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High Blood Pressure When Sick With Flu

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What Medications Raise Your Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure Facts: Cold & Flu Medicine

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Brillia Health For High & Low Blood Pressure

Brillia Health is a non-prescription homeopathic medication that uses groundbreaking antibody science to reduce cold and flu symptoms without harsh chemicals or harmful side effects. Active ingredients target the macromolecules in your system responsible for responding to illness, stimulating your immune system and helping you recover faster.

One of Brillia Healths active ingredients is an antibody that targets the exact culprit of inflammationhistamines, registered with the FDA as Lapine Histamine Immune Globulin. This active ingredient targets histamines in the body, and once bound, gently reduces their ability to cause inflammation, thereby relieving symptoms of allergies like nasal congestion. Because Brillia Health uses antibodies instead of harsh chemicals, inflammation is targeted exactly where it occurs without influencing other molecules in the body. Not only does Brillia Health target histamines and reduce inflammation, the other active ingredients help to support the immune system, facilitating a swift and comfortable recovery.

In addition to relieving common symptoms like nasal congestion, sore throat, wet and dry coughs and body aches, Brillia Health products reduce the stress of these symptoms on your body, so you can rest and recover quickly. Find out more about how Brillia Health products work.

Does Your Blood Pressure Elevate When You Are Sick

Fact Checked

**High blood pressure, or hypertension, is diagnosed when the pressure of blood through your arteries is higher than normal 1.

If you are experiencing serious medical symptoms, seek emergency treatment immediately.

** Your doctor checks two types of pressure simultaneouslysystolic and diastolic. A reading of 120 over 80 is normal 140 over 90 is considered high. Multiple readings must be taken to determine true hypertension 1. If you have hypertension, illness, as well as certain medications that you might take for illness, can cause your high blood pressure to rise even higher 1.

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What Else Can I Do To Prevent Getting Colds And The Flu

Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or alcoholic hand wipes. Cold and flu viruses are spread by touching your nose or mouth after touching an infected person, breathing in the air of an infected person’s sneeze or cough, or touching objects that have come in contact with the virus and then touching your nose.

Other prevention tips are to eat healthy, exercise, get plenty of sleep, drink plenty of liquids , and avoid close contact with people who have colds. Also, get an annual flu vaccine.

How To Manage High Blood Pressure

Cold medicine for high blood pressure: Is it safe?

You can follow these general lifestyle strategies to help manage high blood pressure when youre sick and avoid serious complications.

Eat a balanced diet

Consuming a heart-healthy diet³ can help keep your blood pressure in check while youre ill. The American Heart Association recommends consuming these foods:

  • Fruits

  • Deeply colored leafy vegetables

  • Fatty fish

  • Eggs

  • Low-fat or fat-free cheese, yogurt, and milk

Limit processed and packaged foods

When youre ill and have no energy to cook a healthy meal, its tempting to consume processed snacks and packaged meals. The problem with these is that they usually contain a lot of salt which can exacerbate high blood pressure.

The majority of peoples salt intake in the US comes from processed and packaged food. The salt is added during the production process to add flavor and aid preservation. To reduce your salt intake, try to eat as much fresh, homemade food as possible instead of buying pre-packaged meals and snacks.

Limit meals out and takeaways

The food you eat at restaurants or buy as takeout generally contains a lot of salt. To lower your salt intake and maintain healthy blood pressure, cook at home as much as possible and limit those Friday night takeaways.

Minimize alcohol consumption

Research shows that consuming alcohol can increase blood pressure, so you should try to limit your alcohol intake to reduce your risk of high blood pressure when youre sick.

Reduce caffeine consumption

Manage your stress

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Tips For Protecting Others

  • Wash your hands. Washing your hands protects you, but it also protects others. When you wash your hands, you reduce the risk of spreading the virus elsewhere in your home, school, or workplace.
  • Stay at home. While youre sick or your child is sick, stay home if possible. You need the rest, and it can help prevent spreading the virus to others.
  • Avoid contact. Though it may be tempting to show love to another person, its for their own health that you avoid hugging, kissing, or shaking hands while youre sick. If you must greet someone, try an elbow bump.
  • Cough into your elbow. If you feel a sneeze or cough coming on, grab a tissue to cover it. If you dont have one, sneeze or cough into your elbow, not your hands. If you accidentally use your hands, wash them immediately.
  • Disinfect regularly. Pick up a container of disinfecting wipes and give all high touch surfaces, like doorknobs, kitchen counters, appliances, and remotes, a quick cleaning if you or someone in your home is sick.

High Blood Pressure Risks

Analysis of early data from both China and the U.S. shows that high blood pressure is the most commonly shared preexisting condition among those hospitalized, affecting between 30% to 50% of the patients. Other health conditions included cancer, diabetes, or lung disease. In Italy, a report said that more than 99% of people who had died from the virus had one of these conditions — and 76% of them had high blood pressure.

Other research suggests that people with high blood pressure are at increased risk of severe COVID illness and death.

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Does Your Blood Pressure Elevate When You Aresick Your Blood Pressure Can Also Increase Due To Bacterial Or Viral Infections Like Strep Throat Bronchitis Andpneumonia

Does Your Blood Pressure Elevate When You Are Sick

High blood pressure or hypertension is a condition that is characterized by a rise in the systolic and the diastolic readings of the blood pressure. A normal reading is 120/80. If it is 140/90 then it is considered to be high. If multiple readings of blood pressure show the same number then the person is said to be hypertensive.

Hypertension can be a potentially dangerous condition if care is not taken to keep the blood pressure level with in the normal range. Such patients also need to see what things influence a change in their blood pressure. Generally, it has been observed that other illnesses and the medicines taken to treat those can further increase blood pressure. Particularly when people catch cold and flu, they get fever because their bodies are trying to fight infection and fever increases the body temperature, speeds up the heart rate and raises the blood pressure because the blood vessels become narrowed.

In Most Cases High Blood Pressure Does Not Cause Headaches Or Nosebleeds

Treating a Cold with High Blood Pressure
  • The best evidence indicates that high blood pressure does not cause headaches or nosebleeds, except in the case of hypertensive crisis, a medical emergency when blood pressure is 180/120 mm Hg or higher. If your blood pressure is unusually high AND you have headache or nosebleed and are feeling unwell, wait five minutes and retest. If your reading remains at 180/120 mm Hg or higher, call 911.
  • If you are experiencing severe headaches or nosebleeds and are otherwise unwell, contact your doctor as they could be symptoms of other health conditions.

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Choose A Safe Medication

When youâre shopping for an over-the-counter medication, check the label. Look for a product thatâs decongestant-free or made just for people with high blood pressure. can raise your blood pressure and interfere with other medications.

Talk to your doctor or pharmacist before you try any OTC treatment. Make sure you tell each of your doctors about all of the medicines you’re taking — prescription and over the counter.

The Skeptical Cardiologist Has Some Seasonally

Little has changed in the $8 billion world of useless and confusing over-the-counter cold, flu, and sinus medications since the Skeptical Cardiologist first tackled What Cold Medications Are Safe For My Heart in 2015.

I still advise avoiding combination OTC cold meds and utilizing specific medications for specific symptoms.

The original post covers most of the usual suspects in this mostly useless arena. I with comments on a few additional OTC components. That post on Alka-Seltzer, phenylephrine, and doxylamine is included below.

Alka-Seltzer Plops Into the OTC Cold Market

I had always viewed Alka-Seltzer as an effervescent tablet for acid reflux, but the brand has moved aggressively into the bewildering morass of OTC cold meds. Indeed, when Alka-Seltzer began in 1931, it was a combination of aspirin and sodium bicarbonate marketed for upset stomachs. Popular commercials from the 1960s featured the catchy jingle Plop, plop, fizz, fizz. Oh what a relief it is often sung by Speedy, an odd anthropomorphic creature with an Alka-Seltzer thorax and cap.

Recently, I received a request from an out-of-town guest who was suffering from a cough and upper respiratory infection to purchase Alka-Seltzer Plus in the form of a tablet that dissolves in hot water.

At his request, Alka-Seltzer Plus Day Multi-Symptom Cold and Flu was purchased at the local Walgreens.

The ingredients are typical for many of the Alka-Seltzer products:

  • Dextromethorphan

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Medicine For High Blood Pressure List

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Blood Pressure Medication Alcohol

Vicks DayQuil, High Blood Pressure Cold &  Flu Medicine, Relieves ...

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Learn What Works For You

If you have high blood pressure, educate yourself before you decide to take over-the-counter medication:

Read labels

Many over-the-counter medicines are labeled safe for people with high blood pressurekeep a watchful eye out for these labels. Also be sure to look out for medications that having a warning label such as Do not use this product if you have heart disease, high blood pressure, etc.

Avoid excess salt

One reason many over-the-counter meds increase blood pressure is due to large amounts of salt . If you have high blood pressure, aim for 1,500 mg of sodium or less per day, including sodium found in many over-the-counter medicines.

Keep an eye on your blood pressure

When you begin taking an over-the-counter medication, make sure to monitor your blood pressure if you have or are at risk for high blood pressure.

Play it safe

Talk with your doctor about any over-the-counter medications you take or plan to take if you have high blood pressure.

Who Should Get An Annual Flu Shot

The Centers for Disease Control recommends the following groups receive an annual flu vaccine shot between November and February :

  • All people aged six months and older.

It is especially important for certain individuals at high risk of flu complications and those who come in contact with people at high risk of complications to receive the flu vaccine. These people at high risk include:

  • Residents of nursing homes and other long-term care facilities.
  • People who have chronic medical conditions such as asthma, heart disease, diabetes, kidney and liver disorders and chronic lung diseases.
  • People with a weakened immune system, for example, people with cancer, HIV/AIDS, or chronic steroid users.
  • Household members and caregivers of patients at risk of complications from the flu.
  • Women who are or will be pregnant during the flu season .
  • Healthcare workers who come into close contact with patients in hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and other healthcare facilities.
  • Infants and children ages six months through 18 years who are taking long-term aspirin therapy. This puts these individuals at risk for experiencing Reye syndrome after flu infection.
  • American Indians/Alaska natives.
  • People who have close contact with children under five years of age for example, people who live with children, nannies and providers of daycare services.
  • People who are morbidly obese .

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Is Theraflu Good For Covid

What about over-the-counter treatments like Nyquil, Theraflu, and Sudafed? You can use over-the-counter medications to help relieve common symptoms of the flu or COVID-19. But these medications are not a treatment for the flu or COVID-19, meaning they do not work to kill the viruses that cause these infections.

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How Does Flax Seed Lower Blood Pressure

2 Simple Things Lowered My Blood Pressure Without Meds

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