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How Much Is Flu Shot Walgreens

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I’ve Heard There Are Different Flu Vaccines Available Which One Is Right For Me

No cost flu shots today

There are several different flu vaccines, and your pharmacist or other health care provider can help find the right vaccine for you. The CDC recommends that everyone ages 6 months and older receive the flu vaccine each year. The CDC does not recommend one flu vaccine over another the most important thing is that you get a flu vaccine every year.

All flu vaccines are quadrivalent , meaning they are designed to protect against four different flu viruses. The flu shots are injections that are administered into your upper arm. The flu shots do not contain a live virus and are either inactivated or recombinant .

There is also a nasal spray. The nasal spray contains live-attenuated influenza virus and is quadrivalent. The nasal spray flu vaccine may be an option for healthy people between the ages of 2 and 49 years who aren’t pregnant or have a weakened immune system.

People who are 65 years and older have additional options. Older adults have the option of receiving either a high dose or adjuvanted flu vaccine. These flu shots are specifically formulated for seniors and in past studies, have demonstrated better protection against the flu in persons ages 65 and older.

Which Option Is Best For You

If youre getting the flu vaccine, you may wonder whether one option is better than others. Your doctor can point you to the one that should work best for you.

In certain years, the nasal spray hasnt been recommended due to effectiveness concerns. But both the shot and the nasal spray are recommended for the 2020 to 2021 flu season.

For the most part, the flu vaccine is safe. But you should check with your doctor before getting it if you have one the following:

Its not unusual to experience mild flu-like symptoms after a vaccination. These symptoms tend to disappear after one to two days. Other common side effects of the vaccine include soreness and redness at the injection site.

Cdc Recommendations For The Flu Shot

  • The CDC recommends that everyone age six months and older gets a flu vaccine. This includes pregnant, elderly, and immunocompromised people.

  • Your flu shot doesnt just increase the odds that you stay well. Like the COVID-19 vaccine, being vaccinated against the flu reduces your risk of severe illness, hospitalization, or death.

  • Getting vaccinated can also reduce the risk for those around you and in your community, especially for young children that cant yet be vaccinated, older people, and people with some chronic illnesses.

  • There are several types of flu shots to fit your needs. Some provide more protection for people age 65 and older, and there are egg-free versions for people with allergies.

  • You can even avoid a needle altogether by getting the vaccine as a nasal spray. Keep in mind that there are more restrictions and side effects with the nasal spray, and it may be harder to find.

  • Children younger than fiveespecially those younger than twoare at high risk for complications from the flu.

  • Parents and caregivers need a flu shot to help protect high-risk children and infants who are too young to receive the vaccine.

  • Fever, coughing, body aches, headaches, chills, and fatigue are all common symptoms of the flu. Sneezing, sore throat, and a stuffy nose without fever are commonly associated with a cold.

  • Getting the flu can cause you to miss work, school, and social plans for up to two weeks.

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What Are Other Ways I Can Protect Against The Flu

In addition to your yearly flu vaccine, there are a few other things you can do to protect your family and yourself from the flu. There are daily precautions you can take such as limiting contact with sick people as much as possible and washing your hands with soap and water often. If you have received a prescription for flu antiviral medications, it’s important to take them as directed by your health care provider.

But remember, the number one way to protect you and your family against the flu virus is to get vaccinated every year.

Can You Get The Flu From The Flu Shot

Flu Strikes Younger Adults Hard This Year : Shots

No, you cannot get the flu from the flu vaccines. Flu vaccines given with a needle are made with either inactivated viruses, or with only a single protein from the flu virus. The nasal spray vaccine contains live viruses that are weakened so that they will not cause illness.

While some people may experience a low-grade fever or body aches as a side effect, that does not mean the vaccine gave them the flu. For example, if you got sick with the flu shortly after receiving a flu vaccine, it means you were exposed to the flu before your body had the chance to fully develop the antibodies needed. It takes about two weeks after receiving the vaccine before you’re protected against the influenza virus.

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What Is The Cost Of The Flu Shot

You may have concerns about the cost of getting an annual flu vaccination. The cost varies depending on where you go and whether you have insurance. In some cases, you may be able to get the flu shot free of charge or at a low cost.

Typical prices for the adult flu vaccine range between $0 and $40 , depending on the vaccine you receive and your insurance coverage.

Ask your doctor about getting the flu shot during an office visit. Some pharmacies and hospitals in your community may provide vaccinations. You can also research flu clinics at community centers or senior centers.

Note that some of the typical providers like schools and workplaces may not offer them this year due to closures during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Use websites like Vaccine Finder to find locations near you that offer the flu vaccine, and contact them to compare costs.

The sooner you get a vaccination, the better. On average, it can take up to 2 weeks for your body to produce antibodies to protect against the flu. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends getting a flu shot by the end of October.

Can Kids Get Vaccinated At A Pharmacy

Yes, kids can now get many of their shots at pharmacies and drug stores in all 50 states.

Thanks to a 2020 ruling by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services , all pharmacists, pharmacy interns, and pharmacy technicians in the United States can administer the flu, as well as many other vaccines, to anyone age 3 and up.

Minimum ages for vaccines, however, are regulated by state law, so the cutoff for certain vaccines may be higher than age 3 at pharmacies in your area.

Pharmacies can also give the COVID-19 shot to children, but currently only those age 12 and up are eligible.

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Teen Says She Went Into Walgreens For A Flu Shot She Walked Out With A Sick Surprise

When Savannah Courtad walked into her local Walgreens only a few days ago, she simply wanted a standard flu shot.

After arriving early and filling out the necessary paperwork, a nurse approached Savannah and asked which arm she would like it in.

Then, the nurse made one little comment that immediately told Savannah something had gone terribly wrong.

She gave me the shot and as I was leaving told me to come back for my 2nd dose in 21 days, Savannah wrote in an on Friday.

Savannah hadnt been given the flu shot. It was the COVID-19 vaccine.

Spoke to an Arizona woman who went to get a flu shot at a large pharmacy chain.

They gave her the Covid jab instead. They apologized for the mix-up.

Shes devastated. She didnt want the Covid shot.

If you are getting a flu shot double check the vial BEFORE you get jabbed.

Kari Lake for AZ Governor

I quickly rushed to the counter, Savannah wrote. The lady at the counter reassured me saying that I definitely received the flu shot, I was probably just given the wrong card. She talked to the nurse that gave me the shot and confirmed that no the card was not wrong.

I was given the COVID-19 vaccine instead.

This isnt a story about some crazed anti-vaxxer Savannah said she was at Walgreens to get her flu vaccine. Like many Americans, she felt uncomfortable receiving the COVID-19 injection.

Once she did receive it, allegedly against her will, the staff didnt have much to offer in terms of apologies.

Walgreens Provides Flu Shots Nationwide

Flu shots & COVID-19: What you should know | Walgreens

Walgreens is now offering flu shots for everyone ages three and up by walk-in or appointment at more than 9,000 store locations across the U.S

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, eligible consumers will be able to receive a flu shot and COVID-19 vaccine in a single visit. Walgreens has been offering in-store COVID-19 vaccinations since February 2021. Customers may also choose to get their flu shot while getting other routine immunizations like shingles, pneumonia, whooping cough, meningitis, measles, tetanus, typhoid, polio, and others.

In addition, Walgreens has enhanced its vaccine scheduler to allow customers to schedule flu shot appointments as well as other routine immunizations, with plans to release additional enhancements in the coming months. The scheduler, an artificial intelligence-based Nuance voicebot, automatically provides answers to COVID-19 questions, confirms eligibility according to applicable guidelines, and schedules their vaccine appointments wherever vaccines are available. The Nuance solution also sends the customer an SMS text to confirm appointments after the call.

When customers schedule a flu or COVID-19 vaccine appointment, they will be asked if they would like to get additional vaccines. Walgreens pharmacy associates may administer flu vaccines to children ages three and up nationwide. To schedule a vaccination, customers can set up an appointment on the Walgreens website or walk in during pharmacy hours.

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Where Can I Get A Flu Shot

There are more places than ever to get your flu vaccination. Doctorsâ offices, clinics, and health departments offer the flu shot but you may need to make an appointment in advance. Pharmacies have become an easy and convenient option to get your flu shot. At Walgreens, we offer flu shots whenever a pharmacist is on duty. Walk-ins are welcome, but if you’d prefer, you can make an appointment online. Find a location near you to ask about vaccine availability or schedule an appointment online.

Where Can I Get Free Flu Shots Near Me

Its best to get a flu shot before the end of October. It can still be beneficial to receive later in the season, but you have a higher chance of being exposed before the shot can become effective. In other words, dont wait too long! Check the list below, and go get one ASAP to avoid getting sick. You can also use Vaccine Finder to locate a pharmacy, healthcare provider, health department, or clinic offering the flu shot near you.

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What Should I Expect When I Get There

Walgreens is following Covid-19 guidelines from the CDC and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration . That means theyre cleaning after each patient, following social distancing guidelines, and have installed plexiglass shields at registers. Staff members wear disposable face masks at all times. Those giving the shots will also wear gloves and plastic face shields.

Youll need to put on a mask before entering the store. A pharmacy staff member will take your temperature and ask you about symptoms like a cough or body aches. If you show signs of getting sick, like a fever, youll have to reschedule.

Is It Too Late to Get a Flu Shot?

Flu Shot Mistakes to Avoid

Covid-19 Symptoms vs Flu Symptoms

What Are The Flu Vaccine Side Effects

Walgreens Weekly June 14

Common flu shot reactions include redness, soreness, or swelling in the area where the shot was administered. The nasal spray could cause different side effects, such as runny nose, sore throat, or a cough. These side effects are usually mild and short-lived.

Some people may also develop a low-grade fever or body aches. Similar to the other side effects, these symptoms are usually mild and quickly go away on their own. While some of these side effects may feel flu-like, it’s important to remember that flu vaccines will not make you sick with the flu.

Allergic reactions to the flu shot are rare.

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The Cost Of A Flu Shot At Major Pharmacies

  • American Indian
  • Alaska Native

Vaccines provided by VFC are free, but there may be an administration or office-visit fee. Contact your local VFC coordinator to find doctors who work with the program. Or, you can visit a public health clinic, federally qualified health center, or rural health clinic to get vaccines through VFC.

Can I Get Free Or Low

Whether you go to a pharmacy, your doctors office, or an urgent care clinic, vaccines can be pricey if you dont have insurance. That doesnt mean you have to give up essential vaccinations.

There are several ways you and your family can get free or low-cost vaccines.

  • The Vaccines for Children Program provides vaccines at no cost for children under age 19 who qualify for Medicaid, dont have insurance, cant cover out-of-pocket insurance costs, or are Native American or an Alaskan Native.
  • Federally funded health centers provide vaccinations, and the cost may vary based on your income. You can search for local health centers on the Health Resources and Services Administration website.
  • Your states health department can also provide information on getting free or low-cost vaccines. The CDC offers on online directory of state health departments.
  • Check to see if local community centers, schools, or places of worship are offering vaccinations.

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Should I Get A Flu Shot This Year

Yes. This year its highly important, because of the pandemic, said Wong.

We want to prevent at least one deadly virus this year, said Richardson. The health care system is already so strained with COVID. Having another epidemic on top of that is not going to help the health care system at all.

In addition to keeping as many hospital beds open as possible for COVID-19 patients who may need them, getting the flu can actually make you more vulnerable to the coronavirus. Say you recover from the flu, but a week later you get COVID-19. Your lungs are not fully recovered yet, and it may increase your risk of something much more serious, he said.

For those with pre-existing conditions like diabetes, heart disease, asthma and COPD, its especially important to get the shot.

Hhs Walgreens Partner To Give Free Flu Shots

Local 10 partners with Walgreens for annual Flu Shot Friday

People living in 15 underserved U.S. communities will be able to get flu shots for free thanks to a partnership between the Department of Health and Human Services and Walgreens to provide around 350,000 doses of influenza vaccine.

The demonstration project, started with a $10 million donation from Walgreens, will launch next week by distributing vouchers in eight U.S. markets — Atlanta, Bronx, N.Y., Chicago, Houston, Kansas City, Mo., Newark, N.J., Oakland, Calif., and Philadelphia, Kermit Crawford, president of pharmacy services at Walgreens, announced on a conference call with reporters.

After that, the joint effort will be broadened to include seven more areas — Fort Lauderdale, Miami-Dade County, and Palm Beach in Florida, Seattle, Waco, Tex., the District of Columbia, and various parts of New Hampshire.

The vouchers can be exchanged for one free flu shot at any Walgreens pharmacy, Duane Reade Pharmacy in New York, or Take Care Clinic.

The project is specifically aimed at increasing flu vaccination rates in black and Hispanic communities, which traditionally have worse coverage than white communities.

About one-third of Americans have been vaccinated against influenza this season, and many of those who have not been immunized come from minority communities, according to HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

“We need everyone and every community to recognize that vaccines are the cornerstone of prevention,” Sebelius said.

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The Best Flu Shot Deals At Cvs Target Publix And More

If youre looking for a place to get a flu shot, theres a good chance your local pharmacys immunization program has what you need. But as youll see, some pharmacies may have better flu shot prices and deals than others.

In this article, Im going to show you some major grocery and pharmacy chains offering flu shot deals as of September 2021.

Is There Mercury In The Flu Shot

Vials of vaccine that contain more than one dose contain thimerosal, which is a mercury-based preservative. These multi-dose vials have a preservative because every time a needle enters the vial there is a risk of introducing bacteria or fungi, which could be dangerous. Thimerosal protects the vaccines from contamination. Our bodies remove thimerosal quickly and easily, so it does not stay or build up in our system. Flu vaccines available as single-dose, pre-filled syringes and nasal spray formulations of the flu vaccine do not contain thimerosal.

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What Is Herd Immunity

Another term for herd immunity is “community immunity.” When enough people in a community are vaccinated against a particular virus, the virus won’t be able to easily spread. Some people can’t get vaccinated and others are vaccinated but don’t have strong immune responses. These people are especially vulnerable and rely on herd immunity for protection against diseases. Every time you get vaccinated you are protecting yourself, your family, and your community.

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