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Which Is Better Flu Shot Or Mist

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Can You Get The Flu From The Flu Shot

Shot or spray which flu vaccine should you get?

No, you cannot get the flu from the flu vaccines. Flu vaccines given with a needle are made with either inactivated viruses, or with only a single protein from the flu virus. The nasal spray vaccine contains live viruses that are weakened so that they will not cause illness.

While some people may experience a low-grade fever or body aches as a side effect, that does not mean the vaccine gave them the flu. For example, if you got sick with the flu shortly after receiving a flu vaccine, it means you were exposed to the flu before your body had the chance to fully develop the antibodies needed. It takes about two weeks after receiving the vaccine before you’re protected against the influenza virus.

What’s In The Nasal Spray Flu Vaccine

The nasal spray flu vaccine contains small amounts of weakened flu viruses. They do not cause flu in children.

As the main flu viruses can change each year, a new nasal spray vaccine has to be given each year.

The brand of nasal spray flu vaccine available in the UK is called Fluenz Tetra.

The nasal spray vaccine contains small traces of pork gelatine. If this is not suitable, speak to your child’s nurse or doctor about your options. Your child may be able to have an injected vaccine instead.

You can find a full list of ingredients in the Fluenz Tetra nasal spray patient information leaflet on the emc website.

Can The Flu Vaccine Give You The Flu

No. The vaccine given with a needle is made with either inactivated viruses, or with only a single protein from the flu virus.

The flu mist, or the nasal spray, contains live viruses that are weakened and will not cause illness.However, it’s not available for all ages. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved use of the nasal spray for people ages 2-49.

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Alternatives For Preventing The Flu

Examples of other vaccines that may be used to help prevent the flu include:

  • trivalent, high-dose flu shot
  • quadrivalent flu shot made in eggs
  • quadrivalent flu shot, egg-free

You may wonder how FluMist compares with other vaccinations that are for similar uses. Here we look at how FluMist and Fluzone are alike and different.

How Is Flumist Administered

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Even though FluMist is a nasal vaccine, you still need a healthcare provider to administer it to you. FluMist comes in a prefilled sprayer, which is first sprayed into one nostril and then into the other.

Children ages 2 through 8 may need to get FluMist twice, with at least 1 month in between each dose. This will depend on how many times the child has received the flu vaccine before and when. People ages 9 through 49 will only need 1 dose.

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There Are Two Types Of Vaccines:

The “flu shot” is an inactivated vaccine that is given with a needle, usually in the arm. The flu shot is approved for use in people older than 6 months, including healthy people and people with chronic medical conditions.

The nasal-spray flu vaccine “flu mist” is a vaccine made with live, weakened flu viruses that do not cause the flu . LAIV is approved for use in healthy people 2-49 years of age* who are not pregnant.

When To Get The Vaccine

Its important to get the flu vaccine a few weeks before flu season begins in your area. This is because the flu vaccine takes about 2 weeks to become effective to help prevent the flu. The CDC recommends that adults and children get vaccinated in the early fall, before the end of October.

However, the CDC also recommends not getting the flu vaccine too early. If you get vaccinated in July or August, the vaccine protection may not last throughout the flu season.

Some children need two doses of the flu vaccine, which need to be separated by at least 4 weeks. In this case, your childs doctor may recommend that your child receives the first dose early. This helps ensure that both doses can be given before flu season.

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about FluMist.

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How Is The Flu Vaccine Given

  • Kids younger than 9 years old will get two doses of flu vaccine, spaced at least 1 month apart, if they’ve had fewer than two doses before July 2019. This includes kids who are getting the flu vaccine for the first time.
  • Those younger than 9 who had at least two doses of flu vaccine will only need one dose.
  • Kids older than 9 need only one dose of the vaccine.

Talk to your doctor about how many doses your child needs.

What Are The Signs Of The Flu

Which flu vaccine protects your children best?

In most people, the flu causes a fever, body aches, and other cold-like symptoms. A person who has the flu will sleep a lot and feel sick, but will get better in a week.

But the flu, also called influenza , can make some people really sick. They may even need to go to the hospital. That’s why a flu vaccine is recommended for just about everyone.

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What Are Other Ways I Can Protect Against The Flu

In addition to your yearly flu vaccine, there are a few other things you can do to protect your family and yourself from the flu. There are daily precautions you can take such as limiting contact with sick people as much as possible and washing your hands with soap and water often. If you have received a prescription for flu antiviral medications, it’s important to take them as directed by your health care provider.

But remember, the number one way to protect you and your family against the flu virus is to get vaccinated every year.

Flumist Vs A Flu Shot

Most parents understand that it is a good idea to get their kids a flu vaccine to help them avoid the flu, but most kids don’t like to get a flu shot each year. Fortunately, there has been an alternativethe FluMist nasal spray flu vaccine. Since 2010, it has been recommended that all children age 6 months and over, and all adults, get the seasonal influenza vaccine each year, except for those who have some specific contraindications. The FluMist vaccine, being made with a live attenuated influenza virus, has more restrictions on who should use it.

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Side Effects And Risks

FluMist and Fluzone both contain vaccines to help prevent the flu. Therefore, these medications can cause very similar side effects, but some different ones as well. Below are examples of these side effects.

Mild side effects

These lists contain up to 10 of the most common mild side effects that can occur with FluMist, with Fluzone, or with both drugs .

  • Can occur with FluMist:

Serious side effects

This list contains examples of serious side effects that can occur with FluMist and Fluzone when taken individually:

How Effective Is The Nasal Flu Vaccine

News  Page 4  Washington University School of Medicine ...

The effectiveness of any flu vaccine varies from year to year, but the nasal flu vaccine is considered comparable to the flu shot, Dr. Adalja says.

There have been questions of the efficacy of the nasal flu vaccine for certain influenza types such as H1N1 in the past, but thats been addressed, says Thomas Russo, M.D., professor and chief of infectious disease at the University at Buffalo in New York.

The CDCs Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices does not show a preference for any type of flu vaccine over another this year, provided you meet the right qualifications.

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Can I Get The Flu From The Flu Vaccine

No. The virus thats in the flu vaccine is either dead or for FluMist Quadrivalent extremely weak. Because of this, flu vaccines are unable to cause the flu. However, some people experience flu-like symptoms in the days that follow their vaccine. These are side effects of the flu vaccine, and its a sign your immune system is learning how to fight the flu virus.

After your flu vaccine, you may experience:

  • A sore, red, or swollen arm

  • A headache

  • Muscle aches

  • Tiredness

Remember, these are expected side effects and dont mean youre getting sick with the flu. They should go away within a few days.

Unfortunately, its still possible to get sick with the flu after youve received your flu vaccine. It takes about 2 weeks after your vaccine for your immune system to protect you fully. So its possible to catch the flu during that time. And as mentioned earlier, flu vaccine effectiveness isnt perfect. Its also possible to get sick with a strain that wasnt included in the vaccine.

The Flu Shot: What You Need To Know

Getting a flu shot each year is the best way to protect against the flu, and during COVID-19, a flu shot may be even more important.

Receiving a flu vaccine reduces the chance of flu-related doctor visits and hospitalizations, which can free up health care resources for others and protect vulnerable populations during the pandemic.

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Shot Vs Mist: What’s More Effective

The CDC has no preference over which kind of vaccine is better or more effective, instead saying it’s best for everyone who is able to receive protection against the flu every year.

All flu vaccines are quadrivalent, or made up of four components, meaning they are designed to protect you against four flu viruses.

What Should I Do If I Get The Flu

2016 Flu Vaccine: Shot vs. Mist Debate

If you think you have the flu, a good first step is to call or set up a telemedicine visit with your doctor, if you can. A virtual visit may suffice and your doctor could advise on next steps for testing, Dr. Gandhi said, to determine if you have the flu, Covid-19, both or something else.

If you do have the flu, you may be eligible to receive antiviral drugs that can reduce symptom severity, Dr. Gandhi said. Also, drink plenty of water and other clear liquids, take over-the-counter pain relievers if needed and avoid contact with others. If possible, stay home for at least 24 hours after your fever is gone.

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How Effective Is The Flu Shot

The vaccine formulation changes every year to try to “match” the influenza viruses that are spreading in our communities. The vaccine is more effective when it has a good match. Even if a flu vaccine was not well-matched, it is still beneficial to get vaccinated. If you do get the flu after vaccination, influenza illness may be less severe than if you had not been vaccinated. Getting vaccinated also helps to protect your community by promoting herd immunity.

How well the vaccine works varies from year to year. Overall, receiving the flu vaccine usually reduces the risk of getting the flu by between 40% and 60% among most people when the vaccine is well-matched with the isolated virus. Some people respond better than others to the flu vaccine and build stronger immunity. People that are older than 65 years typically build weaker immune responses to the influenza vaccine which is why there are special flu vaccines made especially for seniors.

Was Flumist Discontinued At Some Point

Yes, FluMist wasnt available during the 20162018 flu seasons. The CDC recommended against using FluMist at that time because studies showed that the vaccine was only about 3% effective from 20132016.

However, in 2018, the manufacturer of FluMist changed the vaccine so that it would be more effective. With that change, the CDC began to recommend FluMist as an option for flu vaccination in 2019. However, there was a limited supply of the vaccine available during the 20192020 flu season due to a manufacturing shortage.

FluMist is currently approved for the 20202021 flu season for use in children and adults ages 2 to 49 years. If you have questions about whether FluMist is right for you, talk with your doctor. You can also refer to CDC recommendations in the How FluMist is given section above.

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How Flumist Is Given

You should get FluMist according to your doctors or healthcare providers instructions.

FluMist comes as a nasal spray that a healthcare provider or pharmacist will spray into your nose. Youll likely receive your dose of FluMist at a doctors office or pharmacy.

When you receive your vaccine, you can breathe normally. You dont have to sniff. Your doctor or pharmacist will have you sit up straight. Then theyll quickly spray one squirt of vaccine into each nostril.

For children ages 2 to 8 years, two doses of FluMist may be recommended. Talk with your childs doctor about whether your child should receive one or two doses.

For more information on the number of doses of FluMist that you or your child should receive, see the FluMist dosage section below.

Everyone 6 Months And Older Should Get The Flu Shot

Flu vaccine: Nasal drops may succeed where shots have failed

The flu shot is your best defence against the flu. The flu shot is recommended for everyone 6 months of age and older.

It can save lives by:

  • protecting you, if you’re exposed to the virus
  • preventing you from getting very sick
  • protecting people close to you:
  • because you’re less likely to spread the virus
  • who are at higher risk of serious flu complications if they get the flu
  • reducing additional burden on the health care system during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • reduce your chances of being infected with COVID-19 and the flu at the same time, which could lead to more serious complications
  • The flu shot wont protect you against COVID-19.

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    Flumist For Preventing The Flu

    FluMist is FDA-approved to help prevent influenza caused by the influenza A or influenza B virus. FluMist is for use in children and adults ages 2 to 49 years.

    The flu is a contagious viral infection that affects your respiratory system. The flu can be mild or serious, and in rare cases, it can lead to death. Because of the possible risks, its recommended that you receive a flu vaccine each year to help prevent you from getting the flu.

    Symptoms of both forms of influenza include:

    Effectiveness for preventing the flu

    FluMist was studied in a clinical trial of adults ages 18 to 49 years. Researchers followed people in the study over the course of 7 weeks. People who were vaccinated with FluMist were 10.9% less likely to develop an illness with a fever than people who received a placebo. The placebo was a nasal spray that didnt contain the vaccine.

    People vaccinated with FluMist were also 23.7% less likely to develop an upper respiratory infection with a fever, compared with people who received a placebo. Upper respiratory infections include the common cold.

    FluMist wasnt compared with the flu shot in clinical trials of adults.

    Does Flumist Cause Autism

    No, FluMist doesnt cause autism. There has been some speculation in the past that vaccines or ingredients in vaccines, such as thimerosal, may cause autism. However, there is no relationship between any vaccine and developing autism.

    Many studies, such as one published in the Journal of Pediatrics, show that vaccines dont cause autism. The also says that no link has been found between the development of autism and vaccines.

    If you have questions about the risks of flu vaccines, talk with your doctor.

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    Live Vs Inactive Vaccine

    FluMist is a live vaccine. This means that FluMist has live flu viruses in it that have been weakened so that they shouldnt infect you with the flu.

    In comparison, flu shots are inactive vaccines that dont have live viruses in them. As a result, flu shots cant cause the flu.

    Because FluMist is a live vaccine, you shouldnt get FluMist if you have certain conditions, such as a weakened immune system. If you have a weakened immune system and youre immunized with FluMist, you may become infected with the flu. This is because your immune system may not be strong enough to fight the flu viruses in the vaccine.

    If you have any questions about the difference between the FluMist nasal spray and a flu shot, talk with your doctor. They can help you decide which is the best option for you.

    With The Season For Influenza And Such Flu It Is Always Better To Be Prepared Read To Find Which Kind Of Vaccine Is Better To Have And How They Work

    Study: Flu Shot More Effective Than Nasal Spray

    Written by Aishwarya Iyer | Published : August 30, 2018 1:05 PM IST

    With the rise of influenza flu and various kinds of flu in the world, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has now recommended everyone to get their flu vaccines by end of October. A vaccine that was not being used since 2015, FluMist has made its comeback this year. Earlier, CDC has stopped recommending this as it did not protect patients against H1N1 strain. However, now, FluMist has been reformulated.

    “The nasal spray is available,” said Dr Tom Hu reportedly. “Typically it can give you some coverage and protection against the flu but not as much as the flu shot itself.” This vaccine could be had by everyone who is over 6 months. Dr Frederick Faust, a local pediatrician with Ozarks Community Hospital, reportedly said that flu shots and FluMist both are equally effective. The difference is in how they are made and work in the body, along with the age groups that can get each.

    What is the difference Flu shots and FluMist ?

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