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Should Flu Shots Be Mandatory

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Southern Hemisphere Influenza Season

Should students be required to get a flu shot?

The composition of virus vaccines for use in the 2018 Southern Hemisphere influenza season recommended by the World Health Organization on September 28, 2017, was:

  • an A/Michigan/45/2015 pdm09-like virus
  • an A/Singapore/INFIMH-16-0019/2016 -like virus
  • a B/Phuket/3073/2013-like virus

The WHO recommended that quadrivalent vaccines containing two influenza B viruses should contain the above three viruses and a B/Brisbane/60/2008-like virus.

Northern Hemisphere Influenza Season

The composition of trivalent virus vaccines for use in the 2017â2018 Northern Hemisphere influenza season recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices on August 25, 2017, was:

  • an A/Michigan/45/2015 pdm09âlike virus
  • an A/Hong Kong/4801/2014 -like virus
  • a B/Brisbane/60/2008âlike virus

In addition to these components, quadrivalent vaccines will also include a B/Phuket/3073/2013âlike virus .

In California, some emergency systems were strained by a spike in H3N2 flu cases. In addition, some areas experienced local shortages of oseltamivir. The severity of the flu season seemed somewhat comparable to the 2009â10 swine flu outbreak. A February 2018 CDC interim report estimated the vaccine effectiveness to be 25% against H3N2, 67% against H1N1, and 42% against influenza B.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Flu Shot

Is a Flu Shot Right for You? The Pros and ConsA lot of people often relegate the flu to ordinary fever. What they don’t know is that influenza is anything but ordinary, and should not be taken lightly. Each year, over 40,000 people die from flu-related causes and send over 200,000 people in the US to the hospitals. The medical and hospitalization bills associated with it is no joke. Under the circumstances, prevention is the best course to take.But what exactly is a flu vaccine? A majority of people

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Ethics : Mandated Flu Vaccinations For Healthcare Workers

Ethics: Mandated Flu Vaccinations for Healthcare WorkersPublic health refers to all organized measures to prevent disease, promote health, and prolong life among the population as a whole .Public health officials strongly promote the vaccination of healthcare workers against communicable diseases as a means to protect vulnerable patients. Organisms can easily be spread from patients to HCW, and then back to other patients with whom they may have

The Influenza Vaccination Debate Essay

Hundreds of protesters gather against new flu vaccine ...

Mandatory Influenza Vaccinations for healthcare providers can be a controversial topic for some and may propose a challenge to some providers ethical values and beliefs. The topic of mandatory vaccination for influenza has been widely studied and debated among professionals over several years. It is apparent that there is some movement towards a mandatory vaccination for influenza by healthcare institutions as the benefit out weighs the risk on several fronts. Influenza infection is associated

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Can A Vaccine Be Legally Mandated

The Supreme Court ruled in 1905 that the Constitution empowered state and local governments to enact and enforce laws in furtherance of the public health, including vaccination requirements, said , clinical professor of law associated with Northwestern Pritzker School of Laws Center for International Human Rights and director and founder of the Northwestern Access to Health Project. That power has been upheld time and again, in the face of anti-vaxxers, global pandemics and more. It will surely be challenged once again in the event of a mandatory COVID vaccine, but if there is a basis in science, then local vaccine mandates are on solid ground.

The important thing is that the American people need to understand the difference between civil rights and a priori rights, Professor Post said. You have the right to not vaccinate, but you don’t have the right to infect others.

Quadrivalent Vaccines For Seasonal Flu

A quadrivalent flu vaccine administered by nasal mist was approved by the FDA in March 2012. Fluarix Quadrivalent was approved by the FDA in December 2012.

In 2014, the Canadian National Advisory Committee on Immunization published a review of quadrivalent influenza vaccines.

Starting with the 2018-2019 influenza season most of the regular-dose egg-based flu shots and all the recombinant and cell-grown flu vaccines in the United States are quadrivalent. In the 2019â2020 influenza season all regular-dose flu shots and all recombinant influenza vaccine in the United States are quadrivalent.

In November 2019, the FDA approved Fluzone High-Dose Quadrivalent for use in the United States starting with the 2020-2021 influenza season.

In February 2020, the FDA approved Fluad Quadrivalent for use in the United States. In July 2020, the FDA approved both Fluad and Fluad Quadrivalent for use in the United States for the 2020â2021 influenza season.

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Influenza Vaccination Rates In Children

6-20% of U.S. residents are infected by influenza and more than 200,000 people are hospitalized due to complications . Influenza has a huge impact on not only the health of our nation, but economically, as well. Studies show that the single most effective way to prevent the spread of influenza is to vaccinate. The CDC recommends that all children over 6 months old to be vaccinated against influenza yearly . Seldom have there been

The Argument For Mandatory Flu Shots

Should flu vaccination be mandatory for hospital staff?
  • Patient safety. Gail Shulby, chief of staff and clinical affairs for the Duke University Health System cites patient safety as the organizations primary motivation for requiring flu shots. Hospitals dont want their patients to contract the flu from the doctors and nurses who treat them.
  • Effectiveness of the vaccine. In an interview with Karin Lillis, Jorge P. Parada, MD, MPH, FACP, FIDSPA, director of Loyola University Medical Centers infection control program, said that the flu vaccine works about 70% of the time. Thats a significant reduction in risk from a single shot.
  • Staff at increased risk. It makes sense that health care professionals would be at increased risk for contracting the flu since they are around sick people all day. Hospitals want to reduce the occurrence of flu among their employees not just to protect patients, but also to protect their bottom line. Doctors and nurses who get the flu use more sick days than those who dont.
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    Highlights Of The Uc Executive Order

    1. Proof of Flu Vaccination or Declination for Covered Individuals. On or before November 19, 2021, students who are living, learning, or working on campus or on premises at any University facility must:

    receive education concerning influenza vaccine and

    receive or affirmatively decline influenza vaccination, as further described below. Exemptions are unnecessary and need not be requested since a student may decline the flu vaccination.

    2. Vaccination

    On-Site Vaccination: Vaccination on-site at any University location .

    Off-Site Vaccination: Providing written documentation to the location vaccine authority of vaccination through an alternative clinical site . UCI Student Health Center is the Location Vaccine Authority for UCI students.

    In accordance with the policy, students who obtain their flu vaccination from any provider other than UCI Student Health Center are expected to enter the vaccination date on their Student Health Patient Portal. Uploading your vaccination record in addition to entering the vaccination date is optional for the flu mandate.

    3. Vaccine Declination. Covered Individuals who choose to decline influenza vaccination must complete a Vaccine Declination Letter and submit it to the location vaccine authority on or before November 19, 2021. Students should upload the Vaccine Declination Letter to the Student Health Patient Portal prior to the deadline.

    How Do Vaccines Required By Schools Differ From Mandating A Covid

    The vaccines that are mandatory for children to attend school all have worked well, Dr. Tan said. The mandates have been put in place to control the transmission and spread in the school setting for diseases that are associated with significant morbidity and mortality. Mandating some of the vaccines was more difficult than others , but in the end, the mandating of the vaccines was important in preventing disease spread.

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    Debate: Should Flu Vaccination Be Mandatory This Year For All Health And Social Care Workers

    Nursing in Practice contributors 11 Sep 2020

    With the government aiming to reduce the pressure on the NHS this winter with an expanded flu vaccination programme, four contributors discuss whether the jab should be mandatory for health and social care workers.

    YES: Flu vaccination should be mandatory

    As an advanced nurse practitioner working in an acute clinic in general practice, in early March this year I was exposed to, and contracted, Covid-19, as did many of my clinical colleagues. The flu season will soon be upon us and I know many of the possible difficulties that could arise with the added danger of Covid-19.

    There are similarities in the presentation of flu and Covid-19. That is, they both cause respiratory disease, which can present as a wide range of illness everything from asymptomatic or mild through to severe disease and death. To keep an already overstretched NHS from falling to its knees this winter, we need to prevent a major flu outbreak this year.

    Primary care facilities throughout the country are already putting in place plans to provide flu vaccines. This year, the flu vaccine is being offered on the NHS to all adults aged 50 and over, as well as to people with certain medical conditions and pregnant women.

    This will be a mammoth task given the current workloads and the potential risk infection of Covid-19, and will require the optimum number of healthcare professionals to deliver.

    NO: Flu vaccination should not be mandatory

    Flu Shot Should Be Mandatory Journal Says

    Flu shots required for all Massachusetts students, state ...

    This article was published more than 9 years ago. Some information may no longer be current.

    Rogelio V. Solis/The Associated Press

    Health-care professionals dedicate their lives to helping those who are sick. But if they refuse to get a flu shot, they are putting the very patients they are trying to protect at risk.

    It might sound controversial, but according to an editorial published Monday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, health care workers should be subject to mandatory flu immunization programs in order to prevent the spread to patients who could become seriously ill or die as a result.

    The journal says that people working in health care settings have a responsibility to patients to get immunized.

    “By failing to get the vaccine, are inadvertently contributing to the level of harm caused to patients in hospitals,” said Ken Flegel, a senior associate editor at the journal who is also a physician and a professor of medicine at McGill University.

    The issue of mandatory vaccinations in health care settings is highly contentious and divisive, with a debate that centres on the line between maintaining personal freedom and fighting to protect the greater good.

    Compulsory flu shot programs have also been in the spotlight more than usual this year, as B.C. becomes the first province to require health care workers to get a yearly flu shot or, if they refuse, to wear a protective mask throughout the entire flu season.

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    Should Flu Shots Be Mandatory For Hospital Employees

    Dr. Paul Whelton, president and CEO of Loyola University Health System, receiving a flu shot. On Sept. 2, Whelton announced that seasonal flu shots will be mandatory for all employees.

    Newswise Even though the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention strongly recommends that all healthcare workers receive seasonal flu shots, only about 40 percent do so.

    Now some infectious diseases experts and hospitals say flu shots should be mandatory.

    For example, Loyola University Health System announced Sept. 2 that annual flu shots will be mandatory for all employees, faculty, medical and nursing students at its main hospital and suburban health centers.

    Loyola is among the first medical centers in the country to make flu shots mandatory. The policy will improve the safety of patients, visitors, employees and their families, said Dr. Paul Whelton, president and CEO.

    Loyola health system and the Loyola University Chicago medical and nursing schools annually offer their employees, faculty and students a free vaccination for the seasonal flu. Last year when the seasonal flu shot was offered as part of an emergency-vaccination drill, Loyola and the Stritch School of Medicine school reached a vaccination rate of 73 percent. This year, with the vaccination being a condition of employment, the rate is expected to be 100 percent. Loyola University Medical Center has 6,140 employees Stritch has 685

    The History Of Vaccines

    vaccination developed by Edward Jenner and ended in extreme debate as more locations require vaccines despite dangerous side effects. Forty-two states have mandatory vaccine policies and many children are required to receive at least 22 vaccinations before the first grade. Vaccinations, a controversial topic among medical professionals, should not be mandatory due to possible health risks. Despite common belief, vaccinations are actually immune suppressingthat is they impair proper function of our immune

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    Should Vaccines Be Required By Law

    Should Vaccines be Required by Law?IntroductionThe Center for Disease Control estimated that 732,000 American children have been saved by vaccines in the last ten years. Vaccines should be required by law so that we can protect ourselves by building our immunity to preventable illnesses, in an easy, quick, and inexpensive fashion, helping stop major epidemics, and in conclusion, save lives.BodyCon 1 – Vaccines weaken a person ‘s immune system, and can in cases make someone ill. Vaccines are sometimes

    Hr And Mandatory Flu Vaccination

    Why flu vaccines should be mandatory

    HR and Mandatory Flu Vaccines in the WorkplaceCandice ColeSouthern Illinois University CarbondaleAbstract pageIn a workplace, vaccines are substantial because flu is unpredictable and impossible to tell the seriousness and intensity of the next flu outbreak. The World Health Organization has issued a warning against a pandemic that may be caused by the H1N1 flu virus across the globe. The presidents council also warned that the virus many affect half the population in U.S since it is

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    People 65 Years And Older Enhanced Quadrivalent Vaccine

    Vaccination is particularly important for people in this age group as they are at high risk of complications from influenza and have the highest influenza-associated death rates each year.

    The quadrivalent influenza vaccine Fluad Quad®is provided for people aged 65 years and older. It is an adjuvanted vaccine which is a standard dose flu vaccine with an added adjuvant to help create a stronger immune response to the vaccination. The 2022 vaccine contains the same components as the vaccine provided for other age groups but has the benefit of inducing a greater immune response in older people.

    The enhanced quadrivalent influenza vaccine is the best form of protection against flu for older Queenslanders for the following reasons:

    • Older people do not respond as well to standard influenza vaccine as the immune system response decreases with age.
    • The enhanced vaccine is designed specifically to increase the immune system’s response to the vaccine, especially against the influenza A/H3N2 strain which is more common and severe in people aged 65 years and older.

    The Argument For Allowing Doctors And Nurses To Decide For Themselves

  • Side effects. The flu vaccine has been linked to increased risk of Guillain-Barré syndrome. Research published in the Eurosurveillance journal indicates that one flu vaccine, Fluvax, may cause 2-3 times as many hospitalizations for seizures as it prevents for the flu.
  • It sets a precedent. If its OK to force doctors and nurses to be vaccinated, will they come after the rest of the population next? What is going to happen to a patients right to refuse medical treatments they dont agree with.
  • Its unnecessary. Most people who are healthy when they contract the flu do not experience any adverse effects and are left with a natural immunity to the virus that made them ill.
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    Flu Vaccine Myths Or Truths

    Healthcare workers are not immune to the fairly common statements below. Even though medical experts denounce these statements as myths, the perception of truth persists.

    • The flu shot made me sickAfter getting a flu shot, some people may feel sick. But, medical experts say that the vaccine itself cannot produce an active infection in the body and that those who experience symptoms after being immunized were probably already coming down with an illness. In the fall, when the flu vaccine becomes available, it is also a time when many other viruses are circulating.
    • I dont need the flu shot every yearJust because you have had a flu vaccine last year or in previous years, you do not now have long-lasting immunity from the flu. The seasonal flu vaccine is changed every year in order to keep up with the three strains of influenza viruses which research indicates will be most common in the upcoming season.
    • I dont need to get the flu shot early The flu vaccine takes up to two full weeks to become effective, so experts warn against waiting to get the shot until you know there are flu cases in your area. Instead, they recommend that people be immunized in early October, before the flu season is in full swing.

    Dont Stop At A Covid Vaccine Mandate Flu Shot Should Be Required Too

    Wisconsin bill would ban mandatory flu shots

    Is it time to have flu vaccination mandates? We certainly think so. As two emergency medicine physicians whose young careers have been defined by the race to develop lifesaving vaccines to thwart a pandemic, we can both attest to the importance of vaccinations. With flu season well underway, we believe that the annual flu vaccine deserves the same level of focus as the coronavirus pandemic.

    This past year has caused a huge shift in the way that governments, companies and even private citizens think about vaccinations. Thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there is an increasing realization that our decision to get vaccinated, or not, has wide ranging effects beyond our personal health. Getting vaccinated is ultimately a personal decision, and we would never suggest otherwise. However, employers and municipalities can certainly require flu vaccinations in order to engage in certain activities. The most striking example has been New York City, which has enacted sweeping COVID vaccination mandates for its residents to enter many public spaces.

    Even before the coronavirus pandemic, flu season was a time of dread for those of us who worked in health care. Flu season, for us, is always defined by a rush of patients with flu-like symptoms. Often, these symptoms are mild and will get better with bed rest and fluids. Still, some of our patients, despite our best efforts, will succumb to the flu and die.

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