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Is Publix Giving Gift Cards For Flu Shots In 2021

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Free $10 Gift Card With Flu Shot At Publix Pharmacy

Publix offering giftcards for flu shots

Ge a free $10 gift card with a flu vaccination at the Publix Pharmacy.

Prepare for the coming flu season and get a freebie since shots are covered by most insurance plans, including Medicare Part B. No appointment is necessary.

The pharmacy is offering a standard Influenza Trivalent vaccination recommended for everyone 6 moths of age or older Influenza Flucelvax, for those 18 years of age or older and Influenza high-dose for those 65 years of age or older. All three protect against two strains of influenza A and one B virus, according to

Now is an excellent time to get the shot because cases of the flu begin to rise sharply in the fall and early winter, peaking in February, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

A new vaccine is used annually to fight the most current influenza virus, so it’s necessary to get a shot each season. Also, the antibodies a person develops from the vaccine decline over time.

The CDC recommends vaccinations for those under 5 years of age, especially 2 or younger, and 65 years of age get vaccinated as they are at high risk to develop flu-related complications, such as pneumonia, bronchitis, sinus and ear infections.

Clinics Want You To Make An Appointment

If youre going to get a flu shot, expect to wear a face mask and have your temperature taken. Anyone giving you the vaccine will also wear a mask and possibly a face shield, too.

CVS says customers can make an appointment online for their flu shot and receive text messages when the pharmacist is ready. When you get to the counter, we are ready to vaccinate. This year its all about limiting in-person contacts, said Ahmed Velez, Regional Director of CVS Health.

If you do have fever, cough or other symptoms, CVS Minute Clinic will do a flu test inside the store and a COVID-19 test at the drive-thru. Some physicians offices will do both tests at the same time.

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Because of COVID-19, some settings that usually provide flu vaccine, like workplaces, may not offer vaccinations this year because of the challenges with maintaining social distancing. Publix pharmacies will be giving flu shots this year and offering the $10 gift card, no appointment needed.

Some Florida counties are giving free flu shots to the uninsured. You can use to find where flu vaccines are available near you.

Publix Launches Online Appointment Booking For Flu Shots More Vaccines To Come

Supermarket chain Publix has launched a new online tool that provides a hassle-free method for booking flu shot appointments.

Prospective patients can choose a day and time slot that works for them and submit any necessary medical information ahead of the appointment.

For a limited time only, patients who receive their flu shot at a Publix pharmacy will receive a free $10 gift card. Its unclear when the promotion ends.

Appointments for flu shots are not required at Publix pharmacies.

Publix also offers the following vaccines, which will soon be available for online appointment booking:

  • Hepatitis A and B
  • Tdap
  • Varicella

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For most people those with health insurance flu shots have been free, without co-payments, ever since the Affordable Care Act was passed.

But if you’re planning to get a flu shot, there’s something even better than free.

A number of retail stores with pharmacies offer flu shots and many run promotions to encourage people to get their shots in their place of business. Such promotions have become the norm, to the point where I fully expect to be paid for getting a flu shot each year.

Most promotions offer $5 or $10, often as a store coupon. Some come with strings attached, such as having to spend a certain amount in the store in order to use the credit.

The best offer I’ve seen in the Charleston area this flu season is at Publix grocery store pharmacies, where customers who get a flu shot get a $10 Publix gift card.

Retailers Offer Gift Cards To Get Flu Shots

FREE $10 Publix Gift Card (WITH FLU SHOT)

– ‘Tis the season to get your flu vaccine, but did you know you could get paid to get one?

Target, which has CVS Pharmacies in select stores, will give you a $5 gift card for its no-cost flu shots.

So thats like getting five $1 Halloween plates at the Dollar Spot for free.

Publix is also offering gift cards to get a flu shot. The reward? $10. Thats a lot of apples, or maybe a Publix sub sandwich, for free.

Publix says it will bill Medicare and most insurance plans, as well as sending a record to your doctor.

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Saving Up To 25 Percent On Groceries In South Carolina The Easy Way

Bi-Lo and Winn Dixie stores are also offering $10, which comes as a coupon that can only be used for produce.

Target stores are offering a $5 store coupon.

At Harris Teeter, according to the grocery chain’s website, stores are only offering 50 fuel points to those who get no-cost flu shots. If you get a shot at Harris Teeter, check with the pharmacy, because last year the stores were offering $5 coupons that weren’t mentioned online.

In general, grocery stores offer more generous flu shot promotions than do traditional pharmacies.

For those who decide to go to a grocery store for a shot, I have suggestions, particularly for those who might go to a store where they don’t usually shop.

  • Consider calling ahead to make sure they have vaccines available. My local Publix was out of flu shots Thursday, and calling ahead saved me a trip.
  • If it’s more convenient, print out and fill out the immunization consent form for South Carolina ahead of time. Publix has them online, but they aren’t much trouble to fill out in stores.
  • While you’re there for a shot, grab a copy of the weekly circular and see what’s on sale. If it’s not your regular grocery store there will likely be different things on sale there.

At CVS pharmacies, customers who get a flu shot at a Minute Clinic get a $5-off coupon toward a $25 in-store purchase. That’s up to 20 percent off an in-store purchase.

How To Get A Flu Shot

As an Emory University employee, you have several options for getting a flu shot:

OPTION 1 : The best way to get a flu shot is through your local pharmacy. If you are on an Aetna Plan, visit any in-network retail pharmacy such as CVS, Walgreens, Target, Publix, or Kroger. You will need to present your Emory CVS/Caremark prescription drug card to get a free flu shot. If you are on the Kaiser Plan, attend one of the offered at their facilities .

OPTION 2: Get a flu shot as part of your preventive exam at your doctor’s office. Flu shots are free of charge for Aetna or Kaiser Plans, but for the Aetna Plans, you must use Tier 1 and Tier 2 doctors only. Note: if you’ve already had your annual preventive exam and make an appointment for a flu shot, you may be charged for the visit.

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Find Out What’s Happening In St Petewith Free Real

“At Devoted Health, we’re here to serve seniors in our community and we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to improve the lives of those we serve,” said Dariel Quintana, market president of Florida for Devoted Health. “We’re so thankful to be partnering with Publix, as well as our network of community partners, who will be hosting these events.”

Licensed pharmacists from Publix will be on hand to administer the shots, and every person who gets one will also receive a $10 Publix gift card. Devoted Health will provide guests of the fairs with gifts, prizes, raffles and ice cream.

Check Out This Freebie

Many upset after Publix gift cards run out during distribution event in Miami

The pharmacy counter at Target has been suffering mightily since the retailer sold its pharmacy business to CVS last year. That would explain the signage youll see around the pharmacy with the CVS logo!

But the big change brought with it reports of inconsistent customer service, less-than-friendly staff and larger out-of-pocket costs.

So the pharmacy department has a strategy to get you back to their counter this fall: A free $5 gift card when you roll up your sleeve for a flu shot!

The gift card doesnt expire and can be used at a Target location other than the one where you get the shot. Offer void in Arkansas, New Jersey and New York.

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Many Companies Offer Gift Cards For Those Who Get Free Shot

Melanie Lawson, The Morning Show anchor

JACKSONVILLE, Fla It could be another nasty flu season according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Last season 700,000 people were hospitalized with the virus with epidemic levels of flu or pneumonia for 16 weeks straight. At least 180 children died from the virus and 80 percent of those who died weren’t vaccinated.

The Best Flu Shot Deals At Cvs Target Publix And More

If youre looking for a place to get a flu shot, theres a good chance your local pharmacys immunization program has what you need. But as youll see, some pharmacies may have better flu shot prices and deals than others.

In this article, Im going to show you some major grocery and pharmacy chains offering flu shot deals as of September 2021.

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Carrots Instead Of Sticks

The move by Publix comes two days after Tyson Foods the nation’s largest poultry producer offered its 12,000 workers up to four hours of regular pay if they are vaccinated outside their regular shift or through an external source. Others offering up to four hours of extra pay for getting the shots include Aldi, Darden Restaurants, Dollar General, McDonald’s and Target.

Target, with 350,000 workers, also said it would cover Lyft rides of up to $15 each way to get to and from vaccination appointments.

Yogurt maker Chobani is paying workers for up to six hours to get inoculated, while Amtrak is spending $3 million to give employees the equivalent of two hours of extra pay once they show they’ve been vaccinated.

Kroger, the nation’s largest supermarket chain, and meat-processing company JBS are both offering workers $100 to get vaccinated. Lidl, which runs 125 grocery stores in nine states, is offering $200 to employees who get the vaccine Petco is offering its 26,000 workers $75 and grocery delivery service Instacart is offering $25.

The idea of giving potentially reluctant employees a financial incentive to get vaccinated also extends to the medical industry. In Texas, Houston Methodist plans to give its 26,000 workers an extra $500 next month so long as they’re vaccinated.

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Flu Prevention

CHS students support their teachers and administrator at the CHS versus DHS volleyball game. CHS students post positive comments about administrators, teachers, and staff they feel they can talk to. CHS Astronomy student McKenna Bell points out the partial eclipse of the moon Nov.

Carson Now

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Its Time To Get Your Flu Shot

We definitely didnt need another virus to worry about but, despite our objections, flu season has begun.

Central Florida doctors are emphasizing the need to get vaccinated ahead of a potential twindemic COVID-19 and flu winter season. You dont even needto wait between the flu shot or mist and a COVID-19 vaccine or booster its safe to get them on the same day if you want, multiple doctors agreed.

If we get a flu epidemic, and a COVID epidemic, that would be our biggest fear, said Dr. Thomas Lacy, division chief of Nemours Childrens primary care and urgent care.

Doctors cant definitively say whether COVID-19 will spike againand the flu will be particularly bad this winter, but there are multiple risks to consider.

Many peoples immune systems are out of practice dealing with the flu because they didnt have to fight it during the abnormally low 2020 flu season. Further, it is possible to get COVID-19 and the flu at the same time, potentially causing more severe side effects, said Dr. Alex Stinard, an Orlando-based emergency medicine physician who works with Envision Healthcare.

Adding to the concern is the reality that flu and COVID-19 symptoms are almost indistinguishable, Stinard warned. The only way to tell is to test for both.

Its difficult to predict what the respiratory viruses will be during fall and winter, Stinard said. We have to just prepare that its going to be a bad year. And the best way to prepare is to get vaccinated early.

Where Do I Get The Flu Vaccine

There are many places around the greater Birmingham area offering flu vaccines. Heres where to look:

Doctors Office

If youre able to schedule an appointment with your general practitioner, do so. Often times, you will be making an appointment with the nurse and wont even need to see your doctor.

Doctors offices, including pediatricians, typically give shots to all family members, so everyone can get it done together in one swoop.

National Pharmacy Chains

CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreensall of these national pharmacy chains are popular places to receive flu vaccines. One reason is because they are quick and easy. Plus, they also take walk-ins.

Whether you walk in on a whim or choose to schedule an appointment, you will need to fill out a quick form and have to wait a few minutes for your pharmacy tech to prepare your vaccine. Wait time is typically under 15 minutes, so consider shopping around the store while you wait.

Local Pharmacies + Clinics

Would you rather use a local pharmacy or clinic? There are many around the greater Birmingham area offering flu vaccines. Some include:

Use this vaccine finder to discover more places offering flu vaccines near you.

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The Health Report Newsletter

A 2021 CDC review of the research suggests that adults with the flu vaccine are 31% less likely to die compared to unvaccinated adults. A 2017 CDC study found the flu vaccine reduced a healthy childs chance of flu-associated death by about two-thirds, and more than halved the risk for children with underlying conditions.

We know the flu vaccine is safe, its been around for a long, long time, Lacy said. What we dont know is the seriousness of the illness if you get flu and COVID, and as a parent, I would not want to take that chance.

Publix Offers 225000 Workers $125 Gift Cards To Get Vaccinated

Get a flu shot at Publix, receive $10 gift card

Publix on Friday said it would give a $125 Publix gift card to each of its more than 225,000 employees who gets vaccinated against COVID-19. The supermarket chain is the latest major employer to offer an enticement to its workers to immunize themselves against a virus that’s killed more than 495,000 Americans.

The gift cards are being offered to current employees who submit an internal form and proof of vaccination, the Lakeland, Florida-based company said. Publix said it’s encouraging but not requiring workers to get vaccinated.

“We care about our associates and customers and believe getting vaccinated can help us take one step closer to getting back to normal,” Publix CEO Todd Jones stated in a news release. “We’re encouraging our associates to get vaccinated when they become eligible and doses are available.”

Publix operates 1,266 stores in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia, along with nine distribution centers and 11 manufacturing facilities.

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Looking For Flu Shot Deals Read This

I called each chain to confirm their flu shot deals and prices.

For the latest information,

No matter what the quoted price is, you should always ask the pharmacy about any qualifying coupons before you pay for your flu shot. Whether the pharmacy supplies you with a coupon or not, the price may not be able to beat this GoodRx coupon.

Now lets look at what these major chains say youll pay for a flu shot at their pharmacies.

Publix Will Give Employees $125 Gift Card If They Get The Covid

Publix says it will give employees a $125 store gift card if they get both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine although most of the Lakeland chains Florida employees are not yet eligible to receive the shots.

Florida is only allowing those 65 and older to get the vaccine at retail pharmacies.

Publix, which was the first retailer to partner with state to distribute the Moderna vaccine, says employees have to fill out an internal form and provide proof of vaccination to get the gift card. Other retailers had already announced similar incentives to encourage their workforces to get vaccinated.

We care about our associates and customers and believe getting vaccinated can help us take one step closer to getting back to normal, Publix CEO Todd Jones said in a statement. Were encouraging our associates to get vaccinated when they become eligible and doses are available.

Publix says employees do not have to receive their vaccination from a Publix pharmacy to receive the gift card.

On Jan. 19, Aldi announced it would pay their employees for four hours of work if they got the COVID-19 vaccines. The retailer said it created the program so employees would not have to worry about losing pay as they scheduled time to receive both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. Trader Joes and Dollar General announced similar programs.

Target announced this month it would also offer four hours of pay to cover both doses as well as cover a Lyft ride to and from the vaccine site.

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