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Orange Juice Good For Cold And Flu

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When Should You See A Doctor

Is Orange Juice Good for a Cold

Colds happen, but if your symptoms are getting worse or wont go away, it’s time to get checked out by a trusted provider. If you experience a fever, shortness of breath or other more serious symptoms, you should consider seeing a doctor as soon as possible.

MultiCare Indigo Urgent Care is open every day, 8 am to 8 pm to help you get better.

Why Juice For An Upset Stomach Might Not Help

The NIH includes fruit juice along with water and broths in its recommended list of beverages to drink when you have the flu to replace lost fluids and electrolytes and prevent dehydration. But Michele Sidorenkov, RDN, a trained chef and dietitian who spoke with, says there may be better options.

“If I had to pick one drink with some electrolyte properties, I would suggest orange juice that has been fortified with calcium,” she says. “But in general juice is not really a significant source of the rehydrating electrolytes you need.”Coconut water is a better source of electrolytes.

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Speaking of orange juice, won’t the vitamin C in juice made from citrus fruits like oranges and lemons help treat the stomach flu? Not necessarily, as there’s conflicting evidence on whether vitamin C can actually boost the immune system and ward off harmful viruses and bacteria.

A meta-analysis of nine clinical trials, published in BioMed Research International in July 2018, did find that a higher dosage of vitamin C, taken at the onset of a cold a cold, not the stomach flu helped reduce the cold’s duration and symptoms. That said, the benefits of vitamin C come taking it long-term on a daily basis, not just when someone is already sick

Sidorenkov also cautions against juices with a lot of added sugar because too much sugar is bad for our health and there’s no nutritional benefit.

Is Orange Juice Good For Strep Throat

No, orange juice should not be consumed in those with strep throat. Strep throat is a disease caused by a small ball of bacteria in the throat. The disease has many of the same symptoms as a common cold, but its quite a different illness. With strep throat, most patients require antibiotics to avoid long-term damage to the throat tissue. If youve been diagnosed with strep throat, you may think that the vitamin C content in orange juice can help you to recover. However, contrary to popular belief, orange juice can actually make the symptoms worse. This is due to the high acid content in orange juice, which can further irritate the throat.

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Boost Your Immune System With Orange Juice

It comes the time when our immune system lowers its guard against the cold and the first colds and flu arrive, but luckily, its orange time and having them at home is very easy .

If you have a juicer at home or if you have a natural juice vending machine in your office, we explain this recipe that will strengthen your immune system. Take note:


  • 2 tablespoons of wheat germ
  • 1 tablespoon of honey


  • Cut the oranges in half.
  • Take your juicer to get the juice out of your oranges or use the Zummo juicer in your office.
  • Pour the juice into a glass, add the wheat germ and a splash of honey.
  • Then, chop the echinacea and add it to the glass.
  • When everything is well mixed, it is ready to drink.
  • You can prepare this juice at home or you can also take advantage of natural juice vending machines to restore strength and strengthen your immune system at any time of day. However, it is not recommended to drink more than 2 or 3 glasses a day.
  • If you want your office to have a professional squeezer to drink natural orange juice in your day to day or you have a business and want to include a vending machine for freshly squeezed juice, contact us and we will tell you which model is the best for you according to your type of business.

    Where Did The Orange Juice Myth Come From

    Fresh and cold orange juice Photo

    Drinking OJ for health is something people did in the early 20th century, around the same time men would endure electrical impotence cures.

    Orange juiceâs pervasive health halo dates back to the Industrial Revolution. From the 1880s through the 1920s, the U.S. experienced massive epidemics of illness and disease. âExplosive growth in cities led to problems in street cleaning and garbage removal and general sanitary issues,â Juliann Sivulka, professor of advertising and American studies at Waseda University in Tokyo, said in an interview. With crowded and filthy spaces came health crusaders, as Sivulka put it â and with the health crusaders came marketers seeking opportunity in this new environment.

    In the early 1900s, Sivulka said, the Southern California Fruit Growers Association was searching for a way to sell more fruit. Marketers hired by the company understood that consumers typically ate oranges. To increase the number of oranges sold, Claude Hopkins of the ad agency Lord & Thomas introduced a campaign called âDrink an Orange,â said Sivulka.

    Even before the juiceâs soaring success, the orange itself had earned a reputation of health.

    âTo eat an orange was to imbibe the spirit of the land, to be lifted momentarily from the city sidewalks of Chicago or Boston and placed in the paradise of Californiaâs resplendent valleys.â

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    Is Orange Juice Good For Stomach Flu


    Besides, is orange good for stomach flu?

    The reality: Not true. After a couple of hours, you can try small portions of bland food, McCoy says. Avoid sugary drinks, orange juice and other acidic beverages, and foods that are high in sugar, greasy or spicy. The myth: It’s okay to drink soda when you have a stomach flu.

    Similarly, is apple juice good for the stomach flu? Half-strength apple juice can help some kids get through stomach flu. NEW YORK – When little kids have the stomach flu and need to drink fluids, half-strength apple juice and whatever fluid the child prefers – can be as effective as expensive electrolyte solutions, researchers say.

    Thereof, what kind of juice is good for stomach flu?

    Here are 17 foods and drinks for when you have the stomach flu.Some options are:

    • clear fruit juices, such as apple, cranberry, and grape juice.
    • sports drinks.
    • oral rehydration solutions, such as Pedialyte.

    Which juice is good for stomach?

    Cabbage JuiceCabbage juice helps in relieving a lot of stomach problems like bloating and indigestion, clears up your digestive tract and helps in quicker elimination of wastes.

    Juicing For Colds: 10 Essential Fruits And Veggies

    The very first thing I do when I feel a cold coming on is hit up the produce aisle for my go-to cold-fighting fruits and veggies. This stuff works. And fresh immunity juice is so much tastier than that Robitussin stuff

    The below fruits and veggies are my first line of defense against the common cold:

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    Is Gatorade Good When Your Sick

    A new study shows that Gatorade was as effective as Pedialyte at rehydrating and easing diarrhea in children with viral gastroenteritis. Sometimes called the stomach flu, viral gastroenteritis is caused by a virus that may trigger diarrhea and/or vomiting and usually improves by itself within a week.

    Does Food Help Or Hurt Congestion

    Apple And Orange Juice For Healthy Immune System Protect Against Cold And Flu

    Any food or beverage is fine if you’re hungry or thirsty. Dairy products make some people produce more mucus. If this happens to you, avoid dairy for a few days. They may also make nausea and vomiting worse.

    Orange juice, especially with the pulp, is packed with vitamin C and folic acid, which may give your immune system a boost and help you feel better faster.

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    What Are The Properties Of Orange Juice

    As we told you before, orange juice provides our body with a large amount of Vitamin C. This vitamin is indispensable for the organism as it prevents the development of symptoms related to the flu and colds.

    Youre wondering why this vitamin is so important. The answer is because it is present in the bodys white blood cells and they are responsible for the health of the body. The basis of these globules contains Vitamin C, which is responsible for strengthening the body against the flu, so the more Vitamin C, the better.

    But natural orange juice not only provides the body with vitamin C, it also provides antioxidant substances that, together with vitamin C, strengthen the immune system as they have analgesic and anti-inflammatory capabilities.

    And finally, another great advantage is that it generates a coating on the walls of the stomach that makes it reinforce possible food aggressions or diseases.

    The fresh orange juice should be present in your day to day as it ensures the protection of your immune system and helps prevent the emergence of diseases such as the flu. Heres one of our favourite recipes for keeping the flu at bay.

    Is Hot Orange Juice Good For A Sore Throat

    If you have a sore throat, it is a better idea to drink a soothing hot tea than something with Vitamin C.

    The acidity of orange juice can irritate a sore throat. But, if you are at the very beginning of a cold, this is the drink you need to take.

    If youre thinking about using hot orange juice for colds, its important you take it at the very beginning of your cold when you first notice it. I always take elderberry syrup at the same time for an extra boost.

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    Can I Drink Alcohol With A Cold


    Drink Alcohol

    Too much of it leaves you dehydrated and makes symptoms like congestion worse. Alcohol puts a damper on your immune system. And it might mix badly with cold medications youre taking. So until you feel better, its best to lay off the booze.

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    Does Orange Juice Help Chase Away A Cold

    Its not uncommon for someone whos snifflin to show up at work with their arms full of vitamin C tablets and a carton of orange juice. I dont have time to be sick, they say with a congested voice. Ive been chugging orange juice all weekend.

    Vitamin C loading is a go-to home remedy for many people once early cold symptoms appear. Moms have been recommending it to their kids, who recommended it to their kids. Does it work?

    Sorry, moms: Orange juice wont chase the cold away.

    Although the orange juice strategy is a myth, its based in some logic. One of vitamin Cs main functions is to support the immune system. It is an antioxidant, so it boosts immune function, according to the National Institutes of Health.

    But having a stronger immune system doesnt mean youre cold-proof. What it can do is make your colds less miserable. Regularly reaching your daily recommended intake of vitamin Cas part of an overall healthy dietmay help shorten the duration of your colds and make your cold symptoms less severe. While there are some mixed studies, the general consensus is that taking vitamin C after the onset of symptoms wont have any effect on your colds.

    Plus, when it comes to nutrients, more isnt always better. Regarding vitamin C, intake above 1,000 milligrams just gets excreted through urine, so starting your ill morning with 7 glasses of orange juice and a vitamin C tablet will do nothing .

    • Red bell pepper

    • An actual orange

    • Broccoli

    Drinks That Help You When Youre Sick

    Whats the one thing people usually say when someone is under the weather? Drink lots of fluids! This is definitely valuable advice, but it comes with limits that most are not aware of. While being hydrated is crucial to fighting a cold or flu, sometimes we end up choosing drinks that have lots of electrolytes and even more sugar. Or we reach for a glass of tap water, which cant offer the pure, natural hydration that our bodies need. When our system is down, one of the best things we can do is intake liquids and foods that boost immunity. Here are seven recommended drinks for the next time you or someone else isnt feeling their best. Now you can be the one who gives advice about hydration, with facts to share as well.


    The first drink on our list is water. You guessed it, right? True to the saying, water is the best thing you can drink in general, and especially if youre sick. But like we mentioned earlier, the type of water you drink is incredibly important. Compounds like chlorine and fluoride are added to tap water to keep it uncontaminated, but this doesnt mean that municipal water is pure or healthy and distilled water lacks the minerals your body requires. This is why spring water is essential to your recovery and a strong immunity. Its natural, clean, and has an intrinsic balance of nutrients.

    Green Tea

    Lemon Water

    Ginger and Turmeric tea


    Orange Juice

    Homemade Vegetable Broth

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    Does Orange Juice Actually Help Your Immune System

    Orange juice can help support a strong immune system by providing a variety of vitamins and nutrients. Vitamin C is commonly associated with helping maintain a healthy immune system and is abundant in 100% orange juice.

    Orange juice is great medicine for a cold. It contains tons of vitamin C, which has been more or less proven to shorten the duration of colds. More recent studies, however, have shown that mega-dosing vitamin C has no real benefits over taking the recommended dose.

    Beside above, what is the best juice for immune system? 10 Immunity-Boosting Juices to Drink When Youre Sick

    • Apple, carrot, orange.
    • Strawberry-kiwi mint.

    Regarding this, why should you not drink orange juice when sick?

    Orange juice wont help you heal from a cold or fluSome studies suggest it could actually do more harm than good, since the juice is high in the sugar fructose, which some evidence suggests could actually suppress your immune system. Many people believe that drinking juice is a good way to give the body vitamin C.

    What happens if you drink orange juice everyday?

    For instance, excessive drinking of orange juice can harm your tooth enamel and wear it down. While, freshly squeezed unadulterated orange juice supplies a good dose of healing antioxidants, packaged orange drinks with extra sugar added can lead to weight gain. It also leads to metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes.

    Does Drinking Orange Juice Help When You Are Sick

    How to make an orange cold pressed juice using Nama Juicer.

    There are many different foods, herbs, and spices that can impact how we feel. They often have medicinal uses and while they may not cure you, they can certainly help you feel better.

    I find myself combining modern medicine with herbal or homeopathic remedies fairly often.

    This Hot Orange Spice Beverage has all the benefits of orange, ginger, cinnamon, and honey and still manages to taste delicious while warming you from the inside out.

    If you really wanted to open your sinuses, you could add a dash of Tabasco sauce to it. Im not a big fan of super spicy foods so I leave that out of my hot orange juice.

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    Respiratory Issues And Oranges

    Oranges are well-known for being rich in vitamin C. They’re also rich in vitamin A, minerals like calcium and iron, fiber and beneficial antioxidants. One of these antioxidants is citric acid, which is found naturally in a wide variety of foods, especially citrus fruits like grapefruits, lemons, limes and oranges.

    Citrus acid doesn’t just exist naturally it can also be produced in powdered form and is commonly used as a component of cleaning products, cosmetics, food products and pharmaceuticals.

    Citric acid is known to induce coughing. This, in turn, means that oranges are good for coughing quite literally, the citric acid in them can make you cough. By no means does this indicate that oranges cause colds, though.

    Added Sugars Can Further Hurt Your Immune System

    Most juices that you buy at the grocery store are full of hidden sugars that can wreak havoc on your immune system. Extra sugar can reduce the quality of your white blood cells which help keep your immune system running smoothly.

    Most commercial orange juice is so over processed that it wouldn’t even be drinkable without added “flavour packs.”

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    Chug The Oj And 5 Other Things You Shouldn’t Do When You’re Sick

    Cold and flu season has arrived in the Puget Sound and the Inland Northwest. When sickness hits, most of us know we should increase our hand washing, water consumption, and rest in order to get better and prevent spreading illness. But what should you NOT do? MultiCare Indigo Urgent Cares team of experts weighed in.

    Beet Carrot Ginger Apple Juice:

    Is Orange Juice Good for a Sore Throat?

    Beet and carrot are root vegetables which are a great source of vitamins, whereas we all know a known phrase: an apple of a day can keep away the doctor. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties. Together this fortifying juice will help your immune system and decrease inflammatory symptoms.

    It is quite a beneficial drink if you are looking for the 10 best juice for cold and flu. You may find Potassium, vitamin A, vitamin B-6, vitamin B-9 , and vitamin C as important nutrients in one serving of this juice.

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