affect Blood Pressure

Flu puts stress on your cardiovascular system and can cause your blood pressure to elevate. Thats not worrisome if youre in good overall health, but it can be concerning if youve already been diagnosed with hypertension. Though its unclear exactly how much a bout with the flu impacts your blood pressure, a recent study published in theJournal of the American Heart Association found that getting the annual flu vaccine provides important protection for your heart. Findings suggest that the flu vaccine was significantly associated with reduced risks of death from cardiovascular causes, including heart attack and stroke in patients who had hypertension. Most doctors offices are stocked with this years flu vaccine. The CDC website has more information.

How Illness Weakens The Heart

According to the American Heart Association, getting the flu increases your risk for cardiovascular complications due to the bodys natural inflammatory response. In fact, according to this study, one in eight patients that is hospitalized with the flu will also have a cardiovascular complication as a result.

When you are sick, your body responds by ramping up to fight off the infection, says Dr. Aronow. In addition to the inflammation that results, the flu can cause your heart to pump harder, your blood pressure to increase and even cause any plaque thats built up in your arteries to rupture.

The added stress on your body can directly result in complications including:

  • Worsening symptoms of other heart diseases
  • Weakening of the heart muscles
  • Respiratory failure

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How Much Potassium Do We Need To Lower Blood Pressure

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Risk Of Death 18% Lower

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Little is currently known about how influenza infection affects people with high blood pressure. However, the Danish research group already showed last year that people with heart failure who get flu shots have a reduced risk of death compared with those who are not vaccinated.

Our theory is that the flu stresses the body, and this can trigger heart attacks and strokes. Since people with high blood pressure have an increased risk of heart attack and stroke, we thought that preventing flu through vaccination might also protect against these diseases. However, this had not been investigated.

The researchers used nationwide health registries to identify 608,452 people 18100 years old with high blood pressure. The researchers monitored how many of these people died after they got flu shots for nine consecutive influenza seasons from 2007 to 2016. They recorded death from all causes but especially focused on cardiovascular causes of death such as heart attack and stroke.

Overall, we found that vaccination was associated with an 18% reduced risk of dying from all causes a 16% reduced risk of dying of cardiovascular causes and a 10% reduced risk of dying from a heart attack or stroke. So flu vaccination was clearly associated with a reduced risk of death from diseases that are associated with high blood pressure.

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Additional Ways To Reduce Your Flu Risk

Even if they get the flu, patients with heart conditions are less likely to experience severe complications if their condition is well managed. In addition to getting vaccinated, there are several important steps you can take to manage your heart condition, including:

  • Get the flu vaccine early. The earlier you get it, the better it is at protecting you, as you never know when the virus may begin to spread.
  • Take all medications exactly as prescribed by your doctor.
  • Follow your recommended diet, exercise and stress-reduction plans.

And, everyone can protect themselves and others by covering their cough, washing their hands frequently and staying home when sick. If you do get the flu, talk to your doctor about antiviral medications that can help prevent severe illness.

Do You Need The Flu Jab If Youve Already Had The Flu

Yes. The flu virus often mutates therefore, it is essential to get protected from other potential strains circulating in the population. You will have developed antibodies for the virus you were recently affected by however, you wont have protection against other mutations that may be going around.

Protecting your business from the flu

Habit Health can facilitate workplace vaccinations. If you are a manager or business owner, get in touch about workplace vaccines today.

We have highly trained vaccinators and a robust booking process for locations nationwide, meaning you can access our service anywhere and efficiently.

Find out more about our workplace flu jabs here.


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When Is Flu Season

Timing may vary each season.

But the CDC points out that flu viruses are most common in the United States during the fall and winter months. Influenza activity often begins to increase in October and November. Most of the time, it peaks between December and February though flu season can go into early May.

The CDC reported that the flu season from Oct. 1, 2018, to May 4, 2019, was actually the longest-stretching one in a decade at that time, starting strong early on before abating and then followed by another strain of flu kicking in later in the season.

Of course, with COVID-19, the 2020 and 2021 seasons saw unusually low flu rates because of the increased pandemic precautions and more people getting flu shots.

Many public health experts believe that the 2022-23 flu season will bring more cases of the flu than the United States has seen in recent years.

As background, there are several different types of influenza vaccine:

  • Inactivated influenza vaccine : This is considered the

A Flu Vaccine Is The Best Protection Against Flu

High blood pressure and COVID-19

Flu vaccination is especially important for people with CKD because they are at higher risk of developing serious flu complications. Flu vaccines are reviewed each year and updated as needed to protect against the four viruses that research indicates are mostly likely to circulate. Also, protection from vaccination decreases over time, so annual vaccination is needed to ensure the best possible protection against flu. This seasons flu vaccines have been updated from last seasons vaccines. More information on why flu vaccines are updated annually is available at Vaccine Virus Selection.

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Vaccine Lowers Blood Pressure

Nov. 6, 2007 — An experimental vaccine may someday free people with high blood pressure from having to swallow their medication every day.

In a new study, systolic blood pressure fell 6 points in volunteers injected with the vaccine. Diastolic blood pressure dropped 3 points.

The vaccine also unexpectedly blunted the surge in blood pressure that typically occurs between 5 a.m. and 8 a.m, says Juerg Nussberger, MD, a professor of medicine at University Hospital of the Canton of Vaud in Lausanne, Switzerland.

That’s important because most heart attacks and strokes occur in the morning, he tells WebMD.

The findings were presented at the annual meeting of the American Heart Association .

Can Overdose Of Blood Pressure Pills Cause Death

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Effects Of Viral Influenza On The Cardiovascular System

The reason influenza stresses the heart and vascular system so much has to do with the body’s inflammatory response to the infection.

Inflammation occurs when your body’s “first responders” white blood cells and what they produce in order to protect you convene in an area and get to work fighting an infection, bacteria or virus. When you’re sick, you can typically feel the effects of these “combat zones” in the swelling, tenderness, pain, weakness and sometimes redness and increased temperature of your joints, muscles and lymph nodes.

The increased activity can also cause a traffic jam of sorts, leading to blood clots, elevated blood pressure and even swelling or scarring within the heart. The added stressors make plaque within your arteries more vulnerable to rupture, causing a blockage that cuts off oxygen to the heart or brain and results in heart attacks or strokes, respectively.

Additionally, non-cardiac complications from the viral illness, including pneumonia and respiratory failure, can make heart failure symptoms or heart arrhythmia much worse.

In short, the added stress on the cardiovascular system could be overwhelming to an already weakened heart muscle.

What Is Fluzone High

Flu Vaccination Urged During COVID

Fluzone High-Dose Quadrivalent vaccine contains four times the antigen as standard dose flu vaccines. It is manufactured by Sanofi Pasteur Inc. Fluzone High-Dose Quadrivalent is a four-component flu vaccine. It is one of three influenza vaccines that is preferentially recommended for people 65 years and older. This preferential recommendation is new for the 2022-2023 season.

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How Are Flu Shots Associated With Lowering The Risk Of Death Due To Hypertension

Patients who have been diagnosed with high blood pressure or hypertension are at a greater risk of heart diseases such as heart attack and stroke.2 In clinical trials conducted on people with heart diseases, those who took flu shots demonstrated less cardiovascular events within one year after the administration of flu shots as compared to those who were treated with a placebo.6 According to the trial, flu shots were associated with reducing cardiovascular events.6 Some studies conducted on animals have demonstrated that the immune response to the vaccination has a stabilising effect on the plaque, thereby avoiding its rupture and subsequent stroke.7 Researchers noted that people who took a flu vaccine were 16% less likely to die from a cardiovascular problem and 10% less likely to die from stroke or heart attack.8

Evidence gathered from research studies demonstrates that the inflammation caused by flu can cause a heart attack or stroke, especially in people with high blood pressure. Recent studies have proven that the administration of flu shots every year may lower the number of deaths by preventing a cardiac event such as a stroke or heart attack.2,8

Your health is in your hands! Get a flu shot every year protect yourself from flu and help protect your heart from heart-related risks as well.


  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Key facts about influenza . . Available from: .
  • Flu & People With Diabetes

    People with diabetes , even when well-managed, are at higher risk of developing serious flu complications that can result in hospitalization and sometimes even death. Pneumonia, bronchitis, sinus infections, and ear infections are examples of flu-related complications. In recent seasons, about 30% of adults hospitalized with flu reported to CDC had diabetes. Furthermore, acute illnesses like flu can make it harder to control your blood sugar levels. Flu may raise your blood sugar levels, but sometimes people dont feel like eating when they are sick, and a reduced appetite can cause blood sugar levels to fall. It is important for people with diabetes to follow the sick day guidelines if they become ill.

    Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects how your body turns food into energy. There are three main types of diabetes: type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes . More than 122 million Americans are living with diabetes or prediabetes .

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    Whats The Best Time To Get A Flu Shot This Season

    The CDC recommends getting the flu vaccine before flu begins spreading in your community. This is because it takes about 2 weeks after vaccination for the flu shot to start working in the body.

    So it makes the most sense to get vaccinated early in fall before flu season kicks into full swing. Specifically, the CDC recommends that people get a flu vaccine by the end of October.

    Some years, the flu may begin early and then ebb for a while before another strain kicks in. Getting vaccinated later, however, can still be beneficial and vaccination typically continues to be offered throughout flu season, even into January or later.

    Children who need

    It’s More Important Than Ever To Get Vaccinated This Year

    Dr. Yapalater Gives Kelly and Mark Their Annual Flu Shot

    We are in the midst of a significant and early uptick in cases and severity, says Dr. Hanak. The CDC reported the most flu-related hospitalizations at this point in the year since the pandemic, with an estimated 880,000 cases of flu nationwide, he notes. Influenza is responsible for thousands of hospitalizations and hundreds of deaths each year, and while the flu vaccine does not protect 100 percent of people from actually contracting the flu, much like the COVID vaccine, it can prevent severe illness.

    And side effects are transient and typically last one to two days after vaccination, says Sindhu Aderson, MD, the medical director of Northwestern Medicine Immediate Care. People who are vaccinated and get sick anyway tend to experience less severe symptoms as well as decrease their risk of hospitalization. This is why the flu shot is an incredibly important tool to keep ourselves and those around us safe, she says.

    If you are thinking of getting a flu shot this year, plan accordingly. The vaccine can take 14 days to take full effect, according to Dr. Hanak, so take into account any holiday plans or upcoming travel.

    Since the vaccine is not immediately effective, many people who receive the vaccine but shortly before or after being exposed to influenza or another virus will become ill from that. And that’s completely unrelated to their vaccination.

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    Should You Get A Flu Shot

    In general, every person with diabetes needs a flu shot each year. Talk with your doctor about having a flu shot. Flu shots do not give 100% protection, but they do make it less likely for you to catch the flu for about six months.

    For extra safety, it’s a good idea for the people you live with or spend a lot of time with to get a flu shot, too. You are less likely to get the flu if the people around you don’t have it.

    The best time to get your flu shot is beginning in September. The shot takes about two weeks to take effect.

    If youre sick , ask if you should wait until you are healthy again before having your flu shot. And don’t get a flu shot if you are allergic to eggs.

    You are advised to continue to take the general precautions of preventing seasonal flu and other communicable illnesses and diseases:

    • Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Throw the tissue in the trash. If you dont have a tissue, cough or sneeze into your elbow, not your hand.
    • Wash your hands often with soap and water, especially after you cough or sneeze. Alcohol-based hand cleaners are also effective.
    • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth. Germs spread that way.
    • Try to avoid close contact with sick people.
    • If you get sick, stay home from work or school and limit contact with others to keep from infecting them.

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