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Target Minute Clinic Flu Shot

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Retailers That Will Reward You For Getting A Flu Shot In 2021

CVS Minute Clinic has long lines for flu shots

If staying healthy is not enough motivation to get a flu shot, how about a freebie?

With summer over and fall having arrived, flu season is beginning. One of the best ways to keep this illness at bay is to get a flu shot.

And if staying healthy is not enough motivation to roll up your sleeve, how about a freebie or discount?

Several retail chains offer rewards for people who get flu shots at their locations. Incentives are currently being offered by the retailers listed below.

Typically, flu shots are free with most insurance plans. So, if you have insurance, you likely can claim a flu-fighting reward when you get your shot from these chains without spending a dime. But make sure to confirm that with your insurer first.

For more ways to avoid the flu, check out 5 Ways to Beat the Flu on the Cheap.

At Your Local Grocery Store

Some larger chain grocery stores, like Giant, have pharmacies on the premises that give free vaccines with health insurance. Contact your local store to find out more.

If youre unsure of where to get vaccinated near you, the CDC recommends using to find a location in your area. For those without insurance, prices may fluctuate between $20 and $40, depending on the location.

What Kinds Of Vaccines Are Available

There is more than one flu shot as well as a nasal spray, though shots are much more common. This year, there are four standard-dose flu shots, which are approved for people 6 months of age and older. This is the type of flu shot that most of us get, says Dr. Oller.

Theres also a high-dose flu shot which creates a stronger immune response in adults 65 and over who need extra protection, she adds. The CDC does not recommend one vaccine over another.

Ninety-nine percent of this years vaccines are quadrivalent, which means they protect you against four different strains of the influenza virus. CVS Pharmacy and MinuteClinic locations at Target stores are offering both the standard quadrivalent vaccine as well as the higher dose one for seniors.

Theyre also offering an egg-free version for people who are allergic to eggs. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about which is best for you.

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Keep An Eye On Your Health With Preventative Screenings

Preventative healthcare is just as important as getting treatment quickly when you are sick. If you want to track your health, visit our MinuteClinic® inside the Target located near the intersection of West 70th Street and York Avenue South to get the routine screenings and exams you need.

If you are concerned about your cholesterol or blood sugar, stop in to get a basic health screening. If you are a student athlete or just past due for an annual checkup, visit MinuteClinic® to gets a sports physical or general wellness exam. We also offer monitoring and treatment options for chronic conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure, and you can join our weight loss program if you are struggling with being overweight.

What Can I Expect From Cvs Minuteclinic At 449 Commerce Dr Woodbury Mn

Clinic : Target

MinuteClinic® is a walk-in and book clinic inside your local Woodbury CVS/Pharmacy® or HealthHUB® location. At our HealthHUB locations, you can receive most MinuteClinic services as well as shop our health products. Our clinics give you a cheaper and more convenient alternative to emergency rooms and urgent cares, while still offering most of the same services. With the ability to walk in and make an appointment, you can come in at any time including evenings and weekends. MinuteClinic® provides quality health care for adults and children over 18 months. We treat a wide range of conditions and illnesses to ensure that you and your family get well and stay well. Some of our services include TB testing, flu shots, and sports physicals . Come in for a MinuteClinic visit and receive quality health care on your schedule!

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Military Hospital Or Clinic

  • Active duty service members have priority
  • If not available stateside at your military hospital or clinic, you can seek the flu vaccine at a participating network provider or TRICARE-authorized providerAn authorized provider is any individual, institution/organization, or supplier that is licensed by a state, accredited by national organization, or meets other standards of the medical community, and is certified to provide benefits under TRICARE. There are two types of TRICARE-authorized providers: Network and Non-Network. DS.
  • If not available overseas at your military hospital or clinic, you can seek the flu vaccine by:
  • Getting a referral from your military provider and an authorization from the overseas regional contractor, and then seeing a civilian TRICARE-authorized provider for the flu shot at no cost OR
  • Seeing a civilian TRICARE-authorized provider for the flu shot. You would pay the cost up front and then submit a claim for reimbursement.
    • If you’re an active duty service member, you need to follow your unit chain of command and service guidance for recording the vaccine in your service medical record

    Protect Your Family From Common Illnesses With Vaccinations

    The first line of defense for many preventable diseases is vaccination. At MinuteClinic®, we offer a variety of childhood immunizations such as the meningitis, MMR and DTaP vaccines. We also provide annual flu shots in addition to birth control injections, Vitamin B12 booster shots, and tetanus immunizations.

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    What Is The Flu

    Influenza is an infectious respiratory disease. Generally, the flu may resolve on its own. However, if the flu goes untreated, you may be at risk for complications that can be life-threatening. Those that might be at a higher risk of severe flu complications include children under 5, adults over 65, pregnant women, and people with chronic illnesses or compromised immune systems. If you fall into any of these categories, it is essential that you take strides towards flu prevention by getting your flu shot at MinuteClinic. The flu shot works by exposing you to an inactive flu virus and the flu vaccines cause antibodies to develop in the body after vaccination. These antibodies will help to protect you if you are exposed to the flu virus. Essentially, getting a flu shot prepares your body to fight the flu.

    Using Technology To Support Care

    Mayo Clinic Minute: Flu during a pandemic

    If patients are unable to visit us in a clinic, they can select a virtual E-Clinic visit with a local MinuteClinic provider for a wide variety of routine health care needs. This option is available in the 35 states and Washington, D.C., where MinuteClinic currently operates and is contracted with most health insurance plans.

    For patients without health insurance, MinuteClinic Video Visits are an affordable cash pay option, with visits costing $59. Video Visits are also covered by most Aetna insurance plans. Video Visits are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can be accessed via a mobile device or computer.

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    Cvs Now Offering Flu Shots At Longs Drugs Pharmacies And Minuteclinics

    CVS Health, owner of Longs Drugs in Hawaii, announced Wednesday that flu shots are now available at all pharmacy and MinuteClinic locations.

    Walmart is also offering low-cost flu vaccinations at nine Walmart pharmacies through walk-up and community flu shot clinics.

    Although the nation continues to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, both CVS and Walmart are reminding Americans of the importance of getting a flu shot this fall to protect themselves against seasonal flu.

    The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that people get vaccinated early in the fall before flu season begins ideally, no later than the end of October. Although flu seasons vary, the CDC said influenza activity in the U.S. often begins to increase in October, peaks between December and February, and can last as late as May.

    The Hawaii Department of Health says due to the states high volume of tourism and tropical climate, flu here can spread year-round.

    CVS Health has administered approximately 30 million COVID-19 vaccinations to date, in addition to more than 20 million flu and other vaccinations over the past 12 months, said Neela Montgomery, executive vice president, CVS Health, in a news release.

    The flu shots are available at CVS Pharmacy and MinuteClinic in Longs Drugs stores, as well as at CVS Pharmacy in select Target stores. They will be available seven days a week, with expanded evening and weekend hours, according to CVS.

    Why Get A Flu Shot

    Getting vaccinated helps to protect you and the people around you. Influenza sends a countless number of patients into hospitals each year dont be one of them. There are two types of flu shots a seasonal vaccine for adults and children and a high dose vaccine . While you can take preventative measures, getting immunized with the influenza vaccine is your best defense against the flu. Each year, new strains of the flu develop. While you may have gotten a flu shot in the past, you may not be protected from the new strands. Although flu vaccines may not be 100% effective, it is still the best defense against the virus. Dont fall victim to the flu this year stop by MinuteClinic and get your flu shot today!

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    Get Help When You Are Sick Or Injured

    When a day at Adams Hill Park results in painful sunburn or irritating bug bites, make the short drive to MinuteClinic® to get relief. Our clinic is staffed completely with nurse practitioners and physician assistants, so you can feel confident bringing your entire family in to be treated for mild health problems. Some of the illnesses and injuries we can help with include:

    • Sinus infections
    • Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea

    Visit Our Convenient Location

    Pharmacy : Target

    Because MinuteClinic® is located near the intersection of France Avenue South and West 70th Street, we are in the ideal spot to help both locals and visitors with minor medical needs. If you would like to schedule an appointment or want to know more about the services we offer, Call us at 1-866-389-2727.

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    How Much Is A Minuteclinic Visit For Flu Shots At 111 Pioneer Trl Chaska Mn With And Without Insurance

    Flu Shots at MinuteClinic typically costs $50-$74, while all MinuteClinic® prices in Chaska range anywhere from $35 to $250 depending on the service. Please visit our service price list and insurance information page to see detailed pricing and insurance breakdowns. At CVS MinuteClinic®, most insurance plans are accepted. We recommend contacting your insurance company prior to your visit to be sure that the service you are seeking will be covered. How much you will have to pay out of pocket will depend on your insurance coverage. If you do not have insurance or prefer to pay out of pocket, you may pay with cash, card, or check. Prices may vary depending on the complexity of the case. Lab tests and additional services may result in additional charges.

    Cant make it in for a visit? We also have Video Visits, which enable you to see one of our health care professionals from the comfort of your own home as an alternative for just $59 per visit. Currently, a Video Visit is not covered by insurance and is not required to get treatment.

    This Year Getting A Flu Shot Could Be More Important Than Ever

    Getting a flu shot has always been a smart thing to do. It is the best way to protect against the flu and stop its spread. But this yearin the midst of the COVID-19 pandemica flu shot is essential.

    The typical flu is active from October through April each year. An estimated 5% to 20% of Americans get the flu each year with symptoms lasting up to two weeks. Although no one knows for certain how having the flu and the coronavirus at the same time would affect your health, it could lead to further complications and/or more intense respiratory symptoms.

    The flu vaccine takes about two weeks to be effective, so it is important to get the vaccine as early as possible. Once flu season is underway, it is not too late to get vaccinated.

    Other preventive measures include

    • Frequent hand-washing with soap and water. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer when hand-washing is not an option.
    • Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when coughing or sneezing. If you dont have a tissue, cough or sneeze into your upper sleeve or elbow.
    • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.
    • Clean surfaces with a household disinfectant.
    • Avoid or limit interactions with infected persons.

    CareFirst and Kaiser Permanente are making it easier for you to obtain your flu shot this year.


    • CVS Pharmacy and Minute Clinic
    • Giant Pharmacy
    • Walgreens Healthcare Clinic

    Kaiser Permanente

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    Target Covid Vaccine Registration: Sign Up For Covid

    Target Corp. is making about a third of its stores COVID-19 vaccination destinations through its partnership with CVS Pharmacy.

    Target said Wednesday that more than 600 of its 1,700-plus stores with CVS Pharmacy departments have begun administering coronavirus shots in 17 states. Eligible customers and employees can schedule appointments at to receive a free COVID-19 vaccine at a CVS Pharmacy at Target location, based on availability. Those getting a shot will be able to schedule their first and second doses .

    The COVID immunization rollout marks the first significant number of vaccinations that CVS is providing to Target customers, according to Target.

    With COVID-19 vaccines becoming more widely available, Target is continuing to support our team and communities during the pandemic by partnering with 600-plus CVS locations within Target stores to offer vaccines to eligible guests and team members, Target stated. Target already supports CVS-administered vaccinations each year for the flu, shingles and pneumonia, and well continue to partner closely as they administer the vaccine while following state and federal guidelines. Were also making fitting rooms available to CVS at select stores to host appointments.

    Overall, Target operates 1,897 stores across all 50 states. Woonsocket, R.I.-based CVS Health acquired Targets pharmacy and in-store clinic business in 2015, rebranding them as CVS Pharmacy locations.

    Getting The Most Out Of Your Healthcare Experience

    Mayo Clinic Minute: Why its important for kids to be vaccinated for flu

    At CVS Pharmacy® MinuteClinic®, we do more than treat illnesses and injuries. We are dedicated to establishing long-term relationships with patients who need routine physicals, as well as healthcare screenings and monitoring. Our comprehensive and basic screenings look at important numbers, such as blood pressure, cholesterol and A1c levels. Furthermore, we can track your readings and catch any unhealthy fluctuations.

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    Flu Shots Now Available At Cvs Pharmacy And Minuteclinic

    Nearly three quarters of Americans say they plan to get a flu shot this year, with 45 percent planning on getting their vaccine at a retail pharmacy

    WOONSOCKET, R.I. CVS Health is reminding Americans that as the country continues to deal with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic it is more important than ever to stay current with vaccinations and other routine health care needs. By getting a flu shot this fall and taking other proactive measures to improve general health and immunity, individuals and families can protect themselves against seasonal flu and help safeguard the overall health of the community.

    According to a survey commissioned by CVS Health Flu Intention Survey, commissioned by CVS Health in June 2021 and conducted among a general population of U.S. consumers, consumers intention to get vaccinated against seasonal flu increased five percentage points from June 2020 to June 2021, with 71 percent of those surveyed saying they definitely or likely will get a flu shot this season. In addition, 45 percent of consumers surveyed said they planned to get a flu shot at a retail pharmacy, the most preferred destination cited, followed by a doctors office .

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that individuals make plans to get vaccinated early in the fall, before flu season begins, and ideally no later than the end of October.

    Video and photo assets from MinuteClinic and CVS Pharmacy are available in the CVS Health Media Gallery.

    Flu Shots Are Now Available At Cvs Pharmacy And Minuteclinic

    CVS Health announced Aug. 25, 2020 that flu shots are now available at CVS Pharmacy and MinuteClinic. The CDC recommends the vaccine be administered no later than the end of October.

    CVS Health announced in an Aug. 25 news release that flu shots are now available at CVS Pharmacy and MinuteClinic.

    CVS Health advised in the release that with the ongoing health impacts of COVID-19 on local communities, it is more important than ever to stay current with vaccinations and other routine health care needs. Taking proactive measures like getting a flu shot this fall to improve general health and immunity, will protect individuals and families against seasonal flu, help safeguard the overall health of the community and minimize the impact on health care resources.

    Recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggest that individuals make plans to get vaccinated early in the fall, before flu season begins, and ideally no later than the end of October, the release said.

    We know our patients and customers are doing everything they can to keep their families as healthy as possible, while minimizing potential exposure to the flu and COVID-19, said Jon Roberts, chief operating officer, CVS Health. Because it can take two weeks for the vaccine to build immunity, we encourage all of our patients to get their shot in September or early October, before flu season peaks, the release quoted.

    Where and when are the shots available?

    Is an appointment required?

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