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Uva Student Health Flu Shot

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Protect Yourself And Your Loved Ones

Flu Shots Will Be Required at All UC Campuses by November

VDH and CDC recommend yearly influenza vaccination as the first and most important step in protecting yourself and your loved ones from influenza illness. Annual seasonal flu vaccination is the best way to reduce the chances that you will get the flu and lessen the chance that you will spread it to others. When more people get vaccinated against the flu, less flu illness can spread through the community.

Flu Season Is Here And Flu Vaccines Are Ready For The Virginia Tech Community

Public health officials expect the flu season to be severe, and they agree that a flu shot is the best form of protection for Virginia Tech students and employees

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National, state, and regional public health experts have spent much of the past eight months encouraging the United States population to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

That remains their top priority, but their focus over the past several weeks has included another topic of utmost importance reminders for people to get their flu vaccines.

October represents the start of flu season, and Virginia Tech officials began messaging centered on encouraging the campus population to get their flu vaccines. The university set up a website dedicated to information about the flu and flu shots, and both Hokie Wellness and Schiffert Health Center already have held clinics at various times throughout the month to administer the vaccine both to students and to employees.

The messaging started early because university officials wanted to take a proactive approach. Theyve been informed by public health officials that this years flu season possesses the potential to be severe.

Getting a flu vaccine certainly mitigates ones risk. But what are other ways to limit the flus impact? Also, how will a flu vaccine affect someone if he/she has received a COVID vaccine? Can the two vaccines be administered simultaneously?

University Student Health Services

Questions? Contact the Immunization Department at 804-827-8047.

COVID Vaccines

COVID vaccination is no longer required for students, except for those who are currently or periodically in hospital, clinical, or other healthcare settings. Students in these settings should follow the requirements of their placement or work site.

Student Health strongly encourages students to be vaccinated and boosted against COVID. Unvaccinated individuals are significantly more likely to become infected and/or hospitalized due to COVID.

  • Students can schedule free COVID vaccine appointments at both campus clinics through the Web Portal.
  • To search for vaccine availability off-campus, visit www.vaccines.gov.
  • Though not required, students are encouraged to upload vaccine documentation to the Web Portal as part of their health history. Information regarding vaccination status is particularly helpful in the event that a student is identified as a contact to COVID.
  • For more information, visit One VCU’s Covid Vaccine FAQs page for students.
  • Student Health shares records of student compliance with COVID vaccination requirements, including records of vaccination or of medical or religious exemptions, with university administration for the purpose of managing health and safety protocols. Any record of the provision of health services, however, remains confidential in a student’s health record at Student Health, consistent with applicable laws and regulations.
What If I’ve Lost My Vaccine Card?

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Klm Is Back In Profit As Air Travel Surges

Airline Air France-KLM booked net profit of 324 million in the second quarter of 2022 the first time the company has been profitable since the start of the coronavirus outbreak. The airline booked a loss of 552 million in the first quarter of this year. The return to profitability comes as passenger numbers and demand for tickets soared. The airline flew almost 23 million people in the second quarter, up 224% on the end of last year. The increase… More >

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Child Flu Vaccine Seizures?

In New York City, where vaccines are required for public schoolteachers, Mayor Bill de Blasio said the city would recognize narrow and specific grounds for religious exemption.

In many communities, large public employers are already dealing with a surge in requests. In Tucson, Ariz., 291 workers requested religious exemptions after the city announced a vaccine mandate for its employees. The city assigned four administrators to sort through the requests. They have approved slightly more than half so far, and denied 15, with some requests for further information still pending, according to Ana Urquijo, the interim assistant city manager.

Some private employers are taking a hard line. On Wednesday, United Airlines told workers that those who receive religious exemptions will be placed on unpaid leave at least until new Covid safety and testing procedures are in place.

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When Do Annual Infectious Disease Screening Requirements Go Into Effect For Team Members In Phase B

  • Phase B: July 1, 2019 All employees, faculty, staff, contractors and volunteers within the School of Nursing, School of Medicine, UPG, Development Office, Claude Moore Library. As well we those who enter the UVAHS facility from the UVA Health Development Office, Facility Team Members, Human Resources, Engineering, and Vice President for Research .
  • New hire screening begins for Phase B in July 2019.
  • Note:

    • Unpaid students are not covered under policy OCH-002 and are referred to policy HSG-008 for requirements.
    • Contractors who do not have existing contracts in place with Employee Health/UVA-WorkMed are asked to seek services elsewhere.

    Cover Your Coughs And Sneezes

    Here’s some advice you’ve probably heard your whole life: cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze or cough into your elbow to prevent the spread of the virus through the air and on your hands. Don’t forget to throw away the used tissue and then wash your hands when your done.

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    Vaccination The Easiest Step

    The best and easiest way to reduce the risk of serious flu-related illness, hospitalization, or even death is to get a flu shot. Other measures exist, including many used currently by the population to combat COVID-19 such as washing of hands, covering the mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing, and staying home from work or school if feeling poorly.

    If you dont plan to be vaccinated, then all those things we learned to do to stop the spread of COVID really work even better to stop the spread of flu, Hungerford said. But these take a lot more effort and lifestyle change than just getting the vaccine.

    Public health officials encourage getting the vaccine now at the start of the flu season, which runs from October through May. It takes roughly two weeks for a person to develop fully the antibodies to protect against the flu after being vaccinated.

    October is the best month to get vaccinated, so individuals will have full protection before the flu is actively spreading, Goyanko said.

    Flu Vaccine Tied To Lower Alzheimer Disease Risk In Older Adults

    VBCPS, VBDPH hosting COVID-19 and flu vaccine clinics at local elementary schools
    • Physicians Briefing Staff

    TUESDAY, July 26, 2022 — Influenza vaccination is associated with a reduced Alzheimer disease risk among older U.S. adults, according to a study published online June 13 in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.

    Avram S. Bukhbinder, M.D., from the John P. and Katherine G. McGovern Medical School at UTHealth in Houston, and colleagues used deidentified claims data to compare the risk for incident AD between patients with and without prior influenza vaccination .

    The researchers found that 5.1 percent of the flu-vaccinated patients and 8.5 percent of the flu-unvaccinated patients developed AD during a median follow-up of 46 months. The relative risk was 0.60 and the absolute risk reduction was 0.034, corresponding to a number needed to treat of 29.4.

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    People Who Should Not Be Vaccinated

    There are people who should not be vaccinated, such as:

    • Children less than six months old
    • Those who are severely allergic to eggs
    • Those who had a severe reaction to vaccination in the past
    • Those who have a history of Guillain-Barré Syndrome
    • Those who are very sick and have a fevertalk to your doctor before being vaccinated.

    Harmonised Inflation Rate Rises To 116%

    Dutch inflation rose to 11.6% in July, when calculated according to European methods, according to a preliminary calculation by national statistics agency CBS. In June, the harmonised index stood at 9.9%. Unlike the Dutch method, the EU figures do not include the impact of rental housing, which is subject to tough price controls in the Netherlands. The EU figure has been rising steadily since last June, but dipped slightly in April and May this year. The regular figures, calculated in… More >

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    Refugee Housing Policy Is ‘discriminatory’

    The Dutch human rights council has urged the government to stop differentiating between Ukrainian refugees and those from other countries, saying it is discrimination to allow local councils to pick and chose who to provide housing for. Ukrainian nationals who have fled the fighting have been allowed into the Netherlands under an EU friendship treaty and do not have to abide by the same registration and other rules as most refugees. In addition, some local authorities which are refusing to… More >

    What Are The One

    WVU Employee Wellness offering flu shots on campus
  • Measles – Provide documentation of immunity . To be acceptable, medical documentation must be original or copies of official medical records. Medical documentation must include either a positive measles titer, one or more measles vaccinations or one or more MMR vaccinations .
  • Pertussis – Provide documentation of vaccination against pertussis. Acceptable medical documentation must be original or copies of official medical records and should include the employees full name and date of birth at a minimum for identification purposes
  • Any employee who does not have a record of TB screening on file at Employee Health or UVA-WorkMed will need to either complete one-time testing or provide documentation of previous testing.
  • If documentation is not available – Team members should visit Employee Health or UVA-WorkMed to have their immune status checked by drawing blood for a titer and/or by receiving vaccine, free of charge. Team members may have their immune status checked and/or receive vaccine through their Primary Care Physician. However, you may have to pay for the costs of the vaccines, and to meet compliance those records will have to be provided to Employee Health/UVA-WorkMed.

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    Approval Of Tapinarof Introduces New Class Of Topical Treatments For Management Of Plaque Psoriasis

    Tapinarof is a first-in-class topical steroid-free aryl hydrocarbon receptor antagonist intended to mitigate the symptoms of plaque psoriasis.

    Despite psoriasis being the most frequently experienced immune-mediated inflammatory skin disease, there is no known cure for it. Instead, current treatments are aimed at reducing the symptoms of psoriasis, which include dry, scaly, and itchy raised skin patches known as plaques. Plaque psoriasis, the most common form of psoriasis, occurs in more than 80% of all patients with psoriasis.1,2

    The complex pathophysiology is not clearly elucidated, but it is thought to consist of a feed-forward inflammatory mechanism involved in the pathway of T-helper cell type 17 , part of the adaptive immune system.2

    The amount, color, and severity of plaques vary among individuals and over time. Plaques are typically symmetrical and occur primarily on the elbows, knees, lower back, and scalp, where they often originate. In addition, the patches may present as different colors based on disease progression and skin color, with hyperpigmentation occurring during healing, particularly in darker-skinned individuals.

    These factors include some infections , certain medications , smoking tobacco, and stress. Trauma to the skin, which may include scratching or pressure from animal bites, sunburn, or skin lesions, can also create new or more severe plaques in a reaction known as the Koebner phenomenon.2,3


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    Emergencies During The Evening Night And Weekend: +31 88 0030 600

    • For life-threatening situations immediately enter a 9, you will then have priority over all other incoming calls
    • Have insurance information ready
    • You discuss the situation, an appointment will be made with you either for the consultation hour or a home visit
    • Making an appointment via phone mandatory when visiting your general practitioner’s office

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    Flu Shot Update For Academic Employees & Uva Health Team Members

    UVA Health – New Deadline for Flu Vaccine for All Team Members is November 30.

    The deadline for receiving a flu vaccination has changed. Tuesday, Nov. 30, is the new deadline for team member annual flu shot compliance. If you receive your flu vaccine outside of UVA Health, please send your documentation to for compliance tracking, and stop by Employee Health or WorkMed to get a sticker.

    Academic Division – Where to get your flu shot

    Due to continued necessary COVID mitigation efforts UVA will not be holding flu clinics on Grounds again this fall.

    However, UVA employees and team members have increased access to flu shots this year at CVS locations and their local in-network pharmacy locations.

    Even if you have a health plan that is not UVAs, most health plans in the U.S. are required to cover the cost of the basic flu shot at 100%. In addition:

    • Faculty, staff and team members covered by the UVA Health Plan may obtain a flu shot at one of the CVS pharmacies or any pharmacy in Aetnas National Pharmacy Network, if you present your Aetna card at the pharmacy. Included are pharmacies at Giant Eagle, Harris Teeter, Kmart, Kroger, Rite Aid, Walgreens, and Wegmans. Or, check with your Primary Care Physician. Because the vaccination is covered by our health plan, you need only show your UVA Health Plan Aetna ID card.

    Where To Get Your Flu Shot

    UC Davis students react to campus-wide mandate on flu shots

    Students can receive their flu vaccine from one of the many places near Grounds offering vaccination services, the UVA Health satellite Pharmacy in the Student Health and Wellness building, or Medical Services at SHW. Please choose a site that is convenient and cost effective for youjust get your shot! Remember that it takes about two weeks after vaccination for antibodies that protect against flu to develop in the body.

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    Where To Get Vaccinated

    Flu vaccines are offered in many locations, including doctors offices, clinics, health departments, pharmacies, and college/university health centers. Even if you dont have a regular doctor or nurse, you can get a flu vaccine somewhere else, such as at a health department or pharmacy. Individuals who lack health insurance should contact their local health department to inquire about flu vaccination clinics.

    Visit the HealthMap Vaccine Finder to locate where you can get a flu shot.

    New Physician In The Student Health Center

    Dr. Thomas J. Leytham was recently appointed as a full-time physician at the University of South Alabama, Student Health Center. Prior to his appointment at Student Health, Dr. Leytham practiced with USA Knollwood Physicians Group Clinic.

    From 1991-1997, Dr. Leytham served in the United States Air Force as a staff family physician at Randolph Air Force Base in San Antonio. He later served as assistant professor of clinical medicine at the University of Texas Health Science Center, also in San Antonio.

    In addition, Dr. Leytham has served as medical director of Gamboa Family Practice in San Antonio, Texas clinic director of La Vernia Family Physicians in La Vernia, Texas medical director of both Alamo City Medical Group East Side Clinic and Alamo City Medical Group La Vernia Clinic, both in San Antonio physician for Health Texas Medical Group in San Antonio, Texas.

    Dr. Leytham is a diplomat of the American Board of Family Practice. He has been included in Castle Connollys Top Doctors, Top Doctors of America, and Top Doctors in San Antonio.

    Dr. Leytham earned two bachelors degrees and his medical degree from the University of South Alabama. He completed his residency in family practice at Eglin Regional USAF Hospital, Eglin Air Force Base, Florida.

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    General Practitioners Practice Uva

    These GPs work together with the Oude Turfmarkt GP practice. They are available to help if you are sick or feeling out of sorts, or if you are having trouble finding the right help and are worried about your health. You can also turn here if you need a prescription, check-up or vaccination. Throughout your enrolment at the UvA you can remain registered with our General Practitioners Practice, no matter where in Amsterdam you live. And there is no need to look for a new GP if you move house.

    Green Homes But Powered By Diesel

    Communicator Toolkit for Flu Season 2020

    A new residential neighbourhood in Westzaan, where the homes are gas free, have solar panels and heat pumps, is currently getting its electricity from a diesel generator because it has not been connected to the national grid. The district, which has been praised for its green credentials, welcomed its first residents in March, but they still have no idea when the national grid connection will be completed and the noisy, and polluting, generator can be switched off. In addition, the… More >

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    Take The Health Quiz And Get Feedback

    Students report being in poorer health than other young people their age. Does this also apply to you? If you fill in thequestionnaireExternal link, you will receive an email with individual feedback. Your scores will be compared to those of fellow students. The data is anonymous, of course, and will not be retained in a medical file.

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