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Kaiser Flu Shot 2021 Northern California

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Is It Safe To Get The Flu And Covid

Protect Yourself and Your Family with the Flu Vaccine | Kaiser Permanente

Yes. The most effective precaution to take is to get a flu vaccination when available to Kaiser Permanente members at no cost at the organizations medical centers and flu clinics starting mid-September. Flu vaccines are recommended for everyone 6 months and older.

With COVID-19 infections on the rise due to the Delta variant, its more important than ever to get both vaccinations. It is safe to get a COVID-19 vaccination and flu vaccination simultaneously with no wait time in between, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

One Sore Arm Or Two Covid Booster And Flu Shot Dilemma Is Path To Avoiding Twindemic Sonoma County Officials Say

Dates and times for COVID-19 vaccination clinics

The following is a list of COVID-19 vaccine clinics in Sonoma County for Nov. 30. All are recurring clinics, with many happening throughout the coming weeks. At some of the locations, flu vaccines are also available. Contact the locations for more information.

The COVID-19 vaccines at these clinics are free and no Social Security or Citizenship verification is required. For more information about COVID vaccine clinics in December, visit or call 707-565-4667.

Sutter Health 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Appointments required. Call 844-987-6115 or visit Sutters COVID-19 Vaccine Resources webpage to make an appointment. Sutter, 2360 Mendocino Ave Suite A4, Santa Rosa.

Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa 8:30 p.m. to 4:45 p.m.

Appointments required. Adult COVID-19 vaccine clinic & flu vaccine at Medical Office Building 2, 401 Bicentennial Way, Santa Rosa. Adult vaccine clinics on Saturday are from 8:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.

Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Appointments required. Pediatric COVID-19 vaccine and flu clinic at Medical Office Building 5, 3975 Old Redwood Hwy., Santa Rosa. Pediatric vaccine clinics on Saturday are from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Alliance Medical Center 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

No appointment needed for first, second or booster doses, though you can visit or call 707-433-5494 to make one. Alliance Medical Center, 1381 University Avenue, Healdsburg.

Will Flu Come Back With A Vengeance This Season

Its impossible to predict the severity of the influenza and cold season. But, given that most students have returned to in-person learning after 18 months at home and some people are working in the office again, its likely that the number of flu cases will be higher than last season. If mask wearing indoors continues, however, it will have a positive impact on the seasons outcome.

If you or your child are showing symptoms of a flu or cold, stay home from work or school, ventilate your home, and do the best you can to isolate from others.

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Kaiser Oakland Healthcare Workers Speak Out

On Tuesday, May 18, healthcare workers spoke out against Kaiser Permanentes announcement to eliminate 231 caregiver positions, including 33 patient care techs from Kaiser Oakland. Caregivers were joined by Oakland Vice Mayor Rebecca Kaplan and Executive Secretary-Treasurer for the Alameda Labor Council Elizabeth Ortega-Toro who condemned Kaisers push to layoff essential healthcare workers after recording a net income of $6.4 billion in 2020 and $2 billion so far in 2021. Other elected and community leaders who have joined in support include:

Congresswoman Barbara LeeAlameda County Supervisor Board President Keith CarsonAlameda County Supervisor Board Vice President Nate MileyAlameda County Supervisor Wilma ChanOakland City Council President Nikki Fortunato BasOakland City Council President pro tem Sheng ThaoAlameda Vice Mayor Malia VellaAlameda Unified School District Board President Mia Bonta

Friday, April 30, 2021

When Should I Get Tested For Covid

Kaiser launches COVID

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms for either COVID-19 or the flu, or have recently been in contact with someone who tested positive for either virus, you should quarantine and self-schedule a COVID-19 test on

The good news is that in addition to getting the flu and COVID-19 vaccinations, the same precautions that you have been taking to fight COVID-19 wearing a mask in public, maintaining 6 feet of distance from people outside your household, and washing your hands frequently will help prevent flu and colds, too.

Find information and regular updates on flu vaccination and clinic hours and locations.

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    This Flu Season Getting Vaccinated Is More Important Than Ever Kaiser Physicians Say

    Getting your flu shot this year will be more important than ever, health experts advise, because of the coronavirus pandemic.

    At the Kaiser Permanente Fontana Medical Center, flu shots are now available for members Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Saturdays from 7:30 a.m. to noon.

    Every year, physicians recommend getting vaccinated to protect yourself against contracting or spreading influenza. But this year the health crisis has made this single act of preventative care especially critical at protecting yourself from a disease that plagues millions.

    The flu virus will weaken your immune system, making you more vulnerable to catching other respiratory infections, including COVID-19, and thats why getting vaccinated this year is so important, said Dr. Margaret Khoury, an infectious disease specialist who is Kaiser Permanente Southern Californias COVID-19 and influenza vaccination program physician lead.

    She noted that having the flu and COVID-19 at the same time would be devastating to your health.

    The influenza vaccine remains the most effective prevention against contracting the flu and its complications, Dr. Khoury explained.

    In most years, millions of people get the flu, and hundreds of thousands of individuals end up in the emergency room or hospitalized with severe complications, said Dr. David Bronstein, who also practices at Kaiser Permanente Southern California.

    How Do I Find A Drive

    If you have health insurance, the first place youll want to check for a drive-through flu shot clinic is on your plans website. Many health groups and insurance plans are offering their own drive-through clinics this year. Examples include:

    You can also call your local pharmacy to ask if they are offering drive-through or curbside flu shots. Hy-Vee, for example, is offering drive-through flu shots this year on certain days through October 30.

    Many county health departments are offering drive-through clinics, as well. These are often where you can find free or discounted flu shots if you dont have health insurance. Check your county health departments website for more information.

    Lastly, some clinics are promoting their drive-throughs on the news, so watch for announcements on your local news station or in your local newspaper. You can also search for drive through flu shot near me online to find drive-throughs in your area.

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    Never A Better Time To Get A Flu Shot

    With about 3 months left in the flu season, Kaiser Permanente doctors say it is still vitally important to get vaccinated.

    With 3 months to go in the flu season, Kaiser Permanente is urging everyone to get their free vaccination either at their doctors office or by visiting one of many participating retail pharmacies.

    Luckily the flu has not yet been recorded in any significant way in Northern California Kaiser Permanente membership. And even though the fears of a twindemic of flu and COVID-19 have dimmed somewhat, if you have not gotten your shot, it is time to do so.

    Just because flu isnt around right now, that doesnt mean its not going to be, said Randy Bergen, MD, clinical lead for the Kaiser Permanente Northern California Flu Vaccine Program. Flu likes to circulate in the winter. Its good news that it isnt here now, because we have enough trouble with COVID-19, but there are still 3 months left in the official flu season, so people who have not yet received the flu shot should get it.

    Members who have not yet received their vaccinations should do so through March 31. Members also can get a free flu shot at many retail pharmacies including Costco, CVS, Rite Aid, Safeway, Walgreens, and Walmart. All they need to do is show their member card and photo ID.

    Just because flu isnt around right now, that doesnt mean its not going to be.

    He said measures taken to prevent COVID-19 have cut down on flu transmission.

    Protect Yourself And The Ones You Love

    Kaiser Permanente starts study of COVID-19 vaccine on people 17 and under

    Tools to promote the flu vaccine in your community

    With COVID-19 spreading in the community during the traditional flu season, this year more than ever, its important to get the flu vaccine. For the African American community, theres added reason to get vaccinated, as higher rates of chronic conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and asthma are common. These can put people at higher risk for complications from the flu and COVID-19.

    While the flu vaccine wont protect you from contracting COVID-19, it reduces your risk of serious illness and hospitalization from flu. And because the flu weakens your immune system, a person who gets the flu is susceptible to more serious illnesses, including COVID-19.

    Kaiser Permanente is encouraging everyone 6 months and older to get the flu vaccine. Heres how you can help spread the word in your community.

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    Kaiser Sympathy Strike With Local 39 Engineers

    Last night, our SEIU-UHW Kaiser Executive Board voted to call on our 30,000 SEIU-UHW Kaiser union members in Northern California to support Local 39 engineers in a 24-hour sympathy strike on Nov. 18, 2021 to protest Kaisers unfair labor practices and disrespect of healthcare workers.

    We know that an injury to one is an injury to all.

    The Kaiser Permanente many people once thought of as the provider of choice in the labor movement is unrecognizable today. Sadly, Kaiser is choosing a different path, engaging in union-busting and economic bullying by forcing the engineer strike to continue for more than seven weeks.

    Just like us, the engineers have been on the front lines working to keep our facilities operating safely during the COVID-19 crisis. Kaisers position that they are overpaid is demeaning, especially as it continues to rake in billions of dollars in profits and pays dozens of executives million-dollar-salaries.

    If we stand by and watch Kaiser commit unfair labor practices to break the engineers strike, then we can expect the same when we go to bargain in less than two years. We can expect Kaisers executives to push their takeaway agenda: raises that dont keep up with cost of living, higher co-pays, lower bonuses, elimination of our pension, more outsourcing, and lower pay scales. By taking a stand now, we are showing them that we wont accept that.

    Wednesday, September 29

    The Staffing Shortage At Kaiser

    Those of us working with patients every day know that this is true. We are working crazy hours, cant get a vacation and feel like we cant safely care for so many patients with so few staff. We know we need help.

    Kaiser has reached out to us about their plan to bring in up to 1,250 registry student nurses, LVNs, medical assistants, radiology techs and lab assistants and others to assist with COVID and flu vaccination, COVID testing and COVID patient care.

    We have heard from many members who are eager to get help as the staffing situation is dire at work. But while we welcome the help, we also need to make sure Kaiser is offering opportunities to current employees and trying to hire more staff:

    We do need help, but we also need respect. Whats frustrating is that Kaiser is willing to pay big bucks to registry companies and towards hiring bonuses for people who have never set foot in Kaiser, but are unwilling to provide any financial incentives to the people who have been on the front line against COVID every day in Kaiser hospitals and have reached a breaking point!

    Its short sighted, its disrespectful and its unacceptable. Clearly Kaiser is taking us for granted and its time we get their attention. Stay tuned for actions that are being organized in your area.

    Thursday, September 2, 2021

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    Worksite Flu Shot Clinics

    Worksite flu shot clinic scheduling requests for the 2021 season are now being accepted. Flu clinics are available* to employers for all your employees, both Kaiser Permanente members and non-members, on a fee-for-service basis billed to the employer outside the scope of covered health plan benefits.*Not available for accounts with fewer than 100 employees

    Scheduling Lead Time

    A six week lead time is required to schedule worksite flu vaccinations. Flu clinic dates fill up fast especially events in October-November.

    Come For A Vaccine Get A Checkup Too

    5 things you should know about this year

    At the Kaiser Permanente Richmond Medical Center vaccination clinic, members can receive preventive care checkups. Pictured, Sheila Williams, left, talks to Sherie Picou, a licensed vocational nurse, about her blood pressure at the Richmond COVID-19 and flu vaccine clinic.

    Like millions of Americans whose lives have been disrupted by 18 months of the COVID-19 pandemic, preventive health care has not been the top priority for Maisha Cole of Richmond.

    As a parent, my focus has been on my children, said Cole, who has a middle schooler and a child in elementary school. I knew I was supposed to go in for a blood pressure check a couple of months ago, but because of timing and COVID-19, it wasnt possible.

    She was amazed, however, when she got a call from her Kaiser Permanente doctors office to make an appointment that could take care of all her preventive care in one place at one time: blood pressure, a routine blood draw, an eye exam, and a COVID-19 test.

    They booked all my appointments back-to-back, and it was done in less than an hour, said Cole. They did it all in one place.

    The clinic is set up so that members can walk in or make appointments for vaccines and for those like Cole who receive reminders for preventive care checkups.

    The clinic also recently added an area to administer monoclonal antibodies to COVID-19 patients to prevent worsening of symptoms that would require hospitalization, Bradley said.

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    Regional Reduction In Force Bargaining Tables

    Business Representatives Grade 6 Central Patient Financial Operations

    We are finalizing the agreement for the rebid plan for the 5 new Grade 7 positions and the training for those going into a new position. All 5 affected Grade 6 Business Representatives will maintain a position.

    Member Services Health Plan Representatives & Sr. Health Plan Representatives

    Kaiser will be closing 30 of 52 member services locations. Kaiser has agreed to 47 positions for member services. We are finalizing the position locations available to all affected Health Plan Representatives and Sr. Health Plan Representatives that are within 45 miles of their current work location. We are also negotiating virtual work for those who dont have a location available within 45 miles and post bargaining check-ins after the 22 remaining member services locations re-open to monitor work volumes and equitable distribution. Each affected member will be contacted to review their location options. This will result in every affected member having a position.

    Patient Care Technicians Oakland Medical Center

    The next action will be a Candlelight Vigil at Kaiser Oakland Medical Center on Thursday, June 17 at 7:30 pm 9 pm.

    Another action will occur on Wednesday, June 30 in front of Kaiser headquarters in Oakland details to come.

    Admitting/Bed Control Admitting Representatives & Sr. Admitting Representatives

    Patient Transportation Support Service Representatives Diablo

    Thursday, June 3, 2021

    How Much Do Flu Shots Cost At Drive

    The cost of a flu shot will often depend on your health insurance coverage. Most plans fully cover flu shots, meaning you wont have to pay a copay or co-insurance to get your flu vaccine. If youre not sure what your insurance covers, call the member services number on the back of your insurance card.

    If you dont have insurance, some clinics may offer free flu shots. There are various resources for finding low- or no-cost vaccines be sure to click or tap here to learn more. You can also pay for flu shots in cash. If you choose to go to a pharmacy for your flu shot, check to find the lowest price of flu shots at pharmacies in your area. Youll need to know the name of the vaccine youre getting to search for prices and discounts. Check with your pharmacist to get the name of the vaccine thats right for you.

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    Getting Your Flu Shot At Roseville Kaiser Permanente

    Roseville, Calif.- It has never been easier for Kaiser Permanente members to protect themselves against the flu with flu shots offered at facilities in Roseville and across the the greater Sacramento region.

    The flu is a serious illness, so do everything you can to prevent it. A flu shot is your best defense. The vaccine is safe it generally has few side effects and wont make you sick.

    Everyone 6 months and older should get a flu vaccination each year. Flu vaccines are now available at no charge to Kaiser Permanente members when given at a Kaiser Permanente medical facility.

    Find A Flu Shot Clinic Near You In Northern California

    Why is Cal Expo postponing the California State Fair?

    Flu season is almost upon us, but the best way to protect yourself is already here. Throughout Northern California, Kaiser Permanente is offering no-cost flu shots to members at their facilities.

    When it comes to making time for a flu shot, you have quick, convenient options to choose from. Many Kaiser Permanente locations offer walk-in vaccinations so theres no appointment necessary. Just pop by before or after work, or on your lunch hour. Some flu shot clinics will even be open evenings and weekends.

    Coming in soon? You can also get your shot at your next doctor appointment.

    To get information on the flu shot clinic nearest you, visit, or call our recorded flu hotline anytime day or night at 1-800-573-5811.

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