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Quadrivalent Flu Shot Side Effects

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What Is The Dosage For Fluzone Highdose

Why was the quadrivalent meningococcal vaccine used as a control for a COVID-19 vaccine?

For intramuscular use only

Dose And Schedule

  • Fluzone High-Dose Quadrivalent should be administered as a single 0.7 mL injection by the intramuscular route in adults 65 years of age and older.


  • Inspect Fluzone High-Dose Quadrivalent visually for particulate matter and/or discoloration prior to administration. If either of these conditions exists the vaccine should not be administered.
  • Before administering a dose of vaccine, shake the prefilled syringe.
  • The preferred site for intramuscular injection is the deltoid muscle. The vaccine should not be injected into the gluteal area or areas where there may be a major nerve trunk.
  • Do not administer this product intravenously.
  • Fluzone High-Dose Quadrivalent should not be combined through reconstitution or mixed with any other vaccine.

Is There More Than One Type Of Flu Shot Available

Yes. There are different flu vaccine manufacturers and multiple influenza vaccine products licensed and recommended for use in the United States.

CDC recommends use of any licensed, age-appropriate influenza vaccine during the 2021-2022 influenza season. Available influenza vaccines include quadrivalent inactivated influenza vaccine , recombinant influenza vaccine , or live attenuated influenza vaccine . No preference is expressed for any influenza vaccine over another.

Quadrivalent flu vaccines include:

What’s Flu Activity Like This Season

Currently, flu activity remains low in most of the U.S. As of Oct. 2, 2021, all states were reporting minimal or low flu activity except for Mississippi, which reported moderate flu activity, according to the CDC.

But that could change soon after the country experienced historically low levels of flu during the 2020-2021 season , several studies have predicted that the flu could come roaring back this fall and winter, Live Science previously reported.

That’s because the U.S. population “missed the opportunity to establish or boost their immunity ” last season, which raises the concern that the flu could make a comeback as preventive measures for COVID-19 are lifted, according to the authors of a recent study on predicting flu activity, posted Aug. 30 to the preprint database medrXiv.

Even if flu activity is currently low in your community, you shouldn’t wait to get your flu shot. Flu activity could begin to increase at any time, and it takes about two weeks for people to develop antibodies against flu viruses after receiving their shot, the CDC says.

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What Should I Do If I Have Had A Serious Reaction To Seasonal Flu Vaccine

Tell your doctor what happened, the date and time it happened, and when you got the flu shot.

Ask your doctor, nurse, or health department to file a Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting Systemexternal icon form, or call VAERS at 1-800-822-7967. Reports are welcome from all concerned individuals: patients, parents, health care providers, pharmacists and vaccine manufacturers.

What Should I Do If I Think I Am Having A Severe Reaction To A Flu Vaccine

Types of Flu Shots: Trivalent, Quadrivalent, Side Effects, and More

If you think it is a severe allergic reaction or other emergency that cant wait, call 9-1-1 and get to the nearest hospital. Otherwise, call your doctor.

Afterward, the reaction should be reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System . Your doctor might file this report, or you can do it yourself through the VAERS websiteexternal icon, or by calling 1-800-822-7967.

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Will The Flu Vaccine Help Fight The Coronavirus

The coronavirus and influenza are two different illnesses caused by different viruses. The flu shot will not help fight coronavirus infection, but getting a flu shot remains an important step in protecting your health and in reducing the overall burden of respiratory illness in the community. Having enough people vaccinated against the flu ensures that hospitals and clinics keep adequate space to treat patients with coronavirus infections. It is expected that both the coronavirus and the flu may be present at the same time in the 2020-21 flu season, and being vaccinated against the flu helps protect yourself and vulnerable populations against an illness that might happen at the same time as a coronavirus infection.

Flu Shot Side Effectsworse This Year

Jennifer Kaufman, MD, a pediatrician at Stanford Childrens Health, told Verywell that so far this year, they “have not heard complaints that the flu vaccine is causing more side effects than in past years.”

In the U.S., flu season typically starts in October and peaks in February.

Kaufman has been getting the “usual reports of mild fever and some body aches for one to two days after the flu vaccine” but points out that this does not happen to everyone. “We cannot really predict who will and wont develop these side effects, she said.

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Whats Different About The Flu Vaccines And Recommendations This Year

All of the available flu vaccines protect against the four flu strains that are most likely to circulate this year. All approved flu vaccines including the shots as well as the nasal spray are recommended by the C.D.C. Most shots are approved for babies older than 6 months, while the nasal spray is approved for healthy, nonpregnant people between 2 and 49 years old.

For children, the nasal spray may provide a bit more protection than the shots, Dr. Palese said, because it contains a live attenuated virus and might provide an additional form of immunity inside the nose. Dr. Fradin agreed, but noted that the spray is, however, more likely than the flu shot to cause congestion as a side effect.

The C.D.C. recommends that people 65 and older receive either the high-dose flu shot or the shot that contains an immune-boosting adjuvant .

Also, it is now safe and effective to get the flu shot and the Covid vaccine at the same time, Dr. Maragakis said.

How Safe Is Fluzone High

Yes, you can have side effects from both the flu and COVID-19 vaccine if getting them at the same ti

Some side effects were reported more frequently after vaccination with trivalent Fluzone High-Dose than after standard-dose inactivated flu vaccines. The most common side effects experienced during clinical studies were mild and temporary, and included pain, redness at the injection site, headache, muscle aches, and malaise. Most people had minimal or no side effects after receiving the Fluzone High-Dose. In a study comparing Fluzone High-Dose Quadrivalent with trivalent Fluzone High-Dose, some of these side effects were slightly more common with the quadrivalent vaccine, but most were mild and resolved within a few days.

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Should I Get The Flu Vaccine If I’m Pregnant Or Breastfeeding

  • Years of studies and observation show that you can safely get a flu shot at any time, during any trimester, while you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Babies cannot get the vaccine until six months old. Because antibodies from the vaccine pass onto a fetus in the womb and through breast milk, you protect your baby even more by getting vaccinated.

  • Pregnant people should not get the nasal spray form of the flu vaccine. Those with a life-threatening egg allergy should not get the flu vaccine, whether pregnant or not.


Special Consideration Regarding Egg Allergy

People with egg allergies can receive any licensed, recommended age-appropriate influenza vaccine that is otherwise appropriate. People who have a history of severe egg allergy should be vaccinated in a medical setting, supervised by a health care provider who is able to recognize and manage severe allergic reactions. Two completely egg-free flu vaccine options are available: quadrivalent recombinant vaccine and quadrivalent cell-based vaccine.

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Can The Flu Shot Prevent Covid

It is not designed to do so, and we have no solid evidence that it does. But some recent, yet preliminary and limited, studies suggest that it could. One study published on a preprint server in September that has not yet been peer reviewed found that of nearly 18,000 employees at a Dutch hospital, those who received a previous flu vaccine were 37 to 49 percent less likely to get sick with Covid-19 during the first and second coronavirus waves, respectively,than those who didnt get the flu shot.

Researchers have been speculating that the flu vaccine might spark a broad immune response that could help prevent other infections, including Covid-19. And while there is growing interest in this theory, and other studies have found similar associations, its hard to know whether these effects are causal or just coincidental, Dr. Fradin said.

The best way to prevent Covid-19,she added,is to get a Covid-19 vaccine.

How Effective Is The Seasonal Flu Shot

FluMist Quadrivalent: Uses, Side Effects, Dosage, Precautions

Influenza vaccine effectiveness can vary. The protection provided by a flu vaccine varies from season to season and depends in part on the age and health status of the person getting the vaccine and the similarity or match between the viruses in the vaccine and those in circulation. During years when the flu vaccine match is good, it is possible to measure substantial benefits from flu vaccination in terms of preventing flu illness and complications. However, the benefits of flu vaccination will still vary, depending on characteristics of the person being vaccinated , what influenza viruses are circulating that season and, potentially, which type of flu vaccine was used. For more information, see Vaccine Effectiveness How well does the Flu Vaccine Work. For information specific to this season, visit About the Current Flu Season.

*References for the studies listed above can be found at Publications on Influenza Vaccine Benefits. Also, see the A Strong Defense Against Flu: Get Vaccinatedpdf icon! fact sheet.

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Can I Get The Flu Shot If I’m Pregnant

Yes, the CDC recommends receiving a flu shot during pregnancy. In fact, it is recommended that all women who are pregnant or may become pregnant during the flu season receive a flu shot during any trimester. A flu shot protects both the mother and the baby from getting the flu since the mother can pass some of the antibodies onto the baby. Any of the age-appropriate flu shots may be used. It is important that pregnant women only receive a flu shot the nasal spray flu vaccine is not recommended during pregnancy.

Are Flu Vaccines Safe

Flu vaccines have a good safety record. Hundreds of millions of Americans have safely received flu vaccines over the past 50 years, and there has been extensive research supporting the safety of flu vaccines.

A flu vaccine is the first and best way to reduce your chances of getting the flu and spreading it to others. CDC recommends that everyone 6 months of age and older receive a flu vaccine every year.

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What Is A Flu Vaccine

Influenza vaccines are vaccines that protect against the four influenza viruses that research indicates most common during the upcoming season. Most flu vaccines are flu shots given with a needle, usually in the arm, but there also is also a nasal spray flu vaccine.

Trivalent And Quadrivalent Shots Made With Adjuvant

What are side effects of the flu shot?

These shots, called Fluad and Fluad Quadrivalent, are another option for flu vaccines that are approved for people ages 65 and older. It includes an ingredient called adjuvant, which also creates a stronger immune system response.

These flu vaccines are slightly different because they protect against four different strains of the flu virus .

Because of this, these vaccinations can provide broader protection from infection.

Options are below.

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Who Should Not Get A Flu Vaccine

Children younger than 6 months cannot get a flu shot. Those who’ve had a severe allergic reaction to a flu vaccine in the past should not get that type of flu shot again, and should speak with their health care provider about whether they can receive another type of flu shot, the CDC says. Similarly, people who’ve had a life-threatening reaction to ingredients in flu vaccines besides egg proteins shouldn’t get flu vaccines with those ingredients, and should speak with their health care provider about whether there is a flu vaccine that’s right for them, the CDC says.

People with egg allergies can still receive any type of flu shot that’s recommend for their age group, even if the flu shot is made with egg-based technology , the CDC says. Studies have found that people with egg allergies are very unlikely to experience a severe reaction to flu vaccines. People who’ve had a severe allergic reaction to egg should get their flu shot under the supervision of a health care provider who can treat severe allergic reactions, the CDC says. In addition, several types of flu shots are egg-free, including recombinant flu vaccines and cell-based flu vaccines.

You should not get the flu vaccine if you have a high fever.

However, if you have minor illness, like a mild cold or a headache, you can still get a flu shot, Schaffner said. “The vaccine does perfectly well in those folks.”

How To Get Vaccinated Against Influenza

Influenza vaccines are given as an injection, usually in the upper arm. It is important to get the right vaccine for your age. Your immunisation provider can tell you which vaccine they will use for you or your child’s influenza immunisation.

Influenza vaccines available under the NIP for the 2022 season include:

  • VaxiGrip Tetra

The Therapeutic Goods Administration website provides product information and consumer medicine information for each vaccine available.

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What Other Flu Vaccines Are Available For People 65 Years And Older

In addition to Fluzone High-Dose Quadrivalent, one other influenza vaccine is licensed specifically for people 65 years and older. The adjuvanted flu vaccine,FLUAD Quadrivalent, external icon contains an adjuvant, an ingredient intended to help improve immune response.

One recombinant influenza vaccine, Flublok Quadrivalent , is available during the 20202021 influenza season. Flublok Quadrivalent was first licensed by the FDA in the United States for use in adults 18 years and older in 2017. An earlier trivalent version was licensed in 2013 but was later replaced by the quadrivalent version. A new CDC study showed that flu shots made using recombinant technology produced a better antibody response among health care personnel compared with both cell-based and traditional flu shots.

Who Should Not Receive The Flu Vaccine

Experts: Flu vaccination programme can help relieve Covid

Those who should avoid the flu vaccine include the following:

  • People who have ever had a severe allergic reaction to influenza vaccine
  • People under 65 years of age should not receive the high-dose flu shot.
  • If you are sick with a fever when you go to get your flu shot, you should talk to your doctor or nurse about whether or not you should get your shot later. However, you can get a flu shot at the same time you have a respiratory illness without fever or if you have another mild illness.

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How Does The Flu Vaccine Work To Prevent The Flu

The flu vaccines stimulate the immune system to produce of antibodies in the body that fight the particular flu virus in the vaccination. When the virus enters a vaccinated person, the antibodies attack and kill the virus and prevent infection. Antibodies are produced against the specific strains of the virus contained in the yearly vaccine.

Flu vaccination does not protect against infection caused by microbes other than the influenza virus.

When Should I Get Vaccinated

  • You should get a flu vaccine before flu viruses begins spreading in your community, since it takes about two weeks after vaccination for antibodies to develop in the body and provide protection against flu. Make plans to get vaccinated early in fall, before flu season begins. CDC recommends that people get a flu vaccine by the end of October. However, getting vaccinated early is likely to be associated with reduced protection against flu infection later in the flu season, particularly among older adults. Vaccination should continue to be offered throughout the flu season, even into January or later. Children who need two doses of vaccine to be protected should start the vaccination process sooner, because the two doses must be given at least four weeks apart.

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How Is The Safety Of Flu Vaccines Monitored

CDC and the Food and Drug Administration closely monitor the safety of vaccines approved for use in the United States. CDC uses two primary systems to monitor the safety of flu vaccines:

  • Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System : an early warning system that helps CDC and FDA monitor problems following vaccination. Anyone can report possible vaccine side effects to VAERS. Generally, VAERS reports cannot determine if an adverse event was caused by a vaccine, but these reports can help determine if further investigations are needed.
  • Vaccine Safety Datalink : A collaboration between CDC and nine health care organizations which allows ongoing monitoring and proactive searches of vaccine-related data.
  • People with egg allergies can receive any licensed, recommended age-appropriate influenza vaccine that is otherwise appropriate. People who have a history of severe egg allergy should be vaccinated in a medical setting, supervised by a health care provider who is able to recognize and manage severe allergic reactions. Two completely egg-free flu vaccine options are available: quadrivalent recombinant vaccine and quadrivalent cell-based vaccine.

    Financial And Insurance Assistance

    Is it normal for young people to experience flu-like symptoms after getting the vaccine?

    If you need financial support to pay for Fluzone, or if you need help understanding your insurance coverage, help is available.

    Sanofi Pasteur, Inc., the manufacturer of Fluzone, has an online tool that may help you estimate the cost of Fluzone High-Dose Quadrivalent. For more information about this, see the manufacturers website.

    For additional cost assistance information about Fluzone, visit Medicine Assistance Tools site or talk with your doctor or pharmacist.

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