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Guillain Barré Flu Shot Lawsuit

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Faq About Vaccinations And Guillain

VERIFY | Answering questions about Guillain-Barre syndrome, latest warning about J& J vaccine

Guillain-Barré syndrome affects approximatelyone out of every 100,000individuals in any given year. Although rare, this condition can cause debilitating symptoms and worrying problems when it does strike. In some cases, a vaccination can set off a bout of Guillain-Barré syndrome.

Once you understand some basic points about this mysterious medical challenge, the more effectively you can recognize its hallmark symptoms and pursue compensation for related financial losses. Take a look at the answers to these frequently asked questions on the subject.

What Is Guillain-Barré Syndrome?

Doctors classify Guillain-Barré syndrome as a neurological disorder in which a malfunctioning immune system destroys the outer myelin sheaths of nerves. These protein-based sheaths serve as insulation for the nerves. Without their myelin sheaths, nerves have trouble sending signals to various parts of the body.

How Does Guillain-Barré Syndrome Affect the Body?

Guillain-Barré syndrome typically causessymptomssuch as tingling, pain, and/or muscle weakness in the upper or lower extremities. Weakness may start in your legs and make it way upward. You may also experience difficulties controlling your face, eyes, bladder, or bowels.

What Causes Guillain-Barré Syndrome?

Researchers still have no definitive answer for why some people develop Guillain-Barré syndrome. However, in some two-thirds of reported cases, sufferers had experienced some kind of infection the months preceding their symptoms.

Vaccine Side Effects & Injury Lawyers

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    I had GBS back in 1967 I was 10 years old was in the childrens hospital in boston for over 2 months full blown no balance had to learn motor skills all over anyway fast forward 55 years later I had two phizer covid shots got sick as a dog after second shot ended up on oxygen full time for a couple of months weak full of faith went back to work 6 months later ok now but just refused 3rd shot did not want to chance it doctors do not know you just have to trust in God hope this helps someone

  • What Is The Problem

    Guillain-Barré Syndrome is a syndrome that occurs when vaccines activate a persons immune system and cause it to attack nerves. The immune system destroys myelin, which is the protective sheath around nerve cells in the peripheral nervous system, which are responsible for carring signals between the brain and arms or legs.

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    How Do The Symptoms Of Gbs Progress

    GBS usually starts with muscle weakness, tingling, or prickling sensations in the legs that travels to the upper body and gets worse. Over time, the symptoms spread to the arms, torso, and face. The weakness is usually accompanied by numbness or pain.

    • Phase 1 Symptoms progressively worsen during the first 4 weeks of GBS, although the peak is usually reached in 1-2 weeks.
    • Phase 2 Symptoms of Guillain-Barré syndrome stabilize or plateau, sometimes for a few weeks or several months.
    • Phase 3 Symptoms improve during the recovery phase, but some people with GBS never fully recover. They may suffer from excessive tiredness , muscle weakness, or muscle pain.

    Devastating Side Effects Of The Flu Vaccine

    Is Guillain

    No vaccine is considered completely safe, but the influenza shot regularly stands out as a cause of serious complications for some patients.

    Vaccinations have long been touted as the most effective way to quell the spread of disease, but can they cause a host of other health problems? According to Dr. Aaron Boster, an immunologist at Ohio State University, Yes, it is possible.

    Immunizations Linked to Paralysis

    Defined as the loss of muscle function to an area of the body, paralysis can be partial or complete and can affect one side of the body while the other retains normal functions. Numerous conditions can lead to paralysis, but ADEM and GBS, an autoimmune disease, are two troubling sources of paralysis that may be contracted through immunization.

    Many cases of paralysis related to these conditions clear within several months of onset, but some patients never recover. There may also be permanent damage to nerves that lingers even after the condition is gone. In this case, partial paralysis may still impact a patients life in many ways.

    Guillain-Barré Syndrome Immunization Risk

    A rare medical condition that causes a persons immune system to attack its own nerve cells, GBS can lead to muscle weakness and even paralysis. While most people fully recover from GBS, some suffer from long-term, life-changing nerve cell damage.

    ADEM Triggered By Immunizations

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    What You Need To Know About Guillain

    GBS is a disease in which a persons own immune system mistakenly attacks part of the peripheral nerve system, which includes the nerve network outside of the spinal cord and brain. GBS affects an estimated 3,000 to 6,000 people a year in the U.S.

    The disease can range from mild to severe, with symptoms from brief weakness to paralysis, and some people die of it. But most recover, even including the most severe cases. According to the CDC, in about two-thirds of cases, people report having had diarrhea or a respiratory illness several weeks before developing symptoms of GBS. Campylobacter jejuni infection, which causes diarrhea, is one of the most common risk factors, but people also have been diagnosed with GBS after other infections, including influenza, Epstein Barr, Zika virus, and COVID-19.

    This is also not the first time people have developed GBS after getting a vaccine, according to data from the CDC. There have been reports of people getting ill from GBS days or weeks after being vaccinated with Shingrix, the shingles vaccine, and after getting the flu shot. In 1976, there was a small increased risk of GBS after swine flu vaccination, which was formulated specifically for a potential pandemic strain of flu virus.

    When Politicians Talk Of The Science As A Complete Body Of Knowledge A Manual For What To Do It Neglects The Uncertainty Of Evidence And Ignores That Science Is A Human Endeavour

    Scientists, however, are human too. Today, its easy to see gaps in the scientific evidence of 1976, such as the belief that the virus mirrored the 1918 outbreak or that a pandemic was due. But the scientists of the time could not, so faced with uncertainty, they made conclusions influenced by belief, instinct or fear. The same must almost certainly be true today. The science of viruses in 2020 may be far more sophisticated, but the science of Sars-Cov-2, the virus that causes the disease Covid-19, remains incomplete. According to Fineberg, the swine flu affair was characterised by overconfidence in theory spun from meagre evidence. There was also a kind of hero effect at play, says Fineberg, where the fear of disaster led to an immovable zeal.

    So, when politicians in the present day talk of the science as if it is a complete body of knowledge, a manual for what to do, it neglects the uncertainty of evidence and ignores that science is a human endeavour.

    The swine flu affair of 1976 holds many lessons for today, says Imperato, and theres wisdom in the aphorism that those who ignore the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it. Still, throughout his career he has remained a strong advocate for the life-saving properties of vaccines. You know, all that happened while I was getting my shot, it didn’t dissuade me. I still went ahead with it.

    *Richard Fisher is a senior journalist for BBC Future, and tweets @rifish

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    What Is The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

    Pharmaceutical companies who make vaccines are shielded from Guillain-Barré Syndrome class actions by theVaccine Injury Compensation Program .

    Congress created the VICP in the 1980s with a $0.75 excise tax on all vaccines. That money goes into a fund to be paid out to people who are inevitably injured by side effects of vaccines. It also protects vaccine-makers from lawsuits, which encourages them to make new vaccines without fear of being sued.

    What Are The Long Term Risks For Guillain

    Flu Vaccines and Guillain-Barré syndrome

    GBS can be a devastating disorder because of its sudden and unexpected onset. Those affected by GBS face not only physical difficulties, but emotionally painful periods as well. It is often difficult for patients to adjust to sudden paralysis and dependence on others for help with routine daily activities. Patients sometimes need psychological counseling to help them adapt.

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    Vaccines Linked To Gbs

    A wide variety of vaccines have been associated with GBS. Health officials have specifically addressed this risk with the following vaccines:

    • Swine Flu Vaccine: Also known as H1N1, there was an unexplained increase in cases of GBS linked to this vaccine in 1976-1977. Millions of people were vaccinated, and over 500 cases of GBS were reported.
    • Seasonal Flu Vaccine: A study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2004 reported over 500 cases of GBS associate with the seasonal flu vaccine between 1990-2003.
    • Meningitis Vaccine: The CDC reported dozens of cases of GBS in association with Menactra® .

    Contact A Skilled Vaccine Injury Attorney

    If you are suffering from GBS or another injury or illness you believe was caused by a vaccine, dont waitcontact Edgar Snyder & Associates today for a free consultation. We will connect you with an attorney with nearly 20 years of experience representing people through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation program who have suffered severe injuries and illnesses.

    There’s no fee. You won’t pay one penny. You keep 100 percent of the money you are awardedthat’s the way the program works.

    If you have a vaccine injury case, we will connect you with an attorney experienced with the VICP to help ensure a successful outcome of your claim.

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    What You Can Do & How A Vaccine Injury Lawsuit Can Help

    The Schmidt Firm, PLLC is currently accepting vaccine induced injury cases in all 50 states. If you or somebody you know was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré Syndrome, you should contact our lawyers immediately for a free case consultation. Please use the form below to contact our Vaccine Injury Litigation Group or call us toll-free 24 hours a day at 920-0753.

    Will I Recover From Gbs Caused By Flu Shot

    Flu poses more risk for Guillain

    While every patient is different, most people diagnosed with GBS after a flu shot will make a full recovery within six months to a year. However, approximately one-third of GBs patients will experience residual symptoms for years following diagnosis. These lingering symptoms are often pain and muscle weakness.

    Having experienced GBS can also increase your chances of developing GBS disease again in the future. This is known as a relapse by the medical community.

    In very rare cases, patients may experience severe long-term complications from GBS such as:

    • Chronic pain
    • Complications from respiratory dysfunction

    IS GBS A Permanent Condition?

    While most patients will recover from GBS, others suffer from long-term side effects, including weakness, fatigue, and pain. As a result, they may use assistive devices to walk.

    Others require the assistance of therapists or family members to perform activities of daily living. For many people, GBS can have a severe mental and emotional toll as well.

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    National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

    The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program was created in 1986 to award compensation to individuals who suffer injuries or death caused by vaccinations. If the VICP committee finds a patients injuries were caused by a vaccination, compensation will be awarded for the injured persons past and future medical needs, future lost wages, and past and future pain and suffering.

    Sarah Behie Was 20 When She Received The Flu Shot That Resulted In Guillain

    A Pennsylvania woman has won an $11.6 million lawsuit after a flu shot left her paralyzed.

    According to media reports, Sarah Behie of Lehigh County received a flu shot in 2010 and shortly after developed Guillain-Barre Syndrome . GBS is a disorder in which the body’s immune system attacks part of the peripheral nervous system, according to the National Institutes of Health.

    Behie, who was 20 when she received the shot at Lehigh Valley Hospital where she worked, is now in a rehabilitation facility and is expected to require long-term medical care.

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    Pandemic Flu Shots Likely Linked To Increase In Guillain

    • Copy article linkCopy link

    TORONTO The flu vaccine used during the 2009 pandemic may have led to a slight increase in cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome in Quebec, a new study from the province suggests.

    The study, published Wednesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association, suggests that use of the vaccine may have led to a doubling of the rate of cases of the rare neurological condition.

    But the authors of the article said that even with an increase in Guillain-Barre cases, the benefits of the vaccination probably outweighed the risk for Quebecers.

    Obviously there is a risk. But there are benefits, said first author Philippe De Wals, a professor of community health at Laval University in Quebec City. De Wals also works for Quebecs provincial public health agency.

    Guillain-Barre syndrome is a progressive but generally reversible paralysis which begins at the feet and works its way upwards. A small percentage of people who develop the condition die most make a full recovery.

    GBS, as it is sometimes called, can be caused by a number of things, including some infections. For instance, its known that Campylobacter jejuni, a bacteria that causes gastroenteritis, can trigger Guillain-Barre syndrome.

    For years there have been questions about whether getting a flu shot increases ones risk of developing the condition.

    In Quebec, at least among people over the age of 50, the answer appears to be yes, according to De Walss study.

    The questions still remain.

    What You Can Do & How A Guillain

    Novant Health discusses Guillain-Barre Syndrome as worries swirl around J& J vaccine

    The Schmidt Firm, PLLC is currently accepting Guillain-Barré Syndrome injury cases in all 50 states. If you or somebody you know was injured by a vaccine, you should contact our lawyers immediately for a free case consultation. Please use the form below to contact our Vaccine Injury Litigation Group or call us toll-free 24 hours a day at 920-0753.

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    How Much Money Can I Get

    The amount of money you can get for your claim depends on the severity of the GBS and any other injuries. Compensation can include as much as $250,000 for pain and suffering, lost earnings, legal fees, and/or a reasonable amount for past and future care. For a death, you may receive as much as $250,000 for the estate and legal fees.

    How Is Gbs Diagnosed And Treated

    Guillain-Barré syndrome can be difficult to diagnose in its earliest stages because its signs and symptoms are similar to those of other neurological disorders or degenerative spine issues. Upon presentation to the hospital, these are the tests that are routinely performed after a detailed history and thorough physical examination is taken:

    • Spinal tap . A small amount of fluid is withdrawn from the spinal canal in your lower back. The fluid is tested for a type of change that commonly occurs in people who have Guillain-Barre syndrome.
    • Electromyography. Thin-needle electrodes are inserted into the muscles your doctor wants to study. The electrodes measure nerve activity in the muscles.
    • Nerve conduction studies. Electrodes are taped to the skin above your nerves. A small shock is passed through the nerve to measure the speed of nerve signals.
  • While there is no cure for Guillain-Barré syndrome, there are common treatment protocols that can speed recovery and reduce the severity of the illness:
  • Plasma exchange . The liquid portion of part of your blood is removed and separated from your blood cells. The blood cells are then put back into your body, which manufactures more plasma to make up for what was removed. Plasmapheresis may work by ridding plasma of certain antibodies that contribute to the immune systems attack on the peripheral nerves.
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    Q: How Long Does It Take To Win Compensation Through A Vaccine Lawsuit

    Once you file a vaccine lawsuit, you could secure a settlement in as little as a few months, or your case could be in the Vaccine Court for a year or longer. There is no definitive answer, and the severity of your illness, the government attorneys involved in your case and numerous other factors all play a role in determining the duration of your vaccine lawsuit.

    Influenza Infections And Vaccination

    Anapol Schwartz Vaccine Lawyers Settle Multimillion Dollar Flu Vaccine ...

    Disease Burden

    Influenza is a highly infectious viral illness that peaks in autumn and winter months in the United States. Frequent changes in the antigenic characteristics of the influenza viruses in circulation mean that many people in the population are susceptible to infection each year. Up to 20 percent of the population may be infected in a single year . Infection rates frequently exceed epidemic thresholds and occasionally reach pandemic levels.

    Vaccination is the primary method for controlling influenza, but antiviral agents also have a role, primarily in treatment. Two related drugs, amantadine and rimantadine, can be used to prevent or treat infections by influenza A viruses but not influenza B viruses . They act by interfering with the replication of the virus. Two newer antiviral products, zanamivir and oseltamivir, are effective against influenza A and B viruses in that they act as neuraminidase inhibitors. Some potentially serious side effects are associated with the amantadine drugs, and drug-resistant organisms emerge rapidly, so use is generally reserved for controlling small outbreaks, such as in nursing homes, where many people could develop influenza illness and complications. Less is known about the safety and efficacy of the neuraminidase inhibitors .

    The economic costs of influenzafor medical care and lost productivity are substantial. CDC reports that the total cost of a severe epidemic has been estimated to be $12 billion.

    Influenza Vaccination

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